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I have been meaning to write to update you all on everything that has been going on, but I have been super busy and, well, exhausted.

House Buying/Selling


We found a house last weekend and upon seeing it decided it was our first choice. We already made an offer on two other houses. One was rejected because a cash offer was made and the other was accepted. Both houses were fixer uppers. The first was my husband's first choice. The second was a fall back house. Neither of us liked the second too much but it was all that was left that fit our criteria. Then a house was listed that was both liked and so we made an offer even while the second of the two houses I mentioned above had accepted our offer. Two days ago we discovered they accepted our offer! However, they are out of state on vacation so I have yet to see the signed contract yet. They have to sign it using DocuSign and since they are Filipino it has been difficult for their agent to explain. Hopefully the contract will be delivered to us soon so I can get the loan paperwork processed.

This house we are buying is special. Why do I think that? Well, it is just the feeling I got when I walked inside. It says to you, "Sit back, relax and don't stress". It has such a calm feeling about it. I just wanted to lay down somewhere and sleep. I felt that comfortable there. My husband and our realtor felt it, too. They also had a large, golden Buddha statue in their dining room. This was one of the first things I noticed and I made sure to rub his belly for luck. Finally, the home's address when all the numbers are added together equals 11.

For those of you unfamiliar with numerology, just know that numbers carry vibrations. The number of a home affect how a place feels and the energy it contributes to you and the other occupants. This energy has an impact on the resident's lives. You can learn about from this website.

The house we are buying carries with it two vibrational frequencies. The first is the number "2" and the second is the number "11".
A "2" house can be "home sweet home." Calmness prevails, and diplomacy is valued in this home. But if a major fight starts, it can knock the walls down, because no one gives in here, no matter how diplomatic they were at first! It's usually a good buy, appreciates well. Gardening, beautiful interiors naturally spring up here. Nature is a source of deep, sensual or enjoyable moments. Sex is casual, sensual, rather than deep, mysterious, or an instrument of "control." Fill this house with plants and paintings. Fine sound systems and luxury tv's find their way into these homes. A good place for a home-based business concerned with buying and selling. A good address for a retail store. Sometimes 2 households are untidy, as laziness seeps in. You'll tend to put on weight here. Anorexia clinics should be located at a 2 address.
 The number "11" is what initially caught my eye about this home's address. When I first became aware of my spiritual gifts and relocated to start a new business, the home I rented was an 11.
11, 22, 33 and 44 are called "master" or "God-touched" numbers; they signal an extra level of influence.

Briefly, the 2 is diplomatic, sensual and acquisitive; but the 11/2 elevates these traits to a universal theme: you'll spread your diplomacy to the world, or acquire objects with valuable meaning for the world.

So far our home selling experience has been easy with a few bumps here and there but nothing major. The biggest "bump" has been that the buyer's loan agent forgot to order the appraisal which was suppose to have been done within 10 days of the date of the contract. Our real estate agent says this happens when banks are handling a lot of loans at once. While waiting on the appraisal we were told to fix our air conditioner (which is not broken in my opinion) because the inspector said it was not cooling appropriately.Then our water did not pass inspection. They took the sample without telling us and I knew it would not pass. Why? When I built the house we had to get a sample and it did not pass and we had to do a whole process to cleanse the well to get it to pass. So we just had that done and it passed but it was a pain in the butt because we are both so busy with life. Looking at the whole process thus far, things have really gone smoothly.

Personally Speaking

Now to talk about me and my overall well-being. Physically I am tired. I stopped taking my iron pills because the bottle ran out and I felt fine. Well, now I lose energy very quickly in the day and find it difficult to concentrate. It is getting better as I eat more leafy greens and red meat, but there are parts about this tiredness I enjoy, specifically that it makes me fall asleep so quickly and deeply.

Emotionally I feel dead. When I first started back to work I was emotional but now, two weeks later, I am numb and back on autopilot. This combined with my tiredness makes me feel like a walking zombie most days. I do what I need to do but anything extra overwhelms me. That is when I "wake" up emotionally, usually in a negative way with an outburst followed by complete apathy for a short time. Then I have had moments of complete calm out of nowhere. One day recently I was just at ease and happy for no reason. But then again, who needs a reason to be happy? The reason is what makes us unhappy!

Spiritually, something is shifting. I keep being drawn to meditate before bed and have been doing this most
nights. When I am not so tired that  I fall right to sleep my meditation causes chakras to activate. Usually it is my third eye or my crown chakra. I get a buzzing or tingling sensation that spreads. Usually it is around my eyes but sometimes my whole head is buzzing. I am working on my root chakra but so far nothing noticeable is happening with it. 

Last night as I was settling down into my normal meditation routine I was mulling over a book I just finished. I read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells and was considering what I would do if I had the ability to move forward through time. Now I know meditation is about clearing ones thoughts out, and usually I stop myself from reminiscing, but this was interesting to me and I was enjoying it. Who wouldn't like thinking of having the power to travel through time? Anyway, as I was caught up in a very realistic imaginative scene I heard my name being called. Note: I heard my real name, but I will use my nickname to show how this incident occurred.

The voice called out, "Dayna" and I ignored it, happily following the movie I was creating in my mind. I only recall noticing it once but I think it may have happened a few times. Then I heard very loudly and with some irritated inflection, "Day-Na!" It was such a loud internal thought that I was shaken by it and immediately came out of my reverie, my heart pounding, and automatically I thought back, "What?!?". I looked around with my psychic sight and was aware of five guides to my left and one unknown Spirit to my right. Because I was brought back to full awareness so suddenly, my heart was pounding and I was a little apprehensive. I immediately asked to be surrounded by white light and asked my guides to only let through those who were of pure intention. This is just a protective measure that is not really necessary but it makes me feel better. My guides will only let through those Spirit with good intent and I know this.

When I was calmer I looked to the Spirit on my right and knew instantly who it was who yelled at me. It was my grandmother. She sent me a thought, "Finally", as if she had been trying hard to get my attention. I realized she had yelled and asked her if she was irritated. She said no, that she had to yell to get my attention. I knew why. My thoughts were distracting me.

After Your Son is Born

Years ago, when I first began to notice my attention was almost completely on mundane matters, I asked my guides when I would have a reawakening of my spiritual gifts. I was told, "After your son is born". I thought it meant my first son (I did not conceive of a third at that time). I was not yet pregnant with my first son at the time. After my first son was born nothing changed and I figured the message must have been made up; not real.

The months before I unexpectedly became pregnant with my second son I had my first spontaneous astral experience in several years and was told, "Project yourself". Ever since then I have been astralling and having abundant lucid dreams. I was also told that a merging process was occurring, though I am not certain still what that means.

Go back to last night when I heard my grandmother yelling my name. After recognizing she was there I suddenly remembered being told about the reawakening of my gifts: "After your son is born". I got a very strong pulling and sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach. Fear mixed with excitement. This feeling is similar to how I feel when I consciously exit my body to astral. It always makes me so aware the exit is interrupted. I tried to calm down as I continued to sense Spirit around me, but I was too excited. When I did finally calm down I heard my grandmother say, "Hurting". I knew she was referring to me and I acknowledged her. I am hurting inside and it sucks. I felt that she was helping me. I have felt and heard her during the day, mostly I note her curiosity and her surprise at my daily routine. Then I heard what sounded like, "Lisa", come from another Spirit, female, right in front of me. I recognized immediately that I was wide open and I said, "Oh no, I can't do this now! I am too busy! Back off." I panicked a little remembering how I used to be bombarded by Spirit - so many I could not keep track of them. Not long after I mentally said that to them I was able to relax and noted that I only had three guides around me. It was quiet. I worried I would not be able to fall asleep. My guide said, "You will sleep". Soon after I feel asleep.

Putting it Together

It always surprises me how life events string together to eventually make perfect sense. I know I am in the midst of recognizing this in my own life. Hindsight is 20-20 they say, and it is so true. While in the midst of change, we see only that which is right in front of us as we are caught up in the present moment. While caught up in those things happening to us and around us, we often lose sight of the bigger picture. Only when that which we are struggling with has passed do we see the bigger picture and how perfectly well everything lined up to put us in the exact place we are suppose to be.

Recently I read one of my old blog posts about two dreams I had. It was back in October of last year. The dreams were about my husband and I looking for a new house. In the first dream we fought and ended up separated and I was upset when I awoke. In the second dream we compromised upon a location located North of where we were looking and we stayed together, happy and content. Presently, my husband and I have had arguments because his ideal new home and mine are so different. It has been hard for us to communicate without being tired, hungry or both. We have had nasty arguments which left us feeling fed up and more than once I wondered if I should just let him go and be on his own. Then this house came along and we were both at once calmed by it and agreed that it was best for both of us. And now we are going to buy it. It will be our new home. How odd that I was being warned of this almost a year ago. Even more odd is that this is not unusual for me yet I still am amazed when it continues to happen.


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