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Last night was a very busy night for me.

You're a Winner!

This was a regular dream, though very vivid and real. I first recall being in a hotel with a woman. She was tall, approximately mid-thirties with wavy blond hair and blue eyes and very familiar. I believe she is one of my female guides, though which one I am not sure. I don't recall specifically what we were discussing but I do remember that I was in a hotel yet again. It was a tall building like the Hilton or similar.

I left the hotel in a car, heading I don't know where. As I was driving away I must have been going the wrong direction because I kept running into people going the other way. I also noted that the road was new and there was still construction in parts of it. At one point I swerved to avoid oncoming cars and veered off into the dirt shoulder.What is odd is I don't recall actually being inside a vehicle, it was more like I was flying close to the road. Yet there was a feeling or assumption that I was in a car.

What is most memorable to me is the end of this dream. I was given a letter by the blond woman. I could see it was very formally written and it was one of those letters that one would normally throw away had they gotten it in the mail because it said, "You're a winner!" on the top and then was addressed to me telling me what I won. As I read it, I noted it was to receive a free massage and day of pampering. I could also hear the woman telling me what the letter said as I read it. She was encouraging and excited. I felt sad because I could not take advantage of the day of pampering, I had too much to do. I also felt unworthy.

At this point I began to cry in the dream. I sobbed from exhaustion and feelings of loss. It welled up inside me and I was not able to control or stop the tears. They were so intense I was awakened by them. I felt so exhausted from life when I woke up that I continued to cry for a while afterward. Yet I knew what the message was in the dream. I need to rest. I need to take care of myself. Yet I feel I can't - there is no time. I also didn't see the point. I asked to go Home, which I often do, and felt sympathy from my guides. I then stated I wanted to astral and fell back to sleep.

House Transformation

The next thing I remember I was walking outside of apartments in an apartment complex. It was one of those older complexes that looks like a hotel more than an apartment building. I was thinking of my job and stopped outside an apartment. I knew I knew the resident. I walked inside, uninvited and unannounced. I saw a teenage girl with mousey brown hair that hung past her shoulders and her mother in their living room. The inside of the apartment was very small and trashy. There was cigarette smoke everywhere and it felt dirty. It felt like I sat down, but I was not conscious of having a body, I felt like an observer. The mother came up to me and bent over me while talking to her daughter about school. She was wearing a very low cut blouse and no bra. When she bent over her breasts came out and hung to her waist. I remember being repulsed by them and embarrassed for her, though she didn't seem to care or notice her indiscretion. The teenage daughter was talking about school and doing computer classes so she could graduate high school. At that point I mentioned that I had knowledge of this and could help.

Then I was outside again and walking along a sidewalk in a town. I noticed a restaurant and saw someone I knew working inside. It was my best friend's brother. Then I saw my best friend from high school with her son and husband walking towards me. When I saw her I ran up to her and hugged her and she mentioned how her son just had his hair cut. I said I had cut my hair, too. I felt very excited when I met her and told her about the apartment which I called a "house" and wanted to show it to her.

When we went into the apartment it was different. The woman was still there sitting at the kitchen table but the apartment was now a good sized house. It had two bedrooms, wood floors, nice furniture and felt open and safe. We talked with the woman for a while but I don't remember the conversation now. Then I got up and walked around the house and noted it had a third bedroom I had not seen. I looked outside the back door and saw a very nice in-ground pool. The layout was not familiar - I had never been there - but I took note of how nice it was.

I went over to the side of the house where the den or extra room was. It was very nicely decorated. I went to the window and noticed my son was there playing. I told him I would open the window for him. When I did, I remember that I got a thought that I must be astralling and that the window could be a portal.

When I went outside the window my son disappeared and I was in a residential street. I had finally realized I was dreaming and decided to jump really high across the median several times. I then decided I wanted to create a portal to go through, like in my last OBE. So I thought, "Portal" as I was in mid-jump. I could feel myself pulled up by some unseen force. I was rising very quickly up towards the stars. For a moment I felt panic from moving up into the "unknown" of space, but heard a calm voice tell me to let go of my fear. I listened and let it go and my vision blacked out.

Portal to Art Water Park

As I transitioned I did not return to my body which is often the case. Instead I was in this void. I had no vision but could still sense all that was around me but there was nothing but space all around. I heard a song in my mind and sang it. It had a distinct message and I decided to write it down. I did not want to forget it because it was true. I wrote it down but now the message is lost to me. I wanted, needed to remember everything I had just experienced and set the intention to remember. I did not want to lose anything. This was important.

After the message was written I knew I had arrived at my new destination. My vision came back fully and I was standing on stone pavement. The day was bright; the skies blue with a few fluffy white clouds. I could sense others with me, about three and two were male. In front of me I could see an expansive water park unlike any water park I had ever seen. A woman was standing at the front of the park, inviting me in though there was no specific entry. She was blond, the same woman from before. I spoke to her, asking her where I was and saying, "Is this a water park?" She said, "Yes, but it is an art water park". She pointed in front of her and I saw three, large artistic sculptures in a line. The first of the three was what caught my eye. It was made from a bathtub, glistening white, but the end of the tub was cut off. Water was flowing through it, starting at the faucet and then draining out through the drain. It was a bathtub fountain.

One of the young men with me said something about a moat and pointed. I could see that then entire back of the water park was this green scum-topped moat. I then noticed that it was raining lightly. When I felt the rain on me I began to remember the first dream and the emotion threatened to come back to me and overwhelmed me. Instantly the blue sky began to change, dark clouds slowly drifted in and blocked out the sun. Again I heard a calm voice from within remind me to control my emotions. It said, "Don't let them" and I understood and instantly suppressed them. Then the sky was blue again and I did not notice the rain anymore.

It was then I decided to go to the moat. Looking at it I could see it was surrounded by what looked like old, castle walls with ivy and windows. It was ancient looking and beautiful in its own way. The moat water seemed scummy and gross but I did not mind. I had an idea. I jumped into the moat. The water was only thigh high. I splashed in it a bit and the water cleared and beneath the scum coating was crystal clear water. Enjoying myself thoroughly, I tore off my clothes and felt "free".

A man with dark hair and another that I cannot remember now were near. One had joined me and was naked. He mentioned that his penis was "petrified". I took no notice of him at first, happily playing in the water, but for some reason I later sought him out for astral sex, which unfortunately was not up to par and not worth it. Then the man with dark hair pulled an old trunk out of the bottom of the moat. It was covered in green moss and looked worn and dirty. No one would think it contained anything of value. When he opened the case there was a brand new clarinet inside, though it seemed too large to be a clarinet, maybe an oboe? I remember that he wanted me to notice how something so old and worn could have something so beautiful and new inside.


When I awoke I kept going over the dreams and astral experiences I had in order to not forget them. Finally, tired of trying to remember, I got up, went to the office and grabbed a pen and paper and wrote everything I remembered down. It was 5a.m.

As I lay back down I began to fall asleep. I found myself seeing odd images and realized my thoughts were manifesting as dreams. For example, if I was thinking about buying a house, I would find myself in a house or see one vivid in my mind. I thought to myself, "My thoughts are becoming reality". After that I controlled my thoughts more, though I don't remember thinking anything specific when I fell asleep.

My next dream I found myself at a large conference table. There was much more to the dream I don't remember now but I do remember that as I was settling down at the table my sister came up to me. She looked good. Her blond hair was shining and she had on red, designer glasses. She hugged me and I was ecstatic. She was making amends. There would no longer be such distance between us. She told me she was sorry and all was forgiven. Then she spoke to the entire group of people gathered at the table. She thanked me in front of them all and thanked some others but someone began to speak over her and I could not hear the rest of her words. She kept speaking and I felt sorry for her and wanted to tell them all to be quiet.

When I awoke I wondered if it was really my sister who I met up with in my dream. It sure felt like it. Could it be that she is going through her own transformation right now?


It is clear to me that I need to rest and relax more. I am feeling overwhelmed and have been for quite some time. I need a break. I need a vacation. I am grateful for the break I received via my dreams and astral. But today I am back to my normal busy schedule, but not for long.


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