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Much Ado About Nothing

For almost a week I was of a very low mood and struggled to find purpose in each day. Thankfully, that ended a couple of days ago and I am back to feeling normal. I am grateful that this depression did not last long and I am grateful for my family for motivating me to pull myself out.

Much Ado About Nothing

Today I received an email from a client of mine expressing her distress over having such a difficult year. I completely understood and recognized our similarities without knowing the details of her difficulty. I immediately knew that she, like me, was going through what millions of people are also going through this year. For some reason, 2014 is that kind of year. It is the year of throwing off old, purposeless habits and replacing them with new, purposeful ones that are more in line with our true selves.

And I was reminded of my earlier post about ascension and how it challenges us to become all that we are and reject all that we aren't. Our success depends on how strong our Egos are. The stronger the Ego, the more difficult the struggle. I am certain that I have a very strong Ego.

Much of the struggle comes with the lesson of letting go. We hold on so strongly to that which we perceive we want or don't want in our lives that we miss the little voice that tells us what is right for us. In some instances that right thing may be something so very simple that we can't fathom it to be correct. We expect it to be something difficult and challenging such as a physical fight with a coworker or the loss of a loved one. What if that right answer is simply acceptance? What if our resistance is what is continuing our struggle?

For me, a huge part of this transformation has been accepting that the path I thought was for me may not be the path I am meant to follow. Part of that acceptance is allowing the emotions I feel to come through, be felt completely and then understood for their true significance. It is also accepting that I am not meant to know all of my path at this time, but instead am being shown only the immediate part of the path that lies in front of me. For example, when I leave by car to travel a road I have never been upon, I can only be certain of the path and where it leads to the extent I can see ahead. If the road winds or turn unexpectedly, I may only see clearly for a few miles. Currently, I must be on a very winding road and it is unsettling to me. I like to know where I am going.

Overall, though, what I have learned most recently is that I tend to blow things out of proportion quite easily. I viewed my early return home from Florida as a major loss when it really was nothing but a hiccup. As a result I allowed myself to get very hopeless when in reality it is likely there is another reason things did not work out as I intended. Like I mentioned above, the path was not completely visible to me and the assumption that the part unseen would be straight, paved and easy to follow was naive on my part. I should know better. In hindsight, a part of me recognized this. My dreams leading up to my departure suggested that I needed to protect myself and my family from some unseen evil force. Even the OBE I had where I met up with some ladies who I recognized but did not remember suggested that I was not yet ready or perhaps not completely welcome where I was going.

What's Next?

I have not spent too much time thinking about what I should do next. It is unknown to me right now and I am not stressing over it. I have been enjoying the mornings of sleeping in and not having to get ready for work. I have been spending time with my children and allowing myself to do nothing when I want to do nothing and to be active when I want to be active.

I admit that at first I was resistant to having nothing to do, as if it were a curse or beneath me, but that only increased my irritable mood and made me a very unhappy mommy. It is so easy to focus on what one doesn't have or isn't doing and I am great at doing just that. However, when I allowed myself to let myself go with the flow of life and stop resisting it, I felt better and more at ease. I still occasionally get irritable, especially when all three of my children are screaming or making a fuss at the same time (moments of randomity indeed!), but I try not to be hard on myself when I make the mistake of losing my temper or hiding in the bathroom. lol

Positive Surprise

Of particular interest to me is something that occurred when I returned from Florida. Actually it began when I left. I began to get multiple requests by individuals to be added to a group I have on Facebook that helps people learn about, develop and control their spiritual abilities. It is called Developing Your Spiritual Ability. At first it was just a couple, and the group hit 100 members while I was in Florida. However, in just the week since I have been back there have been daily requests and the group is now at 128 members. What is even more interesting is that many of the people who are requesting to be added are from the United States. I find this interesting because in the past I have met with resistance from individuals in the U.S. or found them to have very different beliefs about spirituality to my own. I always seemed to fit in best with individuals from the United Kingdom or Australia. In fact, I found a whole group of individuals from those countries who I felt were part of my Soul Family and I owe much of the development of my abilities to their guidance and assistance. They also served as wonderful guinea pigs for me as I gave practice readings! lol

Now that I am calmer and the loss is slowly becoming a memory, the changes occurring with my group have me curious. Why now? I wonder if perhaps it is a indicator that my focus has been in the wrong place. Perhaps I am needing to stop for a while until others catch up? Or maybe I am not stopping at all and am bringing others along for the ride.

If you are interested in joining my group, please feel free to request an add using the link above. We are a mixture of individuals who are aware of and/or have developed one or more spiritual abilities. We are at varying levels - advanced, intermediate, beginner, novice and just interested. Some of us have multiple spiritual gifts and many of us astral travel, have lucid dreams or practice dream walking. The aim of the group is to share experiences, fears, hopes, dreams, concerns, stories, and interests without fear of being laughed at or ostracized because we are "different". No one is going to tell you that you are crazy. You will be safe to be yourself.

I hope, in the future, to start encouraging members to practice their spiritual abilities using the group. Chat is available on FB but one can give readings using just a photograph or a person's name. Because there are members from all over the world it can be really validating and eye opening for newbies when they find out the information they are receiving from Spirit is indeed accurate especially when the person who they read for is from a place they have never been and an ethnicity or religion they know little or nothing about.

I fine tuned my reading abilities using internet chat rooms at various spiritual forums based in the U.K. It was so much fun to learn about what I could do. I actually gave my first mediumship readings in chat rooms. I actually miss those days but I understand that they served their purpose quite well. I hope that my group can help others in a similar way if only to just let them know they are not alone.