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Let Go of Everything

Lately I've been having emotional surges. Yesterday there were quite a few of them toward evening. They are not welcomed because they are the same kind I've had all year - a deep, penetrating sadness and heartache.

One particularly intense one was triggered by a song that was being sung in a show I was watching. It was so beautiful and the minute I recognized it's beauty tears started to flow. My thought was, "It's so beautiful." Then the tears came so hard and fast I couldn't breathe. My heart aching as is the norm. My guide said to me, "You are beautiful." This only caused me to cry more. I heard more, more about accepting love, feeling worthy of love, being the love the I am. Most of what I heard is lost to me because I was so overcome by emotion. I remember acknowledging that I missed the feeling of being utterly open and vulnerable yet at the same time completely safe and without fear. I miss feeling that connection with another and somehow …

One Year Ago Today

I wasn't going to post publicly this morning but when I logged into FB a picture popped up from 1 year ago today.

I cannot believe it has been 1 year since I drove from Texas to Tennessee to attend a spiritual gathering. I spent over a week there. It was probably the most transformative week of my life but memories of it leave me with mixed feelings now. A question keeps going through my mind: "If you could go back to that period in time, would you change anything?"

My first thought is: YES. I wouldn't have gone. Period. Had I known what I know now I would have stayed in Texas despite the intense urge I had to go to the gathering.

Then I feel this feeling that says to me, "Are you sure?"

I know why I am being asked this. The transformation I went through (might still be going through) would never have occurred. Additionally, the ending that it incited would not have occurred. It may have been drawn out for months, it could even still be on-going. Profound trans…

Family Drama Saga Continues

So the family drama saga continues.....

The day after the cat was let out of the bag I received FB messages from my sister. Here is a screenshot of one of her loving communications with me:

At first I couldn't tell whether she was mad or making a joke because she sent the funny cartoon and then seemed to make a joke. I don't like messenger or text so kept my reply short but then she sent another graphic of a woman laughing. Again, not sure what her tone was I opted to not reply. Then she started going off and it was obvious what her tone was, as you can see for yourself. So I asked her to call me.

I actually didn't read anything past my message and kept cleaning up breakfast but she wrote more and threatened to expose my "secrets" to my mom. So, I picked up the phone and called her. My mom answered, oblivious to what was going on. I quickly explained and she handed the phone to my sister who answered with, "What do you want?"
I told her that I thought talki…

It's All About Perspective

It's been quiet around here. My emotion related to family has subsided. Letting my husband handle it backfired on me, though. He scheduled the family meeting and then my paranoid step-father called him and demanded to know what it was all about. My husband had intentionally not said why he wanted the family meeting and my step-father thought it was something else and also began to spout off about doing "God's work". He is threatened by my husband and our beliefs. My husband gave in and told my step-father the real reason for the meeting and my step-father calmed down because it was not about him or what he thought. My step-father promised not to let the cat out of the bag. Not even an hour later my husband received a text that everyone in the house knew why the meeting was called and all hell was breaking loose. Turns out my step-father couldn't keep his mouth shut and blabbed. I don't know how it all happened exactly but I'm guessing he was just too angr…

Caught in the Middle

Today has started off rocky. It's days like today that blogging helps the most.


I'll start from the beginning.

Saturday I ran the Harvest Wine Run located just down the road from my Mom's house. The night before I had gone to a fancy, all expenses paid, dinner party hosted by my husband's employer. I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and had a good time. Unfortunately, my body rejected the drink later on and I ended up puking before bed. Guess all the clean eating and health conscious decision over the last six weeks has made my body super sensitive. Thankfully I only had one and a tiny bit of another drink so there wasn't any dehydration or other side effects.

The day of the run I was tired and did not feel 100%. It was also hotter than expected with 60% humidity. It was suppose to be a 5K but my watch said it was only 2.5 miles by the time I hit the finish line. I was super grateful, though, because I was feeling way overheated. It took me a half hour to get my…

Much Better, Thank You

Yesterday was much better than the day before stress-wise. The morning was a bit bumpy because I had to drive out to my mom's area to pick up the packet for the 5K I will be running on Saturday. The drive itself seemed to up the stress level for some reason and I could feel the tell-tell signs of an anxiety attack begin to bubble up several times. Even my music was not helping. By the time I made it to the country I was better and the drive back there was no issue.

On the drive I got to feel out the sensations a bit more and realized my heart chakra was the likely culprit. Someone once told me that anxiety is the result of repressed feelings; blocking ones self from feeling the uncomfortable - fear, grief, anger, etc. It's not just the result of worry. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps I have successfully blocked my heart chakra in order to protect myself from the intense grief episodes that were pummeling me earlier this year. So, as a means to test this, I purposefully…


I've been stressed out. Even when nothing is happening to stress me out I feel stressed out. It is an anticipatory stress, like the other shoe is about to drop. It keeps me on edge most of the time and I am really beginning to hate the feeling. I wish it would go away. There are minor things that create this stress - kids fighting and tantrums, financial strain, family drama. None of them is really out of the ordinary yet right now they seem to feel like huge burdens on my shoulders. Every little thing causes my pulse to quicken and gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. This can't be a good thing for me physically, either.

Sadly, I got a slip from post office yesterday stating I had missed signing for certified mail. That has intensified the stress feeling and caused me to lose sleep last night. I keep thinking of when my guidance told me this time in my life is about "experiencing". Does that mean experiencing mundane problems?


I've been watching a series …

Dream: Dropping Out

News from Clearwater is that Hurricane Irma has been much calmer than predicted. Irma was downgraded to a CAT1. My husband said the electricity didn't even go out in his hotel and that it is "boring" which is a GOOD thing. I told him it was likely it would be downgraded when we spoke on the phone yesterday. Glad I was correct.

Moving on....I wanted to document a dream from last night because they seem to indicate a shift in my projected path. Always keep in mind that dreams are a reflection of what is going on behind-the-scenes. Nothing is set in stone and as always there is free-will and the ability to change one's mind at any time.

Dream: Dropping Out

I was discussing school (university) with my husband and deciding what to do about the courses I was enrolled in. We drove to the college. I recall taking a sharp right turn onto a street and feeling as if the drive there was longer than I preferred. In our discussion I mentioned that I had a full schedule but had rarely…

Updates and Premonitions

In case you haven't noticed, I've started posting in WP again. It just felt right and so I did it. Not sure yet how this will play out but feel I will still post here rather than leave everyone hanging.


Figured I would update you all on my diet/exercise progress. I finished the program I was on with good results. I lost 1.5lbs in 3 weeks, which considering I really don't have much to lose is a feat in itself. Starting weight was 133.3 and ending was 131.5. Goal is to get under 130lbs and get body fat percentage down to around 19%. I knew that wouldn't happen in 3 weeks, though. Additionally, I lost inches, mostly in my lower body and not a significant amount - .5 inch in my waist, 1 inch in my thighs, .5 inch in my hips. My main goal this time around was to get my waist back to my pre-baby 26 inches and I was successful. Yay!

I have yet to start another program - giving myself a break for now. I will start a new program on Monday. I've already tweaked my macro…

Busy All-Around

I've been busy again and this time not just in physicality. There's been some spiritual things tossed in here and there as well.

First, I'll start with the physical stuff. The first week of school was a success but we are happy to have the Labor Day holiday on Monday. My son has been super psyched about school. He's all gung-ho about his homework even. lol My daughter has been her normal self and adjusting well, too. I got a new app called OurHome and assigned chores for each of them. Each chore has points and then they can redeem things with their points. My older two are really the only ones using it but the rest of us play along. So far they like it and I have never seen them more motivated to do chores in my life. It's great to finally get some help even if I had to bribe them to get it. :)

Yesterday, my husband and I went along with a group from our church to help the residents of the city of La Grange, TX whose houses were flooded (or destroyed) by the flooding…