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I am on one week of constantly interrupted sleep. This sleep cycle has caused me to have some very odd dreams.


In one very vivid dream I was returning home and found my garage door open and empty. I knew, however, that my husband and children had returned from their road trip and were home.

Inside the garage I found a tiny nest of eggs inside a half opened box and saw white, baby geese running around. I also saw several smaller, brown and yellow ducks. I was surprised to find geese and ducks at our house and yelled out to my husband and children about it. I remember hearing my kids say they found them and wanted to keep them. I looked at them very closely because I had never seen goslings before.

As I watched with curiosity, I noticed that the goslings were eating the tiny eggs in the nest I found. The eggs were the size of a song bird egg, so perfect size for them to eat. It bothered me that they were eating the eggs, but I did not stop them. The goslings also tried to eat the smaller ducklings and I did stop them from doing that. However, I was unable to help all the ducklings. Some had been crushed by the larger goslings and others were very weak and sickly. I hovered over them, hoping to keep them from dying. I never once thought of the white goslings as bad but I did sympathize with the duckings.

At one point in the dream the box the goslings and ducklings were in fell over and went unnoticed. When I finally noticed it, I lifted up the box flap and found two dead ducklings. They had been crushed, their little bodies almost flat against the bottom of the box, their tiny wings and feet splayed in unnatural ways. There was a third duckling that was barely alive and I picked it up, hoping to revive it. It did revive but the number of ducklings was fast shrinking and the feeling was none of them would survive. They were too weak.


Goslings - Seeing adult geese in one's dreams symbolizes the domestic life and companionship that lasts a lifetime. It can also represent being well-grounded or a tendency to go along with the crowd. Since the geese were babies, or goslings, it suggests there is newness to this situation. In my case, I believe the goslings represent a new life, one that is focused upon family and building new relationships. The new life I will soon be living will involve me being a stay-at-home mom during the day and possibly working nights. I have been approached to work at the church nights and weekends by my sister-in-law and have accepted the invitation, though somewhat hesitantly. I fear that I will not do well with this new group; that they won't like me or I won't be accepted. This may be why the goslings are attacking the ducklings in my dream - I feel threatened by what they represent.

Ducklings - Ducks can represent one's spiritual or subconscious. They also can indicate that one is avoiding a situation by "ducking out" or that one feelings like a "sitting duck". In this dream the ducklings are being threatened by the goslings, they are weak and some are actually dying. I believe they represent my fears as stated above. I fear losing myself in the group and I do not wish to confront that fear.

Nest of eggs - Seeing a nest of eggs symbolizes new starts and/or financial gains. The bigger the eggs, the bigger the gains. Since the eggs were eaten, it is likely I do not find the financial sacrifices I will be making that important and am willing to let my "new life" consume the small financial gains I make. For me, this is a good sign.

House Issues

I have not updated on our house buying and selling situation in a while. The appraisal finally came back yesterday and it met the price we were offered - with one condition: we have to fix a cracked bedroom window. Great news except that the window was not cracked by us or one of my children. I am absolutely positive of that. It got cracked the day of the inspection and I suspect the inspector did it as he was testing the windows. Our windows are double paned, low-e and not cheap. To replace the bottom portion is going to be at least $500 and who knows how long it will take for the replacement section to arrive. What I would like to do is switch out the bedroom bottom section with one from the garage. There is no need for a double paned, low-e window in the garage anyway! I doubt I will get my way with that but I am going to try. I have decided I hate the VA loan process. Why couldn't we have gotten someone who was getting a conventional loan? Gah!

You may think, "Big deal! Just fix the window!" And that is what my realtor is likely thinking and what my husband will say when he talks to him (he has not heard since he is out of town).  And yes, in the big picture it is nothing much, just a minor issue. And when I think about it I realize that I am really upset by some other issues. Mainly I am concerned that the closing on both houses is the same day! The soon-to-be new owners of our house are asking lots of questions about when they can start moving in. They are leasing a house and want to be out of it by July 1st. However, I don't know if the house we are buying is going to close when they say - so much could delay the closing. Plus, when will we move? I am feeling rushed and I don't like it.

On top of all this mess I have decided to stay it out at my job until the end of my contract period - July 31. I really only work about one and half weeks in July, though. The rest of the month is paid vacation. I was told by my interim boss that the higher up's are planning to eliminate my position. This means they will give me my notice sometime in July. She suggested I stay to get my paid vacation and said I could apply for unemployment. I don't know if I will apply for unemployment but the idea of a paid vacation is nice. I get one week at the beginning of July and one and a half at the end. So staying in our house through July is now what I would like.

I told my realtor that I would agree to fixing the window if the new owners will agree to let us stay in this house until the end of July. We'll see what happens. I won't feel as rushed then and can continue to work and be paid through the month.


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