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Kundalini Returns

I mentioned in my last post that I have had some precognitive-type dreams. Well I had received information about the 30th-31st of July, but most of it was lost to me. All that remained with the two dates was Knowing that it was important.

Yesterday I agreed to go to a work party with my husband. His company has them every now and again and I usually don't go. This time I opted to go since, well, I am doing things I normally wouldn't do. A few hours before we were to leave I kept getting a weird feeling. I pushed it away but it was persistent. It just felt like "something" was going to happen.

The party was at Top Golf. The company provided everything and so I took advantage. Free alcohol, food, desert, etc. I told my husband I planned to get a good buzz. Why not? Well, the buzz gave me my first panic attack in weeks, but it was a tiny one. I stopped having wine after that and switched to water.

Nothing else happened and so I forgot about the feeling I had. Then at around 1:30am I awakened from a very vivid, lucid dream involving the Kundalini energy.

Kundalini Dream

I don't recall much of the dream specifics now except that I was with two men and we were creating a kitchen (transformation; need for warmth, healing or spiritual nourishment), manifesting it from memory. One man showed me how and manifested a left section of the kitchen. I remember seeing the kitchen in my mind and saying, "I can see the entire thing." When I opened my eyes I had manifested the central section of cabinets with sink. I felt really proud of myself.

This part gets hazy but there is a lot of discussion and what I recall of it is that the man who was manifesting with me felt to be interested in me. However, the other man ended up being the one who I kept being drawn to. I can't recall what either looked like now but I think one had light colored hair.

As I was talking to the two men I swear one called me, "G2" rather than a name. Also, every time I thought about the kitchen we were manifesting I thought, "Crystal portal" instead of "kitchen". G2 seemed to indicate a level or something but it's unclear.

Toward the end of the dream I kept finding myself magnetically drawn to one of the men. What I recall most is the magnetism and how I kept finding myself literally pulled right up next to him. I remember commenting to him about how I was unable to control the attraction.

The last thing I recall is being pulled directly up against him just like one magnet to another. Then it was like we were stuck together. The magnetism was super strong and the Kundalini was swirling around in my lower chakras moving up rapidly. The feeling of the Kundalini was as if there were three energies spiraling up from my root chakra, dancing together. It created a feeling of pure, blissful ecstasy. At the time me and the man were vertical, pressed up against one another, face-to-face. Then we shifted to a horizontal position but it was like we were levitating. Neither of us moved ourselves. It just happened. Our bodies were fully clothed and we remained face-to-face. I moved to kiss him but felt this was not the kind of relationship we had. I instead rested my head on his shoulder. At the same time our bodies twisted around each other. It was as if we were melding together.

The Kundalini was wildly intense by this time and it woke me up. After I awoke it remained for a little bit but slowly dissipated. The energy in my second chakra was the most intense.

Interrupted Sleep

After this experience I had trouble staying asleep. I would drift off, find myself in a dream and then wake up suddenly. I believe I woke up about 5 times total. My sleep was very light because I was trying to block the communication from my guides but it wasn't working. Messages kept pouring in and I was unable to block them all.

In one dream I was discussing the Kundalini dream with a man and a woman. Most of the conversation is lost to me now but it when I woke I knew the Kundalini was not near done with me. There is faint memory of discussing "history" and feeling urged to Remember. The term "G2" was used quite a bit and it seemed to be in reference to me. In fact, in this dream there is memory of seeing a grid under my feet with the alphabet on the vertical axis and numbers on the horizontal axis. Then G2 was mapped on the grid. Why? Who knows. It is just weird.

In another dream I was searching for my car in a parking lot (seeking my place in life) and the man from the dream was with me but I could see him more clearly. I only recall his dark hair. When I found my car I left the parking lot and headed out along the road but can't recall the rest.

Then there was a dream where I was preparing to go to school but strange things kept happening. The alarm clock went off on its own even after I unplugged it, the clothes in my closet magically reorganized themselves and all the furniture moved around by itself. I became frantic the more things moved around and eventually screamed to my husband that there was a ghost haunting me (repressed trauma or emotion).

The last dream I had was located in a classroom. Individual students went up in front of the class to read aloud information. One boy was unable to find a piece of paper to write down what was being said, which was the assignment for the class. I looked in a binder to find him a sheet but all of them were written on. It looked like I was the teacher and had only the completed assignments of the kids. I was underneath the teacher desk (evaluation of problems) at the end and I remember saying what the last student said. It was: (1)9.


Curious about G2, I did a Google search and found it means "growth" and has to do with cell formation and DNA. It can also mean "second generation". I probably will never know the real reason it was brought up so frequently in my dreams, though.

The Kundalini experience was different than previous ones but it is hard to pinpoint exactly how. There was the sense that three energies were swirling upward along my center instead of two or one like in previous experiences. I also recall the color green being involved.

I am still quite ignorant when it comes to the Kundalini but I do know there are three energy channels (nadis) involved: the ida, pingala and sushumna. The ida is the left channel, the pingala is the right channel and the sushumna is the central channel. The sushumna represents balance of the other two. So, the fact that I felt the central channel indicates balance has been reached, though this may not be permanent.

As is usual, the Kundalini was a beautiful experience and a state I would love to linger in forever. My heart was not fully ignited this time around but as I awakened I could feel sparks lighting up in my heart chakra. The feeling I had upon waking was of an intense desire and a willingness to fully surrender to the powerful energy rising within me. The magnetic pull toward the man in my dream was more intense than I have ever felt. I could not control it and the sensation was of "snapping" up against him just like two magnets would in real life. I could almost hear the "click" when we connected. Quite cool, really.

When I woke for the final time this morning I was not upset to have had the experience, though I wanted to be. I have known for a while that the Kundalini would return and have been sensing the energies swirling around me enough to know that something was coming. I look forward to more Kundalini activity but hope it all remains in dreamtime.