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Auction House


Home Buy/Sell

Our house appraisal was done but I have not heard anything on it yet. The person who appraised it was confused about some things and so ordered a new land survey be done. That was done last Wednesday so I am surprised I have not heard back about it. Hoping it appraises on target so we don't have to return to the table on the offer. The inspection was done on the house we are buying and it came back clear. The water heater may need to be replaced but nothing serious showed up. We found out there are two a/c units which is good and that the owner was an HVAC specialist before he retired so they are likely in very good condition. They are going to move out of the house early so we can start moving in.


I have a work dilemma still. They want me to be testing coordinator for the summer tests which are held July 7-11. I was not planning on being at my job then. However, I can't put in my notice when I want because our closing date is June 27. The loan officer suggested I wait and put in my notice that day because he said they will call the confirm employment that week. My work wants to train me on June 19 for testing coordinator and I am suppose to order tests, etc. What I want to do, though it is not nice, is put in my 1 week notice on June 27th after we close. That means my last day would be the next week, July 4th. I get the week of June 23rd off (paid) and then would return to work for a few days and get July 4th off as well (paid). They want 2 weeks notice but if I put in two weeks I have to test. Not a job I want to do. BUT I feel bad doing that to my new interim boss (who I now really like). She will be stuck with doing my job if I am not there. I spoke with her about it briefly and she understands that I may not be there. She is hoping to not be there, too, though. lol

Another thing, I only work half of the month of July and get the last week and a half off (paid). If I stay the week I want to leave then I get paid vacation after that. I also get to say on my resume that I have coordinated testing before. It may be worth it, but then I will have to commute a long distance the whole time. The commute will take about 1hr 15min. Yuck!

What would you do? I am on the fence still and stalling. I do have a strong urge to just stay, not sure exactly why.


My brother graduated from high school on Friday. It was held outside in a football stadium but the weather cooperated and it was very nice. It was surreal watching him graduate from the same school I did. I am very proud of him!

Our cousin, who recently contacted us out of the blue after years of searching, attended the ceremony. He went out of his way to be there and it was so wonderful to finally meet him! My brother really enjoyed the meeting as well. He never met our dad, so meeting our cousin was his first ever contact with a family member (besides us) from my dad's side of the family. We spent an hour looking through old photos and learning about relatives we have never met. I have not seen my brother so animated and excited in a while.

The next day my husband left on a road trip with our oldest two, leaving me home alone with our new baby. I have been enjoying the time with him. He is so easy! But I think it is more than I am an old pro now than that he is an easy baby - or maybe it is a bit of both. He is smiling and interacting more now that he is 2 months old. He spent the entire evening last night smiling at me while I was eating graduation dinner with my mom, step-father, brother and his friend. Too adorable! I love him so much!


I am still having mostly dreamless sleep. Occasionally I will have a dream that stands out and this happened twice last night, most likely because I kept being awakened by baby.

Auction House

This dream just appeared out of nowhere to me after waking. I do not remember dreaming it but yet the memory of it was there. I guess I was really tired! lol

I was going to the house of the woman who conducted my wedding ceremony. My husband was very excited - exuberant really - about going to this woman's house. I balked at the idea, standing in front of the door with my husband. He pushed open the door and pressured me to go in with him, excited about the visit.

Inside the house we beautiful! There was a lot of wood around - flooring, paneling, etc. It was very high class with expensive furniture, etc. Our friend welcomed us and began to talk with an employee, telling her something about what they were selling. I soon realized the home was her business as well as her home and she was auctioning items to people. Each item had a card by it that said what it was and the starting price. There were blanks for people to write in their bid.

I went up to this one item that was this porcelain tray. It reminded me of the tray they put the bill in at a restaurant. It was white with blue lettering and I remember reading it. I don't recall what it said now but I want to say it was for a baby, like a baby announcement. Our friend asked me to put a card on it, so I did as she asked. It was at that point that I realized I was inside an auction house. The items being auctioned off were very nice and the business catered the the rich and well-off.

I wandered about, looking at the place in awe of how nice it was. I remember thinking our friend did very well for herself. I went into a room with a twin platform bed in it. The covers were black and I noted the nice, wood platform it was on. I sat down. No sooner had I sat down than an employee came in. I felt like I was doing something wrong, but she did not mention anything. She led me to another room, chatting happily.

This part of the dream is weird. She led me through the house, room by room, happily chatting and sharing information with me about the place. There was a cafe inside and small rooms with see-through glass doors. People went inside the rooms, closed the door and ate their food. She then took me to other rooms and I met the employees. They were all younger than me and I remarked at their age. I began to feel more comfortable at this point.

I saw my husband playing a video game that was in one of the rooms. It was a virtual reality game and he was so engrossed in it that it took him a while to see me. When he did see me he took me outside for a bit. Outside was this large, nature area with gardens. He told me how our friend bought this place after coming into a bunch of money. She sold her house in the suburbs and got more "space". I was intrigued by the idea. It felt like she found freedom.

I went back inside and walked through more rooms. I ended up at the back of the home and there were big windows and a door leading outside. Through the glass door I saw people splashing and swimming in a crystal clear sea. Across the sea was a large, warehouse-type building with stairs that went down to the water. The people playing and swimming in the water were all ages. I remember an older man who I knew (but don't know now) swimming and he was smiling and told me it was nice in the water. I just watched from inside.

Malfunctioning Microwave

I was in a house in the kitchen using the microwave. It looked just like ours - small and white. I punched in some numbers to use it but it was not working. Then it turned on by itself and made some strange noise. I moved back knowing it would explode but it imploded in on itself. I unplugged it to avoid a fire but there were cords all over and I didn't know if I unplugged the right thing. I then saw a computer monitor next to the microwave and thought that must be where all the wires came from. The microwave kept turning on by itself and I kept unplugging wires hoping to stop it. Finally, I gave up and picked up the microwave and threw it out the door. It crashed and fell apart. It tried to turn on again. I saw the display light up and flash but ultimately it died.


In the first dream, I feel like I was going through some doubts about moving and how it will affect my future. There is some fear associated with it and some worry over what the outcome will me.

Auction - To dream of being at an auction indicates that one may be overvaluing or undervaluing a something or some relationship. It may also mean that one has learned from their past and is ready to move on. In my case I believe it to be the latter.

House - To dream of a house symbolizes one's soul or inner Self. The rooms represent different aspects of the Self; issues and such that affect the individual. The condition of the house is also representative of the Self. Since this house was nice and full of high value items it could be an indication that I am ready to move on as suggested by the auction.

Video game- To see a video game indicates that the individual is able to manipulate people and situations in life to go your way. Being I saw my husband playing it is fitting. He is very good at getting others to do what he wants!

In the second dream I believe I was mulling over my present life issues. The overall feeling was that I was intent on finding a solution.

Microwave - To see a microwave represents an individual's quick thinking and action and suggests that new ways of doing things need to be considered. In the dream I did in fact have to try many things to find success. I also may have been rebelling against the idea that I would have to change.

Computer monitor - A computer represents lack of emotions and feelings and just going with the flow rather than taking ownership of your life. The monitor represents one's thought process and may also be a pun on the need to "monitor" a specific situation.


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