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Change is Afoot

The energy is intense again, but not in the usual (spiritual) way. I woke up yesterday morning feeling a strong urge to do something about my current situation. This is the third or fourth time I've woke up with this feeling. Usually I wake early and then can't return to sleep because my mind is so active. This morning the thought going through my mind was, "I've got to get out" and it took me a while to calm down and stop that thought from superseding everything.

A couple of nights ago my guide told me, "Everything will be clear in the morning." I wonder now if this is what he was referring to? It is not often that I wake up with such a strong inclination for change and this morning things are already pointing to changes on the horizon.

My sister's camper "present"
Change is Afoot

When I checked my phone upon waking there was a message from my mom to me and two of my siblings. She spent an evening in the ER and was informing us of what happened. It is nothing serious, thankfully, but when I texted her that I would call her she replied right away telling me of some of the things that had happened since we last talked. I ended up in a 30 minute conversation with her while taking a morning walk.

She informed me that things have been tense with my sister and BIL. My mom and step-father bought them a 5th wheel camper and set a date for them to move out and get off their property. When my sister and BIL tried to permanently set up their camper on my mom's property and tapped into my cousin's waterline, effectively breaking it and stopping water to a whole section of the adjacent property, things blew up. My mom confronted my sister about it and my sister got nasty, yelling and screaming like she does. So now my sister and BIL are saying they will be leaving earlier than scheduled but so far nothing is happening. Part of their way of punishing my mom is to keep her from seeing their son, her grandson. My mom said my sister told her, "Enjoy your time with him now because you won't be seeing him again."

Apparently the plan is for my sister and BIL to set up the camper on my BIL's family's land. My mom is unsure if this will pan out but says they have their stuff packed and ready to be moved out. However, they still have junk piled in my mom's back yard and things in my step-father's trailer that will need to be moved. Interestingly, I had a recent vision where my husband and I had to help load junk into a dumpster to help clear my mom's property.

My mom is seriously considering petitioning for guardianship of her grandson. I told her my premonition about this and told her she has my support if she goes through with it. We both want the little guy to have a stable and secure home and he will have anything but that if he stays with his parents right now. I told my mom she needs to consider all the potential outcomes before proceeding. She needs to be willing to accept any of them if she goes ahead. We talked about her inability to take care of him full-time and I told her I would be willing to take him in. That was my specific premonition after all.

Yesterday and today I spent time at my Mom's house and everything went fine. Yesterday my husband tried talking to my sister but she would not answer the camper door. He was able to talk to my cousin/BIL but not much came of it. Today I saw for myself how they have been packing up their things. It does look like they will be leaving, I just wish it didn't take my mom and step-father spending who knows how much of their own money on a camper.

Changes in Me

I continue to have bursts of Kundalini energy. I posted this morning's experience in my WP blog here. This month has been super active Kundalini-wise but the energy is different, or maybe it is me that is different in my reaction to it. In contrast to how I use to feel about the Kundalini - like some kind of crazy K-addict - now I welcome the visits but do not feel attached to them or miss them when they recede. Part of this change comes from my being able to call the energy in. It feels like I am being embraced by love/bliss energy that covers me from head to toe. It communicates to me that I am loved, cherished, safe and protected - that I have nothing to fear and never did and am always wrapped in the Infinite's love. Yes, the feeling is super pleasurable and always welcome, but when it goes I know it will return. There is something very reassuring just in Knowing that it will return and I will not ever be without it (nor have I ever been).

Feeling better!
Though I am not 100% certain yet, there has been another change that I think relates to what I wrote above. Since meeting my current guide, Chris, I no longer feel alone and abandoned like I had been. Meeting him when OOB was when the feeling first manifested and it has expanded since then. Along with this newfound feeling of connectedness I also feel more secure in myself. It is almost like I have been getting therapy on an unconscious level, though I do get glimpses of this therapy in my dreams. It is more and more common for me to have a dream conversation/discussion overlaid with a full-length dream. When I wake up from these "therapy dreams" I recall both sections independently of the other and can see how they relate.

I am also beginning to understand the way it is on the Other Side - the realm of Spirit and possibility, of no Time and infinity. The more I am exposed to the unconditional love and the heartfelt friendships I have with my friends and family in Spirit (and physical body), the less important this life's problems and worries become. If I allow myself to fully accept and embrace this feeling then it enters this reality and I can feel it, It says to me that no matter what - no matter what! - this love is with me, part of me. The instant I let it in I am calm, at ease with life and fully trusting of the process. Ha! Like I said, someone's been in therapy at night. lol

As I write this I once again see myself standing in the middle of two worlds one foot firmly planted in the physical and the other in the spiritual. But now I am finally feeling (aware, acknowledging) the part that is firmly rooted in the spiritual.

I am far from being done, I know that. I still have much work to do but I feel progress is being made again. It's about time!


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