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Vulture Nest

I was not going to write about my semi-lucid dream from last night but it has been on my mind all day. So I am hoping that writing it will not only clear my mind of it but help me better understand it.

House in Alaska

The dream experience I had started out with me meeting up with a couple who owned a house in Alaska. They were wanting to put their house on the market and I was talking with them on the phone about meeting them on Thursday. I did not know it yet, but I was one of the first choices for their realtor.

The dream instantly shifted to me arriving in Alaska and meeting the couple at their house. We walked through the Alaskan bush together and I was aware that I had a companion with me, a man who was very familiar - tall with dark, neatly trimmed hair. I recall walking up into thick pine trees to an outcropping of steel gray rocks that jutted out of the mossy ground. Next to the outcropping was an old shack. The man explained that it was great until winter and I remember thinking the roof on the thing would never hold snowfall. The man diverted our attention to behind us to a large, log cabin and I laughed at mistaking the shack for the home I was suppose to help sell.

The log home was beautiful with a tall, pointed roof and enormous glass windows. The man took us into the master bedroom and we walked around surveying it. I noted that the bathroom was not separate from the bedroom and there was a large bathtub next to the toilet that I at first thought was a funny toilet one had to lay in to use. I remember thinking that what I was seeing of the home was mediocre at best despite the grandeur of the outside.

The man then introduced us to his wife who took us into other parts of the home. I remember seeing their young daughter who looked to be about 6 or so with long, dark hair that hung down to her waist. She jumped around and I followed her through the house and down some stairs. I saw the house had no furniture but beautiful wood flooring. I remember seeing the bathroom and noting that there was not bathtub but instead a strange over sized shower. I thought it odd to have that in the children's bath.

The girl led me even lower and I saw that there was a faucet dripping onto the new wood floors. She then went into a room that at first looked stark except for some purple on the walls. However, when I walked into the room it opened up to reveal a little girl's dream. It was full of purple and pink colors with toys and chairs and bed all matching. It was almost like cotton candy it was so vivid!

What is odd about this part of the dream is that I felt that I was also a little girl when I first encountered the dark haired girl.

Vulture Nest

My companion joined me at this point and we walked outside. He left with the couple and I got distracted by the property the house sat on. I walked into the woods and saw the fence which was wire and very tall with shiny metal posts. I walked up to the fence and stood by a very tall oak tree. It had the most massive branches and its bark was almost silvery in color with deep notches from years of growth. On the other side of the fence was a structure that I was curious about so I climbed over the fence to take a look.

As I wandered towards the structure I noticed that the ground was covered in snow and I laughed and bent over and put my hands in it just for fun. I remember thinking it odd that it was not cold and that the snow appeared more like tiny, white Styrofoam balls. I ignored that and threw it up in the air with a laugh. There was something about being in the mountains and walking through the snow that delighted me.

Finally, I approached the steel structure that peaked my curiosity and made me climb over the fence. I suddenly found myself standing in its shadow and realized it was a very large greenhouse. The side I was standing by was open and inside were rows of corn that had to be over 12 feet tall. The corn towered over me and I strained my next to see the tops of the corn stalks where the pollen strands were. It was at this point I heard someone call me, so I went back towards the fence.

I met my companion at the fence and climbed over to join him and the man who was selling his home. As we walked back towards the house I noted that we were surrounded by oak trees on all sides. In fact, we were in a grove of oak tress, all of the similar to the one I had seen earlier with thickly ribbed silvery trunks and sprawling branches. I could see their branches were covered in huge acorns, larger than normal acorns. I was in awe of them and looked up at them in wonder, missing most of what was being said by the two men I was with.

Around that time an opening appeared and I saw an oak tree that had a flattened top. On top of it was a huge nest that covered the entirety of its trunk. On top of the nest and in the branches and on the ground were vultures. They looked just like the vultures on Sahara Africa nature films. Although there was a nest, I saw no babies or eggs, just adult vultures. My mouth dropped at the sight of them and I said something about it. The owner of the house said, "We intend to clear out these trees". I don't remember anything else he said. All I could think about was the vulture nest and I could not fathom cutting down so many beautiful old oak trees. Besides, the vultures were so vivid and out of place. What were they doing in Alaska?


Like I said, this dream has followed me throughout today and the vividness of it has not diminished one bit. I am certain that it was an OBE and I only wished I had noticed the odd snow and gotten full lucidity. However, it may not have been meant to be and so I sit and ponder the symbolism of it and wonder why it has stayed with me all day.

Some symbols that are common for me are the house and going down stairs. These are two symbols I see frequently and I know they represent my subconscious. I obviously was going deep into my subconscious as I traveled down stairs with the girl. The leaky faucet and the bathrooms suggests a need to purge myself of something unwanted, in this case most likely unwanted emotion. The girls bedroom could be representative of me needing a place to rest that was my own, the vibrant colors indicating a need to feel the happiness of childhood again.

In the dream I saw and climbed over a fence. The symbolism of the fence indicates there in an obstacle I am trying to overcome as fences create a barrier between two areas. Since I climbed over the fence without issue it indicates that I will have success in overcoming the obstacle(s) in my path though it may not be through legitimate means. The last time I had a fence in my dream and crossed it I was struggling with the issue of my sister. It all worked out fine so I suspect that this will, too - whatever it is.  

The snow I saw was interesting. I welcomes it and enjoyed touching it and playing with it, noticing that it seemed not to be snow at all. Snow represents ones emotions that are not being expressed; inhibitions. Because it was not really snow and I was playing with it, it could mean that I just need time to be with my emotions and need time to be playful.

The large corn I ran into is a first for me. It was massive. I have never seen such perfect rows of massing, Jack and the Beanstalk-like corn. Corn symbolizes abundance, prosperity, growth and fertility. Being I saw it in a greenhouse this comes about as part of my transformation. 

The walk in the woods took me to a very ancient oak tree like I have never seen in waking life. The trunk was silvery, not dull gray. It was like someone had painted the tips of the creased bark with silver paint. It was very beautiful. The oak tree symbolizes longevity, strength, tolerance, prosperity and wisdom and represents the building of a solid foundation in life. If there are acorns on them, then they represents a rise in social status. Acorns also represent new beginnings, strength and durability and remind us not to underestimate ourselves.

Finally, the vultures and nest. Vultures symbolize death and rebirth but can also symbolize purification and insight. Their message is "learn from your past". They can also indicate that someone or something is opportunistic. A nest symbolizes comfort, safety, protection or new opportunities. It can also mean emotional dependency. Because the nest was empty it could mean that these things are lacking.

Overall, my dream seems encouraging. I also find it interesting that when I wrote my post yesterday I felt drawn to insert pictures of trees in it, even though they didn't really fit with the theme.