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Settling In

It has been a week since the move. We have slept in our new house four nights now. The children are adjusting well. In fact, they have been happy from day 1. There is so much more space in our new house that my oldest two spend much more time running about and playing games than they did at our old one. Not having internet or TV likely added to that as well. We didn't get internet until the 2nd of July and since we use Netflix for TV we didn't get TV until then either. I thought I would go stir crazy without internet but I have had so much to do and that I really haven't had time to miss it.

Our new home is not perfect. It needs new flooring and new paint. The kitchen needs an overhaul, specifically replacing the laminate floors and counter tops and getting new appliances. Upstairs the carpet is not in bad shape but the master bedroom carpet is loose, so will have to go. We will be taking down the half walls that line the upstairs family room and putting in metal railing. We will also be putting in wood laminate flooring in the halls and family room. 

The master bath needs a total overhaul. It has floor to ceiling wallpaper that is nice but 18 years old and patterned with pink leaves. It has one of those garden tubs with separate shower. I hate the shower. I take my showers in the kids bathroom. There are "His" and "Hers" closets which is OK but I prefer one large closet as the two closets do not effectively use the space. Then there is a separate tiny room for the toilet. It is so cramped in there that neither of us will close the door. There is also one of those huge mirrors over the vanity - you know the kind that takes up the entire wall. That will have to be changed as well. Oh and the whole bathroom is carpeted. Yuck. Talk about a breeding ground for mold. It is likely the sub-floor will need to be replaced because of those carpets. The bathroom also has a ceiling fan in it. Really? LOL

Our plan is to move everything upstairs and redo the downstairs first. That just means paint, high quality wood laminate floors and tile in the kitchen. I don't know if we will do the counter tops in the kitchen just yet as it can take a while but new appliances can be gotten in one afternoon of shopping. Our middle child (the mischief maker) decided to take one of mommy's 30yr old Legos and put it down the downstairs toilet. Even my plumber husband could not dislodge it. He will take the toilet out and see if he can get it out. If not, a new toilet will be getting a home downstairs as well. Oh and the walls in the kitchen and downstairs bath have 18 year old wallpaper in them. Not sure what to do with that.

I don't know how long all the upgrades will take but I am excited about having them done. It will likely cost us some of our profit but we anticipated that. I can't imagine that it will be too expensive considering we do most of the demolishing and installing ourselves. We will have to hire painters as the downstairs ceilings are very high (I think over 9ft) but my husband may even insist on painting it ourselves, too, though I really do not want to do that (exhausting and time-consuming work).

Upon looking at comparable houses to ours we could easily flip this house for a good profit. I don't want to do that now but in a couple of years might consider it. The neighborhood is nice. The neighbors (who my husband has already gotten friendly with) are very nice so far. I met a couple of them recently. The owner of the house to our right is an ex-prison worker/cop. The owner of the house next to him is a single man of 39 who has a huge house all to himself. He has expanded his back yard into the wooded area behind us adding landscaping and trails. My husband wants to do the same with our land. We own a large section of wooded land behind us that slopes down into a wash. There is an easement so most of the homeowners have done nothing with it. We will likely expand our back yard like our neighbor and enjoy the space being we are so use to having more space.

Other Developments

In addition to moving and settling in there has been progress in other areas of my life. First of all we got paid for the house we sold. I took a screen shot of my bank website to freeze that moment in time because I have never in my life had so much money in my account. Even after paying off all our debt the money left over is sufficient for me to not work for over a year. That is not what I am going to do, though.

I know I wrote that I was considering staying home full-time. However, there is a part of me that relishes time with adults. It is not realistic for me to do readings from my home with two small ones that need attending to, so I decided to keep my options open when it comes to my career. Getting a part-time counseling position was the picture I painted in my mind briefly when I had time to consider it. Ideally the job would be only counseling and little to no paperwork. The paperwork part of my current job is what makes it tedious.

Well, you will never guess what happened. The day we closed on the home we sold I was offered a part-time counseling position. I had sent in my resume over a month before because it listed a position that may be available in the future. I forgot about it with all that was happening in my life. I got a phone call out of the blue asking me to interview. I knew I was going to be offered the job. When I went to the interview the man interviewing me began to try and sell the position to me. This confirmed to me that the position was mine. The man asked to keep my portfolio for review and I was to return to retrieve it the day of the closing. When I came to get it he asked me if HR had called me and told me they would be offering me the job.

The thing is, this job is exactly what I pictured for myself. I want to counsel and the job is purely a counseling position. The crazy thing is I told my soon-to-be new boss that I couldn't start until September 1st and he accepted that! On top of that, I get to choose my own schedule - he doesn't care as long as I get in my 20 hours a week. Wow!

My husband said to me, "Wow. You sure are on a roll! You are getting everything you want." I am still in shock.

The Power of Manifestation

I am having such amazing wins when it comes to my ability to manifest! It all started with me listening to my guide when he told me it was time to leave my home and move on. I struggled somewhat with it, but with his guidance I set aside my doubts and took the plunge. I pictured what I wanted and did not accept anything less. As a result everything I asked for came to be.

I feel powerful and unrestricted. Lately I have been too busy to think about it or focus on the feeling but when I do I can't help but be in awe of myself and the way the universe works.

Just a recap of what I was able to accomplish through manifestation starting at the beginning of May and going through now:

  • I decided to sell our home and trust it was the right thing to do.
  • Our home sold within a couple of days of being listed for more than we put it on the market for.
  • Upon my return to work I was told my position was being eliminated.
  • Another position was offered to me by my work that I turned down.
  • We made an offer on a home and it was accepted.
  • I put in a resume for a part-time position and later was offered the job which matched everything I wanted.
So what has changed? Honestly, I am not sure as the changes came about so gradually that it is hard to pinpoint them. However, I believe the shift I noticed at the beginning of this year has a lot to do with how I have changed. I do know that the main difference in me is that I do not sit and think about "what if's" as much. I use to sit and worry. I am not doing that. In fact, if I start to worry I recognize it and stop it right away. I recognize that it is a waste of my energy. "Don't sweat the small stuff" has been my motto. So the Lego got stuck in the toilet and we will have to buy a new one. Yeah, so what? So the house is dirty and cluttered. We just moved in! Get over it! Panic - I didn't get in my workout. So? My body will not bloat up into blubber over night. Let it go and be at ease. Life is good.

Since I first began to recognize the voices of my guides their message to me has been to pay attention to my thoughts because they are powerful. All the worrying and second-guessing myself only caused delay in my life. Every second we hesitate because of worry or doubt could result in a month or more of delay in manifesting our future. We only have this life now. Stop worrying and get on with living.


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