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I awoke this morning from a very strange dream about my ex husband again. I don't know why he keeps making an appearance in my dreams but this dream specifically seemed to focus on the life I would have had it I had stayed with him. The dream was especially strange since I have not really even been thinking about him much. It could be that he just symbolizes the me of the past and if so then it makes a bit more sense I guess.


A theme in my dreams lately and in my waking life has been that I keep seeing eggs. Eggs in dreams symbolize new beginnings, fertility, birth and creative potential. I have seen eggs in my dreams in the past, prior to our selling and buying our new home, but this is the first time that I have seen eggs both in my dreams and in waking life.

It all started when I had a strange dream where I was riding a chair bicycle through town and stopped in a yard where there was a chicken coup. I saw a man holding a brown chicken that was a pet and she laid an undersized, but perfect looking egg. The man caught it in his hands and I remember thinking, "I don't want that bird or her eggs", because the eggs were obviously not normal. When I awoke I remembered riding around in the motorized chair and seeing the chicken laying the egg and thought it odd, but did not have time to analyze the dream.

Within the day I had an egg come to me in my waking life. Now you may think this is not unusual - eggs are very common - but this was not your ordinary egg. I was going about my daily routine and talking with my mother-in-law who had been watching the kids that day when I happened to glance at the counter top and saw a perfect, tiny, brown speckled bird egg just sitting there. I stopped in my tracks and picked it up, a part of me thinking it couldn't be real. But it was real and perfect and unblemished. I held it and showed it to my mother-in-law who smiled and said, "I found it laying on the grass in your front yard. I thought the kids could hatch it for me". I laughed about the last part and said it was likely discarded by the mother as a dud because eggs that don't hatch are often pushed out of the nest by the babies or the mother will carry them off. I let my mother-in-law keep it and thought no more about it.

Upon waking this morning one of the dreams that popped into my head was one about another egg - a tiny bird egg like the one I saw on my counter.  I don't remember the dream that went with it but I have no doubt that I was discussing its significance with my guides in my dreams. Since the thought of the egg would not leave me after waking, I decided I needed to write down what it might represent in my current life.

I believe I am being reminded that my original goal is still there, though it may not be as large and exciting as it once was (which explains the smaller than normal egg). The setbacks I am experiencing are just that - setbacks - and fighting the inevitable will only slow the process. No matter how small the egg, though, the potential it represents is enormous and if focused upon will grown and create beyond my wildest dreams.

Other News

Home Renovations

Since we are on the subject of creative potential, the renovation of our new house is finally underway! Yesterday my husband tore out half of the carpet downstairs and prepped the walls for a new coat of paint. He is currently at the store to pick up new trim for the entire house and get some other items for the paint job. He will be spraying the paint on with a new paint sprayer, so the job should go fast once the prep work is complete.

We also went and picked up the new bamboo flooring we selected. We will be covering the entire first floor with bamboo and tile and everything upstairs will be bamboo except the bedrooms/bathrooms. I am excited to finally have clean, new flooring in the house. The 18 year old carpet is just too musty smelling and unclean for me.  Eventually my husband will also knock out the half walls upstairs and replace it with metal railing. This will give the house a more open feel.

Domestic Stuff

I was hoping to be preparing for my trip to Florida but so far I have been stuck trying to figure out how I can make it happen. I did call my new employer and tell them of my dilemma and am waiting for my new boss to call. If he doesn't call by next Wednesday I was instructed to call HR. I told them I could not start work until October and could not guarantee that even. I am secretly hoping they rescind the job offer.

If I don't have a job to tie me down I am free to spend time with my children. The last half of this week has been wonderful, specifically not having to wake up and get ready so that I can rush to a job I do not feel any passion for. I do enjoy spending time with my kids, but even that will eventually drive any sane person to the edge, especially when all three children are upset, cranky and demanding their needs be met. It gets to a point when mommy's needs are not being met and that can end up with mommy pulling her hair out.

What has been the most difficult is learning how to handle the new, very demanding member of our family. I did Elek's astrological chart and discovered that not only is his sun sign Aries, but so is his moon and he has a Libra rising. So he is a little bundle of energy, just like his mama. My signs are sun in Leo, moon in Sagittarius, and Aquarius rising. Funny enough, my husband's astrological chart also lends him to having tons of energy. His sun is in Gemini, his moon is in Leo and his rising is in Libra.

For those of you who are not familiar with astrology except for maybe knowing your sun sign, the astrological signs have an elemental quality to them. There are the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. There are three signs in each element. The fire signs are: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The air signs are: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. The water signs are: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. And finally, the earth signs are: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. The elements combine either in a positive way, a negative way or a neutral way. For example, air feeds fire (positive), water puts it out (negative) and earth subdues it (neutral).

The astrological signs I mentioned for myself, my husband and my son are the ones that influence an individual's personality. It is very complex, but simply put, your signs mix to create the unique individual that is you. For me, my son and my husband, our personalities are a mix of fire and air. This mix of fire and air creates an individual who can become very "flammable" because they carry with them the qualities of fire and air and when those two come together the fire can easily get out of control. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the circumstances.

Right now, my family has a good mixture of fire and earth signs. As a parent, I have to be very careful not to "scorch" my two sensitive earth sign babies. I need to let them subdue that part of me that often becomes fiery and unreasonable. So far, they have been good for both me and my husband. Now that we have a new little fire sign it has become quite an adjustment. He is very demanding and active and when his demands are not met he is inconsolable. The only thing that works so far is for me to put him right up in my face and talk to him or to sing to him while rocking. His screaming has tested both me and my husband's tolerance levels. Praying we will make it through this!


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