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Five OBE's

I was awakened at 6:30am by my middle child looking for me. I did not want to get up but followed him down the stairs and saw that my mother-in-law had been at our home but was not there at present. Her stuff was there, though, and our baby was gone. I assumed she was out shopping and would be back so let my son play and went back upstairs. I asked my oldest, who was awake, to go down with him and I curled up in her bed.

First OBE

I fell back to sleep easily and suddenly found myself fully aware in the midst of a sexual dream. I was in my bed with my husband about to do "the deed" but when I looked up to see him this old, gray haired, skinny, wrinkly guy was staring at me with a smile on his face. I wondered who he was but couldn't place him. He did not scare me until he pointed down to his manhood. When I looked down I saw this huge penis that had to be three feet long. I immediately popped back into my body and then lay there, eyes closed wondering what had just happened.

Second OBE

I must have fallen back to sleep and was immediately back OOB. This time my vision was gone and I was alone. I knew that I needed to open up my root chakra so my energy would flow better and I could stay OOB. I don't know how I knew this, though. I felt around and found a wall and pressed up against it. When I did, I felt my root chakra activate a little but I tried not to focus on it. Instead I was just waiting, as if knowing something was about to happen.

I felt the familiar shift in energy that says I have moved from one location to another. I don't know how this happened or when, it just did. I found myself in my bedroom again and immediately moved toward the door to leave. I do not remember the room much except that it was my bedroom. What is odd is that the bed was on the wrong side of the room.

I flew down our stairs to the living area below. That is when the lights seemed to come on and my vision became clear and vivid. Everything was shifty, though, as if it were not real and was in the process of being created. I saw my mother-in-law and two oldest children. I also saw furniture all over that was not ours. It very gaudy looking with large, print flowers in bright colors. I looked specifically at a loveseat that was green with tiny white flowers on it.

My daughter was yelling something at me, trying to get my attention. She was excited and running around me, as was my son. This is common and can be quite irritating but I just ignored it and looked for the front door. When I found it I intended to open it but never did, I just went to the other side of it.

When I went outside I encountered an unfamiliar scene. There was snow on the ground and I could see houses with pointed roofs spread out in front of me. I was in a subdivision but not the one I live in in real life. The houses were identical and also multicolored. Some pink, others red, some yellow, others blue. They were not as bright as the furniture inside the house, though. This might have been because the sky was gloomy and heavy with clouds. If I could have felt the temperature it would have been very cold.

I looked around for a moment and then lifted up and took flight. I didn't know where to go, so I just hovered over the tops of the houses for a while. Then I noticed the one house across the street from mine was broken. It actually looked like pieces of a puzzle. I could see entire sections in 3D and see the furniture and fixtures inside each piece. I flew closer to inspect and tried to stop but I felt swept away by something/someone. I got a communication not to inspect the home that was without words. I ignored it, slowed down, and attempted to touch the top of one of the pieces of the home. The roof peeled away revealing another roof. The whole time I could feel my astral body being pulled away from the piece. I remember saying to the voiceless voice something about how it wasn't right for the roof to peel away.

I guess I did the wrong thing because I felt the familiar pull back to my body.

Third OBE

I immediately intended to return and found myself back inside my bed in my bedroom. I could see the green colored covers of our quilt and a woman was standing next to me, talking to me. She presented me with a tiny, white kitten. I focused upon the kitten, feeling its soft fur and snuggling with it. I saw its tiny little eyes and ears and looked at its tummy as I scratched it. It was the sweetest thing! The whole time the woman stayed with me, talking, but I don't remember what she said as I was too focused on the kitten. However, towards the end of petting the kitten I heard my daughter say, "She can't have a cookie!" and I saw in my mind a round, sugar cookie. I also knew that the cookie was special and if eaten would take the person to glorious worlds.

Fourth OBE

Again, I felt the familiar sensation of returning to my body but immediately intended to return and so I did. I was again in my bedroom and rather than stick around for more kittens and talk of cookies, I flew up and out of my bed. I went to the window and could not see out of it. I set the intention to leave and the next thing I knew I was outside the house at the front door staring at the same snow covered ground and multicolored houses with pointed roofs.

I again flew up and over the tops of the houses. This time I was singing, but now I can't remember what I was singing. I do remember catching myself singing and thinking how I was making up the song as I went. It made me smile.

As I lifted higher I made sure not to go too high, remembering how I would often times be swept up and out into space, which I didn't like to do. I never knew where to go once that high and it always resulted in an end to my OBE. So I traveled over the tops of the houses until the scene changed to that of a city. I could see the gray colored rooftops of buildings spread out below me. Even though I was singing and happy, the scene continued to seem shifty and gray. If I looked too hard at something it would ripple as if the image were not real but just a holograph.

I came to a brown wood building, I think it was a church, and decided to settle down on the ground. I walked along the streets for a while and stopped singing when I spotted a group of thugs bullying a young man. There was about five of them, all wearing dark sweatshirts with hoods. They were also all dark complected. The young man they were bullying was wearing similar attire and was also dark complected. I could hear them shouting at each other and the leader of the group held a metal stick of some sort in his hand.

I immediately flew over and landed right in front of the group between them and their prey. I could see their faces clearly and looked from one to the other. The leader looked familiar to me and I recognized him to be someone I knew. I was shocked that he would be doing something so awful and remembered a similar shock I had when I knew him in this life. As I looked at his face, it shifted like everything else, but I remembered his name and felt sad for him. In real life I watched him change from a promising young man into a dark, angry one. I remember thinking it sad that he had all this light yet was allowing himself to be overcome with darkness.

I grabbed the metal stick out of his hand and yelled at him to leave the guy alone. Telling him he knew better. The metal staff was in fact a fire poker and the pointed tip came inches from his nose. They all smirked at me but the leader backed off and the young man they were taunting took off in the other direction.

Fifth OBE

I stayed in the street for some time but what I did is lost to me. It seems that I lost interest in the OBE at some point, though, and came back into my body. I stayed there for a while, wondering what time it was and feeling an urge to wake up, but I was not ready to yet. I wanted to go back and look for my grandmother. Surely if I was encountering people in astral I could find her since she had been so close to me these last few days?

Within moments of setting my intention, I left my body and found myself standing once again at the door to my home. As I went through the door I thought, "There will be no snow" and sure enough I saw bare ground. Yet this time there was an eerie silence that surrounded me and everything. The sky was still gray but as I looked about the scene changed and the sky was blocked from my vision. Instead of being in the subdivision as before I was standing inside what appeared to be an atrium made of metal and glass that rose hundreds of feet above me. I could see that the structure was huge and completely enclosed. I knew I would likely find no way out.

I flew up, watching the gray metal beams continue despite how high I flew. I searched for people, for movement, but found none. All I saw were more metal beams supporting massive amounts of glass. I called out, "Nanny!" several times, but my voice just echoed, unheard.

At some point I reached the top of wherever I was. I felt hope then and soared up and looked down below me at the conglomeration of metal and glass. The sky brought more light to my vision and I recognized that I had felt suppressed, almost claustrophobic, up until this point.

Then I saw motion below me. I spied a woman with short, dark hair wearing a gray blue jogging suit running along the top of one of the metal and glass buildings. I flew down towards her yelling,"Nanny?"

When I reached her she stopped and looked at me. I saw her face, shifty like the others and like everything else. She at first appeared medium skinned with a deeply etched wrinkled face. She was definitely not my grandmother but she was old. I again asked, "Nanny?" She just looked at me and her face shifted to a lighter color but the wrinkles remained. I asked her, "Have you seen my Nanny?" She replied, "No. I haven't seen anyone around here". She mumbled something else and then looked straight at me and asked, "Do you really want to kill yourself?" Shocked at her question, I pulled back and away from her. Then I awoke suddenly in my body and immediately opened my eyes. I again felt a need to get up, so I did. It was 8:30am.


In considering these OBE's, I am certain I was in the lower astral plane somewhere. I was not in a horrible place but it was definitely not as wonderful as places I have been in the past. The part that sticks out to me the most is how shifty the images were. They appeared clear at first but the more I focused upon them, the more they shifted and changed. Because of this I feel that all of it was a reflection of myself, even the people I met up with. I don't know what to make of my experiences this morning except that I was being shown aspects of myself that need tending to. I withdrew from the last experience the most because the question asked was so forward and unexpected. I wish I could have stayed and told the woman, "No" and explained, but I guess that was not meant to be.


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