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Busy All-Around

I've been busy again and this time not just in physicality. There's been some spiritual things tossed in here and there as well.

First, I'll start with the physical stuff. The first week of school was a success but we are happy to have the Labor Day holiday on Monday. My son has been super psyched about school. He's all gung-ho about his homework even. lol My daughter has been her normal self and adjusting well, too. I got a new app called OurHome and assigned chores for each of them. Each chore has points and then they can redeem things with their points. My older two are really the only ones using it but the rest of us play along. So far they like it and I have never seen them more motivated to do chores in my life. It's great to finally get some help even if I had to bribe them to get it. :)

Yesterday, my husband and I went along with a group from our church to help the residents of the city of La Grange, TX whose houses were flooded (or destroyed) by the flooding of the Colorado River. Lots of towns and cities other than the ones you hear about on the news were affected. La Grange is the only Central Texas town to be declared a disaster area.

Just a portion of the volunteers in La Grange that morning.

Police closed off the affected portions of town.

Beer company water. Beer-water. lol
I was actually the one who wanted to go the most. When I was in high school we use to play La Grange in football, basketball, etc. So I have memories of visiting the town and knew that most of the residents were good ol' boys and country folk. It's a small town where everyone known everyone and when I say small I mean like 4000 people.

When we arrived there were tons of people from all over the place (out of state even) waiting at the pee-wee baseball field to be assigned houses or businesses to help. There were tents set up all around, free food, free supplies, and friendly faces.

We were assigned two houses. The first had already been cleaned out on the inside and was airing out. The house had been flooded half-way up the walls. I cleaned and scrubbed the insides of the kitchen cabinets. Others helped cleanup outside and clean mud and muck off of dishes and salvaged furniture. The second house had been flooded clear to the roof and required a complete demolition of the inside down to the framing. We were the first volunteer group to the scene and spent the entire rest of the day (4 hours) taking down sheet rock, door and window trim and even laminate flooring. I had done this kind of demo work before so I showed the young volunteers how to safely remove the sheet rock and then spent the remainder of my time cleaning and sweeping up the removed sheet rock mess. I also got to remove the packed dirt in the walls left by the flood. There was a ton of it!

The house was very old but I'm not sure how old. It had no insulation in it's walls and had no floor under the wood flooring. The rooms were not organized in any way that made sense. I have no idea where the bedrooms and living area were because they all had doors into each other. The windows were the old weighted kind.

Tearing down sheet rock.

The results of the demolition.
I spoke with the owners for a bit. One came up to me and just began to tell me the family story. He showed me a picture of his sister who died at the age of 40 and told me about the genetic condition they all had that caused their early deaths. He was the only surviving sibling after losing two siblings to the condition and one to suicide three years ago. He then introduced me to another family member, the main owner of the house. She was very distraught and expecting her identical twin sister to arrive any minute. She told me that pretty much all that survived the flood were family photos and a few other things. The look on her face was one of shock and confusion. I felt bad for her and all she was going through.

Pile of photos left on porch to dry.
After the talk I walked into one of the main rooms to help out and had to stop for a moment to compose myself because I suddenly felt all of the weight of the situation hit me. I also felt Spirit, likely their family members, grieving for the fallen family home. The particular room I was in had been important and someone, a woman in Spirit, loved it dearly. The love in/of that house was obvious to me and I felt their loss. I had not expected any of this kind of connection so it caught me off guard. I wonder if any of the other volunteers I was with felt it?

By the end of the day I was exhausted. I went to bed at 8:30. lol

Spiritual Events

I don't know why but the night before leaving for La Grange I had a very lucid dream turned OBE. It was the first in months and caught me by surprise, especially since it was so weird! Then this morning I had a "healing" in dreamtime that caused my root chakra to do crazy things, things resembling my days of "tantra lessons" and causing me to squirm into wakefulness. Kundalini at her best. lol

Lucid Dream: Giant Easter Bunny

I had been dreaming about being a school counselor and being given an assignment to help a certain student who had a mental disability. I had a ring of silver keys and used them to gain entrance into the front office. I recall going inside but finding that it had been sectioned off so that I could not gain entrance into the admin offices.

On my way out I ran into this morbidly obese woman. The others with her were talking about her pregnancy. I had bumped up against her and felt her baby bump. I smiled and said, "It's a girl." The woman said, "Yes it is. How did you know?" I said, "I am good a guessing baby gender."

Then the floor had turned into a flooded area that was dark. I could see things under the water and was not afraid though a bit cautious. The water disappeared as I moved through and headed back toward the office. When I got there the office lights were off and the doors locked and everything seemed abandoned. I noticed the area resembled a mall. I turned around to check on a way out and saw that it looked identical to where I had just been. I turned back and again it was the same only the lights were almost completely out and so it looked like a dark hallway of nothingness.

This is when I realized I was dreaming. It was like it "clicked" in my mind and suddenly I was aware and feeling very real in the situation. I turned around and checked again and sure enough both directions were identical. A golden colored hall that resembled a mall with a black storefront-type area leading nowhere. I remember thinking, "Someone doesn't want me to get out of here."

I thought to myself, "I am just going to keep going." So I leaped into the darkness. Expecting to fly I was surprised when I landed on something large and oval shaped and then was tossed into something furry. I looked up and saw a gigantic stuffed Easter Bunny looking at me. He was kinda creepy but looked just like those you see for sale at Easter only as tall as me! At first I was a bit cautious thinking, "Great, now he's going to come to life and attack me." I pushed it out of my mind, though, knowing to think about that too long would make it happen. I took him by the arm and walked with him down the now dimly lit hall into a room. He was quite upright and stiff enough to "walk" with me.

Inside I found a brightly lit room. There was riser-type seating in a section of the room. Two little girls were sitting there, one on the top steps and one on the bottom. I said hi and went to the bottom because I figured they were waiting for me and I was going to entertain them with the Easter Bunny. I was playing with him and talking to the girls like he was alive but can't recall what I said now.

The little girl on the bottom was no more than 4 with brown hair. She was super cute. She said to me, "I have strep throat" and pointed to her throat. I said, "Oh no! Don't worry. It will be gone in 9 days."

Something about saying that woke me up and the dream ended.

I have no clue why the Easter Bunny would be in my experience. Creepy! His face looked like the face on those chocolate Easter Bunnies and he even had a blue bow tie on!

When I woke up it reminded me of the dream I had the night before. In it I was getting surgery on my pharynx (throat) and they were showing me what they pulled out. Two very large, palm-sized chunks of flesh resembling steaks. I was told I had pharynx cancer. So the strep throat triggered me to waking because of the previous dream memory.

Kundalini Dream: Session

I arrived at a woman's house. She resembled me, only older and much slimmer with longer hair. She seemed very professional and I remember knowing I was late for my "session" with her. She and I talked for a bit about her age versus my age. She had complimented me on how fit and trim I was after having three babies. I told her I wasn't at fit as I looked but she disagreed. I remember telling her that I probably shouldn't be wasting my time worrying over my body's appearance at my age. She said, "You think you're old? I'm old." Shocked, I said, "No you're not. How old are you?" She said, "I graduated in 87' and you graduated in 94'." I thought a moment and recognized she was still in her 40s and said, "You are NOT old." lol

We talked a moment about my "session" and how I was late and had future sessions after this one. I am not sure exactly what kind of session I was there for but I remember her saying, "Let me teach you a thing or two." There was a sense that she wanted to be my lover but on a teaching level, like apprentice and teacher type thing. I don't recall doing anything sexual either. All I remember is her instructing me to focus on my root chakra and then her saying, "Let me show you." Then my root chakra went off the charts and it felt very familiar and arousing to the point of waking me up. The only memory here is that it felt like she was showing me how to utilize my femininity. Thinking back on it I just laugh but when I woke up I was squirming.

My thoughts on this dream were that I am repairing my energy body again starting from the ground up. Whether it is the next level or what, I'm not sure, but I feal disappointed because it seems like I am starting all over again. I also feel like this woman was me, just an "older" more experienced version.


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