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Blog Switch

For various reasons I am not going to go into detail about, I am switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress. My previous address was because “Life in Between” and “Living Life in Between” were not available. At least here at WordPress I was able to get the web address I wanted.

For a while I will post in both blogs, one being a duplicate post, but eventually the Blogger blog will be disabled and retired. I am not sure yet if I will transfer posts from the old blog to the new but I might. It is just a lot of work moving three years of posts over.

If you follow me on my Blogger blog or have the page bookmarked you will want to bookmark and/or follow my new blog. I prefer you follow my new blog but I understand that this is not always an option. I for one have difficultly finding time to read other blogs because of my busy life.

My new blog address is:


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