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If You Leave

I awoke hearing this song this morning. It completely threw me because it did not go along with the dream I was having. The main lyrics I was hearing was the part at the end where it continues to say "If you leave" over and over. I could hear the "Oh, oh-oh" as well. I assume the message was from Spirit telling me they would like me to stay in this life a little longer.


It is funny how every time I start wondering what I am doing here on Earth this life, I get an answer. Lately, the answers are much easier to recognize. Instead of just hints or intuitive hunches, I actually get messages in words or pictures. I have even recently received intense urges or impulses. To receive such a strong message along with an urge has only happened one other time in my life, so it is a very rare thing indeed (for me). It makes the messages very difficult to ignore and even the stubbornest person (that would be me) cannot talk their way out of it.

Yesterday the f…

The Nurturing of Innocence

My husband is out of town so my sleep was interrupted more than usual since I didn't have any help with our baby. It seemed to makes no difference, however, to my dreams. I had a couple very vivid and detailed dreams last night.

Vampire War

This dream was very intricate. I could write an entire novel from the details of just this one dream! In summary, however, the dream entailed the events leading to and culminating in a war between vampires and humans.

I don't know which side I was on but I think I was on the human side, at least at first. The beginning of the dream included the revelation to me, my family and other humans, that vampires lived among us and they were tired of being hidden. The vampires came after children first. Not only did they kill them but they also created tiny vampires out of them. In one vivid scene, a vampire baby was birthed by a vampire mother. This was a shock in itself because vampires cannot have children! Yet, in the dream, I witnesse…

Five OBE's

I was awakened at 6:30am by my middle child looking for me. I did not want to get up but followed him down the stairs and saw that my mother-in-law had been at our home but was not there at present. Her stuff was there, though, and our baby was gone. I assumed she was out shopping and would be back so let my son play and went back upstairs. I asked my oldest, who was awake, to go down with him and I curled up in her bed.

First OBE

I fell back to sleep easily and suddenly found myself fully aware in the midst of a sexual dream. I was in my bed with my husband about to do "the deed" but when I looked up to see him this old, gray haired, skinny, wrinkly guy was staring at me with a smile on his face. I wondered who he was but couldn't place him. He did not scare me until he pointed down to his manhood. When I looked down I saw this huge penis that had to be three feet long. I immediately popped back into my body and then lay there, eyes closed wondering what had just happened…


Summer break is almost over. My daughter starts 1st grade on Monday and my son has been attending a part-time Montessori school since the beginning of August. I begin my new counseling job on the 1st and I am not looking forward to it. I wish I could stop time and just maintain what I have now, but that is not how it works.


Last night I had dreams that I think reflected some of my concerns about moving forward. In one particularly vivid dream I was asked to cook for a large, church gathering. I decided to cook a very large meatloaf. I The meatloaf was at least two feet long and six inches wide! There is more to the dream but I do not wish to recount it at this time.

However, I did have a very vivid beach dream. In the dream I initially found myself in a large school building. It was for grades K-5. I walked through the halls, not knowing where to go. I had come in as expected but had no idea where to go or what to do.

I went into a classroom where some high school aged kids wer…

Music of the Night

As I was laying in bed last night trying to go to sleep, I began to see images flash through my mind. This is not unusual. It typically means I am nearing sleep and sometimes it means I am nearing the point where I can exit my body. I began seeing images of people and things long ago after my spiritual awakening, so I am use to having these things occur. However, the frequency of such occurrences has decreased significantly since 2007. I guess because I have been so busy creating and raising a family.

Inner Child

I really took no notice of the images because I was talking to one of my guides as I drifted off to sleep. We were discussing my current concern about not enjoying life. I started the conversation but it felt as if it were one that had been started previously, though I had no memory of it. When I brought up the question of how I could enjoy life more and my guide told me that I needed to find her, the me buried deep inside who held my joy. When he said this, I knew he meant wh…

Haunted School

This weekend has been a challenge for me. Well, the last two weeks have been a challenge. I am a person who thinks of my home as my sanctuary. I do not like just anybody to come into it. Plus, I am a creature of habit and I like my routine. Finally, I am someone who likes to be in control. Seems all three of these tendencies of mine caused problems for me.

Since our move, my husband has been the social person that he is. In two weeks, two of his cousins came into town at different times. One last week for four days and one this weekend for two. Of course, my husband and his brother felt they should entertain them and pay for everything. This created a conflict between me and my husband because my cousins (which are very few) would never come and expect to be entertained and their whole trip paid for by me or other family. Not only can it get quite expensive and be a burden, but it just doesn't happen very often in my family. In fact, I don't think any of my cousins have ever d…


Yesterday was a long day. When I went to bed I was wide awake and it was already 11pm. I don't think I was able to fall asleep until some time after that. I just felt awake but my mind was mostly blank except for the question that remained from the night before: What is it that I am here to do, exactly?

I know I am here to help and so I asked my guide, "Who?" His response? "The many". I was kind of hoping to get more specifics, you know? But I should have known better. It doesn't work that way. But I instantly knew that one way I was helping was via this blog. One would assume this would give me great joy, but it did not. I only sighed. I will likely never know the people who I help via this blog. That is really okay. Really.

I have recalled an in-between life experience that illustrates just how powerful even our smallest actions can affect others. In this in-between life recollection, I stood with three others and we held hands. As we did, our experiences w…

Astral Elevator

I didn't go to sleep last night with the intention to astral - though I guess I really always have that intent - so, I will just say I went to bed without asking to astral. I slept really well except that I was awakened at 5am, first by my 4 month old and then by my 3 year old. I dozed for perhaps a half hour to an hour and was awakened once again by my 3 year old calling for me. I didn't get up, letting my husband handle it, but I couldn't go back to sleep because I heard banging and movement from my son's room. Knowing he was up, awake and playing at a very early hour and cursing my husband for allowing him to do so, I tossed and turned in bed wishing I had a place to escape to and fantasizing about being single again so I didn't have to deal with the negatives of raising a family.

At one point during my fantasizing, I began talking to my guide. I recalled a Facebook post from the previous day in which an artist told of his struggle with depression and explained h…

Blog Switch

For various reasons I am not going to go into detail about, I am switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress. My previous address was because “Life in Between” and “Living Life in Between” were not available. At least here at WordPress I was able to get the web address I wanted.

For a while I will post in both blogs, one being a duplicate post, but eventually the Blogger blog will be disabled and retired. I am not sure yet if I will transfer posts from the old blog to the new but I might. It is just a lot of work moving three years of posts over.

If you follow me on my Blogger blog or have the page bookmarked you will want to bookmark and/or follow my new blog. I prefer you follow my new blog but I understand that this is not always an option. I for one have difficultly finding time to read other blogs because of my busy life.

My new blog address is:

Vulture Nest

I was not going to write about my semi-lucid dream from last night but it has been on my mind all day. So I am hoping that writing it will not only clear my mind of it but help me better understand it.

House in Alaska

The dream experience I had started out with me meeting up with a couple who owned a house in Alaska. They were wanting to put their house on the market and I was talking with them on the phone about meeting them on Thursday. I did not know it yet, but I was one of the first choices for their realtor.

The dream instantly shifted to me arriving in Alaska and meeting the couple at their house. We walked through the Alaskan bush together and I was aware that I had a companion with me, a man who was very familiar - tall with dark, neatly trimmed hair. I recall walking up into thick pine trees to an outcropping of steel gray rocks that jutted out of the mossy ground. Next to the outcropping was an old shack. The man explained that it was great until winter and I remember thinking…

Much Ado About Nothing

For almost a week I was of a very low mood and struggled to find purpose in each day. Thankfully, that ended a couple of days ago and I am back to feeling normal. I am grateful that this depression did not last long and I am grateful for my family for motivating me to pull myself out.

Much Ado About Nothing

Today I received an email from a client of mine expressing her distress over having such a difficult year. I completely understood and recognized our similarities without knowing the details of her difficulty. I immediately knew that she, like me, was going through what millions of people are also going through this year. For some reason, 2014 is that kind of year. It is the year of throwing off old, purposeless habits and replacing them with new, purposeful ones that are more in line with our true selves.

And I was reminded of my earlier post about ascension and how it challenges us to become all that we are and reject all that we aren't. Our success depends on how strong our Ego…