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In case you all haven't noticed, I have stopped posting in this blog. I am instead posting in my new Wordpress blog and have been transferring posts from this blog for some time now. I am not done transferring posts but have decided I will leave this blog active until I notice the stats decrease significantly. When that will be? I have no clue.

In case you missed the post where I gave the link to my new blog, here is the link again:

Thank you!

I also wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog and following along with my life's up's and down's. My new blog will not include as much personal information, so if you have read this one you got quite a bit more about me, personally, than the new blog will reveal. Count yourself lucky - or not. I am, by nature, a very open and bluntly honest person, so I am sure I will struggle to resist posting some days. Who knows, maybe I will use this blog for that part of me.

Anyway, thank you and I hope you continue to follow me via my new, Wordpress, blog. Any suggestions and comments are, as always, welcomed.