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Last night my husband and I met with the director of the Church. She is a very nice woman who just turned 60 yet looks as young as 40. I immediately liked her when I first met her back in January of this year so her visit was not one I minded although the subject of the meeting normally would make me uncomfortable. She came to discuss with us the renovation and improvements which are being made upon the Church building and the Church itself. Of course, she knew we recently sold our home and so was hoping we would considering donating funds to help.

As we sat and talked she began talking about the urgency of the state of planet Earth. She mentioned how little time we have and I began having intuitive glimpses into what she was saying. I felt the familiar rush of heat as Spirit neared and I began to speak to the lady and my husband with the urgency that was being relayed to me. Oddly, there was not a specific Spirit I was speaking to. I just felt overwhelmed with knowingness as I told her that I knew of this urgency she was talking about, I have been feeling it for some time, and that in the next 50 years much would change for our little planet. Specifically, I told her that more and more children would be born already Aware. They would come bearing memories of their former lives and know more than their parents about what is to come and where the planet is going. They will not all be welcomed. In fact, most will be labeled as mentally ill or deficient in some way. The urgency is that those of us who are already Aware must help others achieve this state prior to this influx of new, Aware beings. The few of us there are will be responsible for helping them succeed at life; to help them overcome the challenges of being so much more aware than the majority of the population.

After the woman left I carried with me a strange feeling. I felt unsettled. At first I thought I must have been wrong about what I had just said but then I realized the feeling had been with me the whole day. I wanted to focus more on the feeling but my baby got grumpy and I had to tend to him. I fell asleep and had a dream where I became an angel and the instant I became aware of it, a hoard of demons descended upon me. When I woke up I only remembered the end when the demons surrounded me. I had no fear.

At work the next day I had time finally to focus on the feeling I had. It was dull at first but the more I focused upon it, the more distinct it got. At first it felt to be in my tummy but then I recognized it spread from my sacral plexus all the way to my throat chakra with the most intense feeling coming from my heart and solar plexus.

While I was focusing on the feelings I was having, I became more and more aware of what these feelings meant. It was quite shocking to me what I remembered and at first I was overwhelmed with the emotional response I had to the memories that came pouring into me. The more memories I had, the more intense the feeling in my chakras became, until finally I recognized the true meaning of the feeling: nervous apprehension. I knew I was approaching what Sylvia Browne called an "exit point" in her book Life on the Other Side

An exit point is just that: a point where one can exit their life. In other words, I am approaching a time when I can choose to leave this body and end my current life. Anyone having this realization would have the apprehension I was having and I totally understood why I had fear that I would die on my drive home from work the previous day.

But the memories I had did not stop there. For those of you who are skeptical of precognition or "seeing" the future, I advise you to read what I am about to say with an open mind as it was hard for me to believe when I remembered it.

Knowingness: The Future

I have two more lives left to live on Earth. I have known this for a while. When I began to focus on the feelings I had and remember, the other pieces of the puzzle began to fill in the gaps of my memory. My next lives are already planned and I will go pretty quickly into the one after this. Why? My purpose is to help assist those individuals who are coming into bodies with high states of awareness. My purpose is not just my own. There are many others. They are already starting to leave their current bodies and enter into new ones. Why? They must be old enough to be of assistance when it is most needed.

Those that are leaving now are already very aware, some more than others. They have been preparing for many lives already, slowly increasing their awareness in the body. I know this to be true for me. I was aware in my last four lives. All of those who are leaving now are spiritually awake. They Know. They planned to leave at this time in order to be in a position to help later, when they will most be needed.

The peak number of individuals with high awareness will be in 50 years (approximately 2080). However, they are already arriving, though in much smaller numbers. Let me make this clear - these are not Crystal children, Indigo Children or similar -  these are powerful, spiritual beings who will come into the body and Know who they are and why they are on Earth. They will face instant skepticism, ridicule and negative labels. They will struggle to accept who they are and many will fight their knowingness, allowing their Ego to push them off track. It is up to those who have already tread the path to help them. I am one of those.


When I was remembering my path, I also knew that as soon as I hit the level of awareness I sought in this life that I would not stay much longer. One would think that I could do a lot of good in this body, but what I know to be true is that I am needed much more in my next life. That is when things will really start to get chaotic on Earth. I have already had messages in dreams about this time period, so I know what lies ahead is quite a huge task. I also sensed that I am not alone. The feeling that I am being waited on is real. The other helpers (my Soul Group) are waiting for me to join their ranks.

What is it that is happening that is so urgent? Ascension. I have never used that word, yet when I was remembering, the thought that came to me was, "I have two more lives ahead of me to help with the 'ascension'". I researched it online some and found that many in the spiritual community have called what is happened on Earth, ascension. What information I have found has not been consistent and some of it downright ridiculous (Note: I had no previous knowledge of the process of ascension prior to this post and have since recognized that it was purposeful so that I would find my own truth). It seems no one really knows what spiritual ascension is - not really. What seems to be the consensus is there will be a shift from one dimension or state of awareness to another and that overall awareness increases. My sense of what is happening is much more detailed than that.

We come into the body and forget. We do this on purpose. It is overwhelming to the Ego/human mind to accept all the knowledge we carry with us from life to life. Imagine knowing why you are in this life, your purpose and all the good and bad things coming your way. Imagine knowing when you will die, lose a job, get sick and when others around you will experience the same. Imagine sensing/feeling how others around you feel, picking up on their thoughts and remembering them from your past lives. How would you handle it? I, personally, believe it takes a very strong individual to carry such a heavy burden. I feel like I have been carrying mine for much longer than I have. I am getting better at it but it is not easy and I have resisted more than I have accepted.

Ultimately, when ascension is complete, there will be a different Earth. Imagine everyone knowing their purpose and following it, despite the pitfalls. Imagine everyone merged with their Higher Self; their Ego in check. No, we won't know everything, but we will know enough and be in tune enough with ourselves that we will sense/know what is to come. I am excited that I now know what my guide meant when he told me we were "merging" and I am so very ready for the new me that will result!

For me to know that I may choose to leave this body soon is unsettling but there comes with it a sense of urgency that I cannot deny. I am needed and I intend to help. I can choose to stay, and I may extend it some. I know I will know when it is the right time. I can say that confronting such a possibility, once I get past the anxiety it causes me, is not as upsetting as it seems. What is more upsetting is not being there to help those who will be in turmoil as they struggle with so much more awareness while in the body than they have ever had.

We Are All Connected

Perhaps the biggest realization that hit me is how connected I am to everyone here on Earth and in Spirit. I am not alone in this and the feeling of just how large my Soul Group is took me by surprise. I saw the connection I had to my husband's two bosses who passed last year. I would have never thought that they were "family" yet they are. I also recognized that my husband and many members of his family are also in my Soul Group. I suspected this but to actually know it is different.

In fact, I remembered that when I planned this life I wanted to try handling my high awareness without the help that many of the other members of my group would get. I wanted to see if I could handle it; to get a glimpse of what the future would hold for so many millions of individuals who would be thrust into a similar situation years from now. Most of the newly aware will come from traditional families with little or no spiritual support and carry beliefs about life that will severely impede their progress. So that is what the first part of my life consisted of - a traditional, church-going, conservative, suspicious, dysfunctional and judgmental family. No one in my family but me has experienced what I have and if they had there was NO way they would have talked about it for fear of being thought "crazy". What good would I be to the millions of newly aware individuals of the future without this life's experience?

Though I made quite a bit of progress on my own, I knew in this life I would eventually need help that did not come from within. Which is why I met my husband when I did. And you all know the rest of the story.

Perhaps the biggest realization for me was the huge impact Scientology and Dianetics are having and will have on the ascension. The much needed help many members of my Soul Group received came from this Church and is why they did not suffer the mental anguish that comes with a spontaneous spiritual awakening. The processes of Scientology and Dianetics take the individual slowly into more and more awareness. It is set up in gradients so that an individual only handles that which he/she is capable of and is not overwhelmed. Crazy as it sounds, the processes I have run since becoming a member of the Church are so similar to how my guides helped me handle my awakening that I am still blown away. However, that does not mean that I did not struggle when my guide was helping me. My connection to my guides was the determining factor during the early years of my awakening. When that connection was not strong or was impacted by Ego or other circumstances, my progress slowed and I neared mental breakdown, suffering many of the physical and emotional symptoms mentioned in countless website and books on ascension and/or spiritual awakening. The key to Scientology is that you clear up that which weakens one's connection to their Higher Self /guides so that mental/emotional breakdown and other symptoms are completely avoided. Now, as I look back, I wish I had heard of Scientology earlier. I could have saved myself so much anguish, misery, and doubt. There was a long period of time (my Dark Night of the Soul) when I felt crazy and experienced what psychology calls "psychotic breaks" with reality. Every day I thank God/the Universe for giving me the strength to listen to my guides when I had all but given up. I also am so very grateful that I met my husband and was ultimately "saved from myself"* by him and his wonderful spiritual family.

*Note: When I was told about my husband 4 years before I met him, Steven said this of him: "He will save you from yourself". I did not recall this phrase until I typed it in the sentence above and was hit with such a strong emotional response because I finally really understood what he meant. Every day I am in awe of just how much I know. It is definitely a good time to be on planet Earth.

Although I am becoming more and more certain that my path in this life led me to Scientology for a reason, I would never tell someone that it is the only way to spiritually ascend. I will say, however, that if you feel drawn to explore Scientology and Dianetics at some point in your life, listen to that little voice that says "Give it a chance" and not the voice that says, "Run the other way". If I have learned anything from my experience it is that the Ego (the "bank" as it is called in Scientology) will resist any attempt by the individual to rid themselves of it. If you feel a strong anxiety reaction to Scientology/Dianetics or find yourself making excuses as to why it is not for you, question it because most likely that reaction is coming from the Ego because Scientology/Dianetics is a HUGE threat to it.