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Airport Reunion

I have been feeling emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted again. Since our move, my commute to and from work has doubled. I now drive a total of 2 hours a day! This on top of my normally busy/hectic home life has taken its toll. The good news is, tomorrow is my last day!

Vividly Strange Dreams

I was awakened three times last night. Each time I woke up it was from an odd dream. The last one I remember the clearest, but I remember bits and pieces of the other ones.

In one, I was cleaning up with a vacuum cleaner that turned on and was operated by Spirit. I remember vividly this black, cornucopia shaped contraption that floated up and began to voraciously suck up everything. I grabbed hold of it and pointed it at objects and even at a person's head. It sucked up everything except the person. lol

The other one I remember only one specific part - my baby. In the dream, my husband had let our baby crawl around. He had gotten into something and, exasperated, I yelled at my husband. When I went to get the baby, he was completely naked and his hand was cut off. I screamed, "He lost his hand!" Yet, as I said that, his hand suddenly regrew and I was shocked thinking how unreal it looked.

Airport Reunion

The final dream I awoke from made it hard for me to return to sleep because of the energy and emotions it evoked. In the dream I was with some friends, though I can't remember them now. There was a distinct feeling that I was considering doing something "wrong". The feeling hung around and seemed to grow through the dream. I felt horribly guilty.

As the dream progressed it became obvious what I was feeling guilty about. I had been ignoring the advances of a man for some time but I had felt a huge attraction for him and eventually I gave in. Then we were a "couple" though it was not sexual. I remember also that someone said "He pursued you" and that we were going on trip to Tennessee. However, I had lied to my husband and did not tell him that I planned to continue on from Tennessee to another, more northerly state after we got to Tennessee.Nor did I tell him about the man I would secretly go away with.

When we arrived at the airport, I sat and waited with this man. I felt at peace with him and I experienced such a strong love feeling in my heart that it extended down through to my root chakra. I did experience the sexual energy of the root chakra but it was different - it was elation mixed with a spiritual passion that is hard to describe. Had I been lucid in this dream it would have caused me to cry with joy. All I wanted to do was snuggle into this man's arms. It was the same feeling I described having with one of my guides not long ago in a post. It was as if his energy calmed and soothed me and I felt like I was reunited with a piece of me that had been missing. .

As we waited at the airport a large group of people came toward us - more people than I can count. I knew them all. They had come to welcome us. I immediately was aware that my husband was among them and I saw him come through the middle, smiling. I felt so much shame at what I had done that it was overwhelming but the man I was with soothed me and I felt the wonderful flood of peace/joy flood through me. He smiled and I asked him, "I get to go Home?" and he said, "Yes".

That is when I woke up. The feelings lingered as I woke and I was horrified because I suspected that the dream was a premonition - that I would meet someone and leave my husband. And I knew, if the man I met made me feel like I felt in the dream that I would not be able to resist. The thought of that scared me and made me feel horribly unworthy and like a traitor without having done anything!

But I know that dreams are not what they seem.


In the first dream I am pretty confident that the vacuum cleaner represents me cleaning and clearing out
clutter in my life. As for the second dream, the one of the baby with the cut off hand that regrows, the symbolism there suggests that I am feeling disconnected from people and relationships in my life, which is actually true for me at this time.

The last dream is in fact not what it seems. It is not a literal precognitive dream. It may, though, have some glimpses of future events contained within it. For example, the airport arrival suggests I am starting a new journey as it represents birth/new beginnings. This interpretation seems to be confirmed by the number of people who meet me there. The feeling it gave me was that I was/would be meeting up with my Soul Group/Family.

The feelings I had towards the man and the guilt I felt are a bit confusing to me. When I focus on the feelings like my guide instructs me to, they say to me, "This is where I belong" and there is a strong urge or draw to the man, though I don't know who he is. I suspect, however, that he may be my Higher Self because when I asked him if I would be going home he told me, "Yes". I also believe still that I am receiving healing in my sleep, specifically in the lower chakras - sacral plexus and root. The feelings in my chakras were similar to the Kundalini energy I experienced in the early years of my spiritual awakening.

The fact that we are going to Tennessee is also odd to me. However, I think I may know its source and it goes hand in hand with the guilt feeling. In one of my past lives, I lived in the Tennessee/Kentucky area of the U.S. In that life I had been a horrible adulteress, cheating on my husband and making a fool of him. Eventually my actions led to the murder of both myself and my son. But, this is only my guessing. It could have some other connection.

Other Considerations

I will say that when I awoke I was pretty confident that I would meet someone soon. Whether that person will be attractive to me like the man in the dream or just be another of my Soul Family, I don't know yet. I do know that I do not intend to leave my husband or break up my family, no matter how wonderful I feel with someone else! Ultimately, though, I know that changes are coming and they are good ones.

Although I have done more research on ascension since my initial post about it, I have come to the same conclusion I come to over and over again. Putting a label on any spiritual experience will only result in misunderstandings and confusion in the individual because no one person's experience is the same as another's. Though we as humans like to categorize and label our experiences in order to feel less alone in them, the very act of classifying and labeling ourselves and our experiences makes us that less causative and more the effect of those labels. I honestly don't care if I am "ascending" or "advancing" or fit into any religion or group's definition of such things. What I care about is that I am able to succeed at my life's purpose and make progress in this life toward whatever goals I postulate.


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