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Garden of Dill

Despite all the things I have to do lately I was able to get a good night's sleep last night because my mother-in-law stayed the night to help with night duties. I actually ended up sleeping a good 10 hours which is very rare for me these days. I didn't get to astral but I had some interesting dreams. I only recall a small part but I believe the parts I recall are very significant.

Garden of Dill

I spent most of the night traveling about from one scene to the next. I had people around me all night, people I know in Spirit but am not familiar with in waking. In one dream I was talking with a couple about their garden. It looked similar to my own but was not mine. It almost felt like I was giving them my garden, and I could have been because the garden I have in present will not be mine for much longer and I will be passing it on to the new owners of our house. Anyway, as I walked through the garden I noticed how much it needed tending. The tomato plants had fruit that had been eaten on by birds and was rotten from the heat of the day. I remember throwing a large, half eaten red tomato out and commenting on how all the tomatoes were now wasted and ruined.

Then I stopped and noticed all the dill plants. We have tons of dill in our garden and in this dream the dill looked similar to our patch of dill. I was picking it and telling the woman how I should dry it out and use it later. As I picked the long stems of dill I shoved each stem into my mouth but did not eat it. Instead I held it in my mouth rather than carry it in my hands. However, I never took it out of my mouth. I ended up with a mouth stuffed full of dill!

What I recall most about this dream is the vividness of the scene. The garden was very large and built up above the ground, the planters made of white brick and very similar to my own garden but much, much larger. The rows were neat but there were weeds poking up. I remember thinking how much work it would be to make it nice again.


Garden - To see a vegetable garden suggests that one's hard work and diligence will eventually pay off or that you need to work on (cultivate) your own spiritual and personal growth. If the garden is weed infested and neglected then you may have neglected your own spiritual needs. 

Tomato - When you see a tomato is symbolizes domestic tranquility, happiness and harmony. In this dream the tomatoes have been ruined by birds and the heat suggesting that there is consideration of a potential threat to my own domestic happiness.

Dill - To see or eat dill represents spiritual and emotional protection. It symbolizes not allowing negativity to affect you. There was so much dill in my dream that I am wondering if I was/am trying hard to keep all the negatives of my life from affecting me?

Side note - I went out to my garden this afternoon to pick some leeks and Swiss Chard. I had recently tilled the garden and gotten rid of weeds but saw the weeds poking up again. We had tons of rain recently and it was humid and hot so I didn't go about pulling weeds. I also noticed tons of tiny, gray bugs all over one of my squash plants. They disgusted me and I thought how I needed to put Seven Dust on them. Then I thought of how happy I would be to not have to worry about my garden anymore. Soon a new owner could deal with the weeds, bugs and heat! I love my garden but don't have time for it these days. It will be a relief to not have that as one of my worries.

Portal to the Other Side

This dream is mostly lost to me now. I actually believe I was OOB for this one but so exhausted that I did not become lucid enough to experience it as such. In the dream I was with a young man and we were at a church but the inside was more like a convention hall of some sort. We were sitting down to eat at a long table. I recall feeling like we were in a very high class place because they were serving gourmet food. As we were talking the young man pointed to the side of the stage (there was a stage in this large room). There was a side door and he was talking about how when you went through it you ended up in a new place, one where you could do anything you wanted to. I remember that it was gold in color and very nice, just like the rest of the room. I also remember us talking about something we both did. Oddly enough he seemed to be me at different points.

Ultimately we both went to the golden doors to go to this new place. When we opened them it was dark like
a cave inside and I dimly recall there being stairs. When we went through we did end up in a new place. It was suppose to be "the Other Side" but when we walked in the beautiful green field and trees of the scene were being plowed over by heavy machinery. It was a construction zone. I remember that we were viewed as different from the others there. I kept quiet so as not to be discovered but said something and was caught. A woman said to me,"You are not from here are you?" I didn't know what to say.

The next thing I remember, I was inside a building of some sort. It was like a holding area. The woman was with me. I recall it was very white washed and I felt that something was "wrong" with me especially the way the woman was talking to me and hovering around me. I don't remember everything she told me but she said to me, "You cannot go back until you weigh 140lb. You weigh too little and the medicine will overpower you". This was weird because in my memory of the dream I was shown a syringe of something that was injected into those who went to this place. I had passed out from the effect of it and that was why I was in this recovery room.

I felt like I was sick and was very self conscious of how much I weighed. I remember thinking about my weight - I only weigh 134lbs. I desperately wanted to go back to this place even though it was a construction zone. It felt like my Home and even though there was heavy machinery moving dirt and people running around the construction site, the beauty of the scene was very obvious. The trees and green grass in the distance, the vivid blue sky and the overall feeling of the place made me want to go back. I remember thinking, "I don't weigh enough. I'm too thin". That is when I woke up.


This dream is hard for me to interpret. I believe it was an OBE that I was not fully in control of or aware of. The feeling I got from it was that I was exploring my future, specifically the opportunities and changes that are coming my way. 

Gold - the color symbolizes spiritual richness and rewards, refinement of one's surroundings and determination.

Door - a door symbolizes new opportunities, an entrance into a new stage of life and a new level of consciousness.

Stage - I only saw a stage in this dream and then went into the door that led back stage. Going back stage indicates new opportunities.

Food - Food represents physical and emotional nourishment and energy. The food in this dream is that of the "rich". It was very fine food.

Church - Though I did not see the outside of a church, I was inside of one and very aware of this. To be in a church suggests that I am questioning my life path and deciding what I want to do.

Construction - To see a construction zone indicates that I am experiencing a new surge of energy or some kind of growth in my life. It also suggests this new growth comes with confidence. It can also indicate that I am rebuilding my life.

Stairs - To walk up stairs indicates progress is being made.I don't remember if I went up or down them, though. I just saw them.

Weight - I did not expect this to be in the dream dictionary but it was. To dream that you are underweight indicates that you need to work harder to achieve something or that you are not ready or under prepared for something that you want. In this case I believe I wanted more connection to the Other Side and was being told I was not ready yet.  Weight can also be a pun for "Wait".

Syringe - This is a hard one. I do not recall being injected with anything in my dream, only told about it. Being injected indicates the need for healing or needing time to heal. I have been told that I am "healing" for a while now, so maybe that is what I am waiting for and why I am not yet ready for what I want.

Thoughts Out of Nowhere

Yesterday I had one of those thoughts that seemingly comes from out of nowhere. They are typically profound and when I think them they are very factual. I guess they are just a knowingness of what IS. One of those thoughts that has stayed with me since I first thought it back around my spiritual awakening is, "I will always have enough". This is not only in terms of money and has always been true. I have never lacked for anything in this life. I have had food, shelter, love, companionship, and have been able to materialize things in life.

Well, yesterday while I was walking on my treadmill and listening to music I had one of those thoughts. I was not thinking of anything in particular, just being. Then I thought, "I will be rich". Then I thought, "What did I just say?"

At first I just figured it was me knowing that in a very short time we will be getting a very, very large sum of money from the sale of our house and land. And when I say large, I mean twice my yearly salary - yeah, that big. Of course most of you don't know how much I make, and really it is none of your business, but some of you do know how much I make, so you know. This is a big deal. And guess what, I caused it. I created it. And I am celebrating quietly. The appraisal has not come through yet, but it will soon.

But then the thought didn't go away. It has stayed. And I think/thought, "Oh wow. Something has shifted." And it isn't just me that has changed. My husband has, too. But then again, I won't get too excited. Money is just money and there are many definitions of "rich".

But I know, I will be rich. And I know I will get everything I want. But right now, I have to wait.