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Dream: Dropping Out

News from Clearwater is that Hurricane Irma has been much calmer than predicted. Irma was downgraded to a CAT1. My husband said the electricity didn't even go out in his hotel and that it is "boring" which is a GOOD thing. I told him it was likely it would be downgraded when we spoke on the phone yesterday. Glad I was correct.

Moving on....I wanted to document a dream from last night because they seem to indicate a shift in my projected path. Always keep in mind that dreams are a reflection of what is going on behind-the-scenes. Nothing is set in stone and as always there is free-will and the ability to change one's mind at any time.

Dream: Dropping Out

I was discussing school (university) with my husband and deciding what to do about the courses I was enrolled in. We drove to the college. I recall taking a sharp right turn onto a street and feeling as if the drive there was longer than I preferred. In our discussion I mentioned that I had a full schedule but had rarely attended class. There were two classes - anthropology and a computer course - that I had specifically opted to take based upon recommendations. My husband, though trying to dissuade me, was supportive of my decision to drop the full course load and take courses at a university close to home. The word "home" was used quite a bit.

Inside the school building I sat at a long, wooden table in a lecture hall. Across from me was a college adviser. We spoke about my courses, my degree and what I wanted to do. I remember saying that since I already had a degree the current degree program was not much use to me. There was mention that it may be too late to drop the courses because October was past the deadline. He told me, "You will have to withdraw completely." I told him I understood and was okay with withdrawing because I preferred to take classes in the university near my home. I actually remember saying, "Austin Community College" and calling the university I would be withdrawing from a "women's university".


I woke from this dream knowing what it was about. The university withdrawal is me withdrawing from my current life path. The courses mentioned - anthropology and computers - are indicator of why I am here on Earth. Prior to agreeing to come into a body it was recommended that I experience life as a human and learn how to maintain a connection/communication with my Higher Self despite the limitations of the human experience. My preference is to take courses at Home. Home to me means in Spirit, as you all likely know. My husband is supportive of my decision, indicating he is willing to release me from any and all contracts he has with me in this lifetime. My adviser is my guidance and he seemed to be telling me that the month of October is significant here and that to withdraw means a complete withdrawal from this life and path.

Now I could be reading into this way to much, and I likely am. As dreams go it is quite obvious what is being discussed on the Other Side. October could be next month or it could many Octobers from now for all I know.

This dream comes right after many sudden thoughts that came to me throughout the day yesterday. All the thoughts came when I was alone and all of them was accompanied by a feeling that something big was about to happen. This something caused me to feel anxious/nervous. The main thought I had was that my Higher Self was deciding to exit this life prematurely based upon many discussions with me. Prior to bed I briefly wondered if I would even wake up this morning.

There were also thoughts yesterday about getting things ready in case I do cross over. This came after my mind drifted to my very early years in this life. It seemed almost like a life review and the particular memory was quite odd. I considered writing a list of my accounts, usernames and passwords so that my husband could gain access. I take care of all the bills and bank accounts so he would need that information.

I have mentioned several times to my guidance that I think it would better for my family if another soul took over this body. It would be such a waste if it were a total loss. There has been no reply to this whatsoever.


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