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Moon Water

I have been noticing something as the sale of our home draws closer. It is subtle but very obvious when I am alone with my thoughts. At first it seems like an unsettled feeling, like something just isn't right. That feeling stays with me throughout my day and has been growing more and more noticeable as the time of closing draws near. At first I ignored it, but lately I have found myself very irritable whenever my husband brings up the sale.

We met with the future owners on Saturday. I made lunch for them (they are vegetarian) and we talked about the future, making "what if" plans - what if the house doesn't close on time? what if our other house doesn't close in time? The woman buying our house is very much like me, so we think alike. I like her but then I don't. She and her husband don't ever want kids. That makes me sad. I wanted my house to have a family in it. Instead it will be occupied by a couple and their five dogs.

Then last night, after a day of …

Almost There

Everything in my life is coming together. I am almost to the end of this chapter in my life. Soon everything will be new - a new home, a new city, a new school for my daughter, a new environment in which to raise my family, create new friendships and heal. I am told by my guides, "This is good" and overall I feel it is. I have known this time would come for seven years. I resisted it so much that it exhausted and damaged me and my family. It is time to heal and begin anew. Like the Imagine Dragon's song says, "And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit right to the top. Don't hold back. Packing my bags and giving the commodities a rain check".

House Saga

The house buying/selling saga continues but there is an end in sight. The home we are selling has run into quite a few snags along the way. The most current one is that the lender wants us to get a road maintenance agreement. Problem is, the road was owned by my grandmother, who you know is now…


I am on one week of constantly interrupted sleep. This sleep cycle has caused me to have some very odd dreams.


In one very vivid dream I was returning home and found my garage door open and empty. I knew, however, that my husband and children had returned from their road trip and were home.

Inside the garage I found a tiny nest of eggs inside a half opened box and saw white, baby geese running around. I also saw several smaller, brown and yellow ducks. I was surprised to find geese and ducks at our house and yelled out to my husband and children about it. I remember hearing my kids say they found them and wanted to keep them. I looked at them very closely because I had never seen goslings before.

As I watched with curiosity, I noticed that the goslings were eating the tiny eggs in the nest I found. The eggs were the size of a song bird egg, so perfect size for them to eat. It bothered me that they were eating the eggs, but I did not stop them. The goslings also tried to eat the s…

Burning House

I am on day/night five of just me and baby and the quality of my sleep is suffering. It is not too bad, but I am not used to be awakened so frequently. My husband always helped and very often did all of what we call "night duties". I was spoiled and now I know. He will read this and gloat. lol

Frequently night wakings have had an effect on my dreams. I am actually surprised I haven't found myself in astral considering how often I have had to get up, go down stairs, warm up a bottle, go back upstairs, change baby's diaper, feed and swaddle him. By the time I am done I am wide awake and considering this is often a method used by many would be astral travelers to get out of body, one would think it would do the trick for a seasoned astral traveler such as myself. Nope. And with my history of insomnia, one would also think I would have trouble going back to sleep. Nope. lol

Burning House

One thing about my sleep is that it is good. It is so good lately that I don't care…

Auction House


Home Buy/Sell

Our house appraisal was done but I have not heard anything on it yet. The person who appraised it was confused about some things and so ordered a new land survey be done. That was done last Wednesday so I am surprised I have not heard back about it. Hoping it appraises on target so we don't have to return to the table on the offer. The inspection was done on the house we are buying and it came back clear. The water heater may need to be replaced but nothing serious showed up. We found out there are two a/c units which is good and that the owner was an HVAC specialist before he retired so they are likely in very good condition. They are going to move out of the house early so we can start moving in.


I have a work dilemma still. They want me to be testing coordinator for the summer tests which are held July 7-11. I was not planning on being at my job then. However, I can't put in my notice when I want because our closing date is June 27. The lo…


In the brief lull of life change that I have been experiencing this week, I recently started to notice the other changes that have been occurring under the surface. These changes are in fact a result of what I was warned of many months ago - the "merging" process my guide told me was in process.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start with some recent realizations I had that led to the conclusion I drew above.


Yesterday, while reviewing my previous blog posts, I read a few that reminded me of things my guides told me would occur. The first was that two people would help me. This was in July 2013 when I was struggling to accept that I was going to return to a job that was slowly eating away at me with the negativity it surrounded me with. I believe I have met both of these people. The first was the boss who initially hired me for the position I am now in. The second is the interim boss I now have.

How have they helped me? Well, the first, of course, she hired me and g…

Garden of Dill

Despite all the things I have to do lately I was able to get a good night's sleep last night because my mother-in-law stayed the night to help with night duties. I actually ended up sleeping a good 10 hours which is very rare for me these days. I didn't get to astral but I had some interesting dreams. I only recall a small part but I believe the parts I recall are very significant.

Garden of Dill

I spent most of the night traveling about from one scene to the next. I had people around me all night, people I know in Spirit but am not familiar with in waking. In one dream I was talking with a couple about their garden. It looked similar to my own but was not mine. It almost felt like I was giving them my garden, and I could have been because the garden I have in present will not be mine for much longer and I will be passing it on to the new owners of our house. Anyway, as I walked through the garden I noticed how much it needed tending. The tomato plants had fruit that had been ea…