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What Was That!?

Documenting what just happened. Am still unsure what exactly it was.

8:45pm - While watching t.v. I felt a "call" from my Companion. My heart lit up and I melted into the bed from the bliss that filled it. This happened a few times until it finally abated at about 9pm.

10:30pm - settled down to sleep despite feeling my guidance around me. Reminded myself to ignore them and so I did.

11pm - Awoke from a bizarre experience. I was in a lucid dream, or maybe still in the in-between because I did not feel like I was asleep but rather like I was conversing with someone in a dark, nothingness space. I was vaguely aware at first of a powerful energy descending down through my crown and filling up my entire body. I would stop it, argue with someone, and become a bit more lucid. With each pass the conversation became more and more audible. After the last pass, about the third or so, I remember standing in a "shower" and hearing from the man I was talking to, "Everyone (missing info, but think he was saying "in your group") is doing it." I said to him, "Fine! Just get it over with! Take me already!" The feeling with my sentence was that I was agreeing to "go" or "leave" and a part of me believed it meant my "complete submittal", like I was agreeing to "die".

Then I felt the energy full-on. It came in a powerful blast down through my crown and expanded outward with such intensity that my head felt like it would explode. It raged down into my chest and continued to expand filling me with what felt like a million buzzing bees or electrified atoms buzzing back and forth erratically inside of me. There was a sense of the most intensely white light filling me but I never saw it with my eyes, instead I felt to become this Light. The sound in my ears was as if a storm or hurricane were inside my head trying to force its way out. The energy just kept building, the Light kept expanding and I thought for sure I was about to be forcibly extracted or expelled from my physical body up through the tunnel of energy that engulfed me.

The energy/Light did not expel me nor did I explode. Instead the Light's intensity seemed to peak, getting intensely bright, and then it just disappeared. In its place I saw millions of hypnagogic images in my mind's eye. Tiny circles with a single dot in the center in black and white moved and flowed in my vision.

I opened my eyes and rolled over on my back wondering what had just happened. I checked the clock and it hadn't even been a half hour since I had gone to bed. Currently my head feels odd, my throat is just now returning to feeling normal and I am a bit confused as to what just occurred. It felt as if something came in, flushed me out and left. It also seems like I just went through a "test" of some sort. I completely submitted and fully expected to leave my body and go...where?...IDK...but I was ready to go and not afraid. Even now I am not afraid. That was the coolest experience!


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