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Dream: White Tornado

Still recovering from that cold but doing a bit better. Still some congestion and clogged ears. Right now morning's are rough but the rest of the day I'm fine. This tends to be how the cold ends so I know I will be 100% soon.

Yesterday I woke up and my entire left shoulder was a giant knot that seemed to follow the entire length of my scapula all the way around to my latissimus dorsi. It hurt to move in certain ways and if I inhaled deeply it felt like a rib was poking me. My husband gave me a massage which helped only temporarily. Then I used heat and that helped a tad bit more. By evening and after two sessions of Hatha Yoga the pain subsided enough that I barely noticed the pain. The Yoga I did that focused on the lower body seemed to be what helped the most. Thinking the pain source was not my shoulder at all but my lower back and/or hamstrings. Weird but then the back tends to be like that.

I have no idea what triggered my back to do that. Usually sleep heals. This time it seems sleep aggravated my back somehow. This morning there is still a slight knot but nothing major. I will do more Yoga and take it easy.

Interestingly, when I awoke yesterday I was upset because I recognized the messages in my dreams. I had been dreaming about a part of me that was trying to help another part of me. I saw two distinct versions. The one doing "work" from the inside-out and the other one who seemed to be standing to the side watching and staying out of the way. The one doing the work seemed almost to be doing house cleaning but there was no house. It looked like I was looking through a pane of glass that was clouded with dirt and debris. With each sweep of the cloth smudges would appear and the cloud of debris would get lighter in color. I saw the other me through the cleared debris and intuitively knew what the vision represented.

I knew upon waking that the dream I had recently about being with a Japanese man was a test. My reaction determined my readiness to move forward. Of course, I failed. It was evident by the amount of tears and sadness that filled me toward the end of the dream and upon/after waking. In recognizing this, I felt very defeated when I woke up, thinking, "I cannot be helped. There is no fixing me."

When I was in massage school we had a saying - "The issues are in the tissues". This rings true for yesterday. My back was inflamed and the emotion upon waking was overwhelming - anger, sadness, frustration, hopelessness, etc. As the pain decreased so also did the emotion I had been feeling. It was almost like it evaporated into thin air and by evening I was super calm and relaxed.

In my upset yesterday morning I checked certain blog posts. I read on an astrology blog a little about the coming eclipse and current energies. This part rang true:

When we’re Emotionally Attached to our Current Ego – and almost by definition, who isn’t – then an Ego Death literally Breaks our Heart (Venus in Cancer). Why on Earth would anyone intentionally Break their own Heart? Well, it’s not really the Heart that’s Breaking, it’s the Emotional and Intellectual Shell around it that’s Breaking. The Heart is actually Breaking Open. Link

I knew what I read was a message to me from my guides. Not long after songs came into my mind - Faith by George Michael and Let it Go from the Disney movie. When I acknowledged them I heard from my guidance, "You will find peace." Strangely, I believe I will.

It Was Written

I rarely visit WordPress these day but will occasionally check my Reader for new blog posts. I did this a couple of days ago. Someone had liked one of my posts - this one - so I re-read it. Turns out it contained the same information my guidance had been reminding me of, specifically the where I was entering "a learning period that would last three months." It was eye-opening to read it again. I have been "drying up all the rain" so I can resume my journey unfettered.

Three months will be the end of August. I suspect I am not quite ready to move on because of my overflow of tears after my most recent dream. It seems any reminder of the amazing love and friendship of a heart connection sends me overboard into intense grief. My reaction stumps me, though, because it is not typical of me. But then lately I feel unlike myself in so many ways to the point of not feeling like I know myself anymore.

It still surprises me when I go back and read my blog entries and find accurate predictions for myself. There are still some predictions and premonitions that later came to pass that are mind boggling and unbelievable to me. Yet I often miss them when I get them only to stumble upon them by "accident" later on. If only I could recognize them the instant I have them. Sigh. I guess that is part of the game.

Dream: White Tornado

After receiving the message from my guidance that I would find peace, I had, for the first time in a long while, a vivid dream that I immediately wrote down when I awoke at 2:22am.

I was outside of a shack (undeveloped self) located in the middle of a prairie somewhere out west. In the distance I could see a terrible storm brewing (overwhelming struggle, shock or loss). The clouds seemed to touch the ground and lightening was flashing. The shack seemed abandoned and very old, the wood warped and worn from the elements.

I was talking with a man discussing the storm and the tornado that was sure to follow. I looked at the storm more closely and saw the clouds were a light gray rather than dark gray. This was curious to me because the storms that create tornadoes usually make the day turn to night.

During the discussion I was shown an entire family tree in my mind's eye. I was told it was my genealogy and shown a woman who resembled an actress on the popular daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives. The name of the character she played was Hope. I recognize now the message in this detail. I was told of my many "cousins" (other aspects of myself or soul family) at this time as well, but most of the information is lost to me now.

Then it felt like the whole family was with me and we were running from the storm but the tornado never came. I recall standing outside the shack with a man. While with him the tornado (feeling overwhelmed and out of control) came. I saw it separate from the light gray mass of clouds and come straight for us. It was not a typical tornado, though. Instead it looked white and as it drew closer the color vanished and it appeared clear and had no more intensity than a dust devil.

After the tornado overtook me/us everything was okay and all was calm. The only affect it had on me, it seemed, was to disorient me for a moment (difficult times were temporary and not as bad as once thought).

Then the man and I were searching for a key (control, access, solutions) together. I recall this key was important and I remember finding it and holding it in my hand.

Then I was outside a very large, white house. I could see people inside who looked like my cousin's family but I now know they looked this way because the man I was with was still emphasizing that he was my "cousin". Inside the house I talked to my "cousin" and her family, specifically talking to a young boy who seemed to change form from blonde to dark haired. His mother, a woman with dark hair and also my cousin, was there talking with me. I only recall now her comment to me. She said, "When the coaches say to run, I run and do so happily." The feeling from her was as if she were questioning me as to why I would even consider not doing what they said.

Then I saw the man from before sitting on a sofa observing the conversation I was having with this woman. I acknowledged him and called him, "Jason" but then stopped myself because I thought his name was Ray. I said, "I will just call you Ray-Jay then." He said, "That is fine. That is my name." I remember trying to look at him closely and seeing his face and appearance shift.

This part of the dream was so vivid and the name so familiar that I began to get more lucid. That is when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and woke up.


The fact that the dream was about a tornado was what seemed important. I've had tornado dreams before, the last one I recall was menacing and dark. This one, in contrast, was white and seemed to do no harm at all. It was nothing more than a dust storm (dust devil) in comparison. Also, when I was growing up, my mom would go into a cleaning fits and make me and my sisters clean with us, she would call herself the "white tornado". The definition being something that comes in and cleans things up quickly. Apparently she got this from a Mr. Clean commercial - "Cleans your home like a white tornado". lol This definition could go along with the previous dream I had where one me was cleaning up while the other watched.

In the past, my tornado dreams corresponded to the Kundalini, too. So perhaps the change in the tornado is an indication of the progress I've made in regards to the Kundalini? Maybe now it will be less intense and more gentle?

The guide in the dream also has me curious. I have had many dreams where I've talked to a guy named "Ray" and most recently have run into a guy named "Jason". Both of these names correspond to individuals I know online but the similarity stops there. Perhaps the names are messages in themselves? That is typical of my guides/dreams.

The name Jason comes from the Greek name Ιασων (Iason), which was derived from Greek ιασθαι (iasthai) "to heal". The name Ray can mean "radiant" or "counsel, guards wisely, protection". Both names together indicate healing and protection are being provided. They come via a higher aspect (cousin) and the message is one of hope and faith.