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Burning House

I am on day/night five of just me and baby and the quality of my sleep is suffering. It is not too bad, but I am not used to be awakened so frequently. My husband always helped and very often did all of what we call "night duties". I was spoiled and now I know. He will read this and gloat. lol

Frequently night wakings have had an effect on my dreams. I am actually surprised I haven't found myself in astral considering how often I have had to get up, go down stairs, warm up a bottle, go back upstairs, change baby's diaper, feed and swaddle him. By the time I am done I am wide awake and considering this is often a method used by many would be astral travelers to get out of body, one would think it would do the trick for a seasoned astral traveler such as myself. Nope. And with my history of insomnia, one would also think I would have trouble going back to sleep. Nope. lol

Burning House

One thing about my sleep is that it is good. It is so good lately that I don't care about my dreams. I just want to sleep. However, last night after waking up to baby's cries for the second time, it took me a while to distinguish between dream and reality. I was so involved in the dream I was having that I had trouble waking up.

The dream began with me upstairs in my house. It was not the house I currently live in and did not look familiar but it felt like we had just moved in, so I guess it was our new house. I was fiddling about in the bedroom, taking care of the kids, when a woman entered. She was tall, with light brown hair that hung past her shoulders and was dressed in a long, plain blue dress. She was also wearing a white apron. I asked her who she was and she said she was Adriona Ash and had come to clean my house for me (yeah I remembered her name! What is even stranger is that I know a woman named Adrienne Ash in real). I told her it was not a good time and asked if she could come back the next week. I remember thinking how odd it was that she was there when I had not called to have my house cleaned. However, I was interested in the extra help and she seemed nice.

The next thing I know, me and Adriona are leaving the house and outside. She is talking to me but I don't recall what about now. I do remember talking about the land and how I wanted to see them take down the fence that was dividing it so that it would be all one piece again. I remember even seeing the field and trees and watching a family in the field. I was near my grandmother's house so I believe this part of the dream was a discussion about what happened recently and what might happen in the future.

As I continued along with Adriona, I found myself driving along a road with other travelers. As usual, I sometimes found myself inside a car and other times the car would vanish and I would just be flying along over the road. Suddenly, to my right, I saw a huge building on fire. The flames were high up in the sky and the building was completely engulfed. I could see the beams that made up the structure but that was it. It looked like either a large house with many rooms or a hotel.

I noticed the others swerve away from the fire to avoid the heat. I did not. I then felt the heat of the fire come through the car and reach me. Suddenly, the car was gone and it was just me and the intense heat. I was not afraid, though. I looked down and saw that the hem of my dress (it was plaid) was on fired. I grabbed it and beat the fire out.

Adriona then took me to a McDonald's. I was not happy about it. My kids were there eating fast food. Yuck. I remember that she was very calm about it, though, as if she did not even notice that we were in the restaurant.

Then I was awakened by my baby.


I had actually forgotten all about the dream until this afternoon when I was at work. I saw a picture of a fire
and it all came back at once. I was in awe of it. Especially the fact that I remember the woman's name.

House - this is symbolic of one's soul/Self. The house I start out in is new and I feel comfortable in it.

Cleaning - like in real life, when one is cleaning in their dream they are clearing out or getting rid of things. In the case of my dream I had a woman approach me to clean my house. She wanted to help me clear out my old thoughts/ways to make way for new, improved ones.

Fences - a fence is a barrier but in my dream the fence was coming down. I am open to new ideas and change rather than fearing them.

Burning House - to see a house burning that is not your own represents your recognition that you are connected to humanity. In other words, burning house = inter-connectivity and seeing one's self as a part of life and a participant in it.

Burning clothes/flames - seeing flames represents purification. Watching one's clothes burn represents a purification of the Self and transformation of one's self-concept.

Opening of the Heart

After remembering my dream I was in awe by it and its connection to what I had realized about myself prior to going to sleep that night. I am reading a book called If I stay (it is soon to be released as a movie). I came to a part where the girl, who is in the midst of an out-of-body experience, is struggling to decide if she wants to live or die. She hears her grandfather grant her permission to leave and she understands just how hard it would be to stay but also just how hard it would be to go. I had to actually put down my Kindle at this point because I was getting choked up. That is when I heard my guide ask me, "What would you do?" And I answered, "Go", right away only to hesitate and then say, "I could stay for a little while". And then it hit me. How long is a little while? And I knew, it was my whole life because life is just a little while. And I knew that my life was important. Important to my family.

As I thought more about life I began to think about the people in my life, especially at work. My new boss has made me want to please her. There are not many people who can do that. She is a natural leader. One of those leaders who makes you feel special, heard and important. I find myself smiling in her presence because she showers me with compliments most every day. She tells me how smart I am and that she knows if she just gives me space I will do wonders. And she is telling others this as well because the other woman I work with told me today, "You are such a fast learner".

As I thought about my boss I knew without a doubt that she was in my life for this brief period to help me. She is a helper. That is her job. Her life is in order. She does dwell on the negative. She believes in people and in herself. There is so much encouragement coming from her.

And for the first in a long time I am reaching out to others at work. I find myself caring more about the young people when last year at this time I would cringe to be in their presence. Today one came up to me for help and I made sure he got it. I will continue to do so, too.

As I thought about these things, my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. I knew my heart had opened. Finally.

Maybe that is what spurred my dream. Regardless, I feel hopeful about people when before I felt hopeless. It is a step in the right direction.


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