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Kundalini Rising

I had a very busy night last night, though through most of it I was not lucid.

Clearing and Protecting My House

When I went to bed last night I was still a bit in shock at what happened during the day. Not only had I gotten confirmation that all was good to go for my trip to Flag, but I had also bought the ticket (which was very reasonable by the way) and found out that my mother-in-law would be moving in to our home to take care of my three children while I am gone. Everything fell into place so quickly and to think I was just worrying over what to do the moment before!

I fell asleep quickly which has been the norm for me since baby was born. I am awake one minute and the next I am in a dream sequence and very much asleep. It is wonderful!

I found myself walking through a house which was mine but looked nothing like the home I currently live in. It was a small, wooden structure with an upstairs loft area. It appeared to be a log cabin or similar because the walls were lined with medium oak stained wood and the stairs were made of timber.

As I walked through the house I was talking to the house and whatever Spirit occupied it. I recall feeling a definite threat from the loft area and began to ask for protection. I called to my guides and my angels, asking them to surround my home in light and even posted an angel at each corner of the house. I then looked up at the loft area and felt fear. It was dark up there and though I could see the bed I swear I saw yellow eyes looking out at me. For some reason I thought it was a cat but I never saw it. I looked at the loft area from down below and mustered up my courage to confront it. I then yelled at the top of my lungs, "You are not welcome here!" and sent white light and angels to that area, purifying it with my words. I felt very powerful despite the very obvious fear that I felt.

Something about the dream, my fear and the intense emotion I felt woke me up. I opened my eyes and felt frozen in my bed by worry that I was surrounded by evil. I was not terrified but I was on alert and asked my guides what was going on. I heard no response so I laid there for a while getting my bearings.

I saw the closet door was open and I felt uneasy looking at it, still feeling like there was an evil presence watching me. I then got up and closed the door and went and locked the front door and checked the back door. I then found my middle child in bed without his overnight diaper so I put it on him and closed the closet door in that room, too. When I went back to bed I was still wondering what was going on. I finally determined that the dream was representative of me heading to Flag next week. The house represented me and the upper floor where the hidden evil was is an area of myself that I am afraid to confront. In summary, I was mustering up the courage to confront myself and all that I have hidden from myself. It was a very powerful experience.

Kundalini Rising

I must have fallen asleep quickly again but slowly became lucid in my dream as it was occurring. I never gained full lucidity but I had enough to know what was going on while I was dreaming.

In this particular dream I was with a man who was my partner/boyfriend. He was discussing with me a process he was going through and though he never spoke of it by name he allowed me to feel bits and pieces of this process in the dream. It felt very similar to how one feels when they are very attracted to another person but it had more of a high to it, like a drug. Since I was not able to fully experience it yet he told me that I would get to experience it soon.

The dream continued as I was waiting. We were at a party with other young people and there was a table with food on it. We were all partaking of the food and I remember talking with a woman who was my partner's mother, though she looked too young. I wish I could remember what we were talking about but all I recall was thinking that I was about to take a very powerful drug.

I do not recall actually taking a drug but I saw others "on the drug" acting very happy and relaxed. Eventually, though, I did experience the feeling after watching these other young people experience it. I cannot describe it in words for there are no words that even come close to describing it accurately. I have experienced the feeling before but only once as I was coming out of a meditation years ago. It might be described by some as a sexual experience but if that were what it was then it is beyond any sexual experience I have experienced in this physical body. It does have some similarities to it. For example, there is a pulling sensation in the first and second chakra area that is very powerful and pleasant and it spreads out from that point to every part of the body and intensifies similar to the moment of orgasm. However, it does not stop but continues to escalate beyond any orgasmic experience, the feeling moving upward and downward at the same time along the center of the body (spine) while it also expands outward. It feels like a total body orgasm but the feeling is of such ecstasy that it could be described as similar to an opiate mixed with a hallucinogenic and a psychedelic.  However, I have no experience with anything but psychedelics and even that experience is limited. In this particular experience the feeling continued uninterrupted for what seemed like hours and I was completely absorbed by it, losing myself to it along side my companion.

Eventually I awakened from this "dream" and was in awe of it. I could still feel the residual energy flowing through me, but it did not last long. I immediately asked to go back. I didn't want to leave and wanted to be back there. I also remember thinking that what I felt must be similar to what people feel who become addicted to powerful opiate drugs like heroine. I can say that I wanted the feeling to stay as I lay there remembering it, though not so badly as to become obsessed with it.

I believe the experience I had was my kundalini rising and I am definite that my root and second chakras were activated and completely unblocked by the experience.When I asked what was going on my guide was close, though his feeling and personality was not familiar to me. He told me, "You are changing" and that I understood but have still yet to fully process it.



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