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Family Drama Saga Continues

So the family drama saga continues.....

The day after the cat was let out of the bag I received FB messages from my sister. Here is a screenshot of one of her loving communications with me:

At first I couldn't tell whether she was mad or making a joke because she sent the funny cartoon and then seemed to make a joke. I don't like messenger or text so kept my reply short but then she sent another graphic of a woman laughing. Again, not sure what her tone was I opted to not reply. Then she started going off and it was obvious what her tone was, as you can see for yourself. So I asked her to call me.

I actually didn't read anything past my message and kept cleaning up breakfast but she wrote more and threatened to expose my "secrets" to my mom. So, I picked up the phone and called her. My mom answered, oblivious to what was going on. I quickly explained and she handed the phone to my sister who answered with, "What do you want?"

I told her that I thought talking on the phone was better than text. She answered by yelling and cussing me out. She implied that she would tell my mom all about the things she knew about me that no one else knows. When I tried to speak she would yell over the top of me as soon as a few words came out of my mouth. She was cussing and ranting and raving. She insisted that I had been doing drugs of all kinds over the last 10 years, which is a lie. My responses were short and I did not engage her. Eventually, while I was trying to talk, she hung up on me.

When I called back my mom answered. I told her I didn't think it a good idea to speak to my sister. I could hear her ranting and cussing in the background. My mom's voice was shaking. She told me she heard what my sister had said - "I witnessed it all". My sister followed my mom as she tried to get privacy. Eventually my sister gave up and stopped cussing and I was able to talk to my mom for a long while.

My mom told me she was afraid to talk to my sister because of how my sister communicates. She is nasty, vindictive and threatening. I assured her that my sister's bark is way bigger than her bite. In all my experience with her she has never physically done anything to me since we were kids. She use to hit me/beat me up all the time when we were little. She is nearly 4 years older than me so always had the advantage of being bigger. That is until I turned 12 and was taller and bigger than her. I stood up to her that year and she for the first time walked away spouting nastiness but not daring touch me. She has never touched me since. lol

My mom explained that my sister and my step-fathering scream and yell at one another. My sister will call him names and use profanity, my step-father will not use bad language but gets very worked up. She said the stress is pushing them both to their limits and their plan is to kick them out by force if need be. She told me, "I may call the Sheriff".

We talked about how this exact scenario has happened before just with my grandmother. My mom sees it, too. She understands what she must do but is super scared of the consequences. Her main concern is for her grandson. My husband has spoken to her about it and my mom said she may have to file for custody but that she doesn't know if she can handle parenting a child that young at her age.

When my sister first became pregnant I had a Knowing that at some point I may have to be her child's guardian. I assumed it was because one or both of them went back to prison. If it comes to it I wouldn't hesitate to do so if asked. I just worry that he will be psychologically damaged by the time something like that happens. In fact, it is already obvious he has been affected by his parents but it is hard to know just how much.

My husband was concerned after reading what my sister had said. He advised me to make sure to lock the doors of the house and vehicles every night. I already do that, but I understand his concern. I also had a flash of what my sister is capable of. I intend to keep visiting my mom so she can see her grandchildren regardless of whether my sister and BIL are present. I had a vision that while I was visiting, my sister keyed my car or did something to it while I was not watching. I thought about if I would be willing to press charges. Sadly, I would if she were to do something intentional and/or destructive like that. It is not because I want revenge but because to allow her to get away with something like that would be unethical and stupid.

My gut says that this drama may stretch out for some time because of my mom's inability to confront the situation and her fears of what will happen to her grandson. But honestly I can't say. My hope is that it will be resolved soon. I will not grieve for the loss of the relationship I currently have with my sister if she chooses to disconnect. The person she is now is not someone I wish to be close to anyway.

Song Message

Since the day before this happened I have been hearing the same song in my mind every evening - Adele's Rolling in the Deep. It comes out of the blue without me having heard it prior. I hear the same parts over and over:

"There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch it's bringing me out the dark." And, "We could've had it all, rolling in the deep...."

I ignored the song the first couple of times I heard it but finally looked it up last night. It appears to be a revenge song. I can't help wondering if it being sent as a warning to me that my sister intends to get her revenge on me? It caused me to think about the situation more last night, but no matter what my sister does I highly doubt she can do anything to me. However, she could really go nuts I suppose since she has in the past. It crossed my mind that her  and her husband could potentially abuse my mom and step-father easily - elder abuse. Maybe not physically, but it could go there I suppose. In fact, if they are already having explosive arguments with my step-father and my mom is too intimidated by her to talk to her then it may already be in the works.

It's not often I hear a song over and over like this and not understand right away it's message. Though the above appears to be the message, I can't be sure. My dreams don't help explain it, either.

When I first heard the song in my mind I thought the first line was referring to me. I guess I will just have to ask for clarification.


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