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Green Aventurine and the Blood Moon

Yesterday evening was a calm, peaceful one for me. I am not sure why, but maybe it had something to do with the coming of the full moon, the lunar eclipse and the fact that this moon is considered a "blood moon".

The Significance of the Blood Moon

When I researched the blood moon of April 15th, it appears to have significance to those who believe in religious prophecies associated with the blood moon and something known as the "lunar tetrad" - four blood moons in a row. The blood moon on April 15 is created by the lunar eclipse and so, therefore, more significant. According to prophecy, this tetrad begins with the blood moon on April 15 and then continues into 2015. Supposedly, in the past, similar tetrads were linked to war and uprisings on Earth. Prophecy advocates suggest that this current blood moon tetrad could be linked to a world shaking event such as another war or the end to one period on Earth and the beginning of another. What is interesting to me about all of this hoopla is that it coincides with the vibrational shift I began feeling quite strongly at the beginning of this year. I continue to feel the effects of this shift and am feeling propelled into a new direction in my life. Plus, the birth of my son, Elek, feels connected to this shift as well. This would be the first full moon of his life. Reference
Discussion with Peter

I did see the moon on the horizon last night as I contemplated my future and all that had occurred in my life. I was very introspective, which is not unusual for me, but this time one of my guides was very close. I have felt this particular guide (Peter?) closer lately and the healing energy and psychic chills I experience more frequent. As I was reflecting on my upcoming choices, I ended up in a conversation with Peter. I once again was considering selling our house and moving and whether or not to get a new job. It took me a while to realize he was there as I was caught up in my own thoughts. I had just reminded myself of how scary change is when he interjected. "You are stubborn," was his comment. I laughed, recognizing the truth in the statement but replied saying and laughing out loud, "Fear mixed with stubbornness is a bad combination". He sent me acknowledgement of this statement via a visual of him nodding his head with his arms crossed in front of him. The feeling I got from this visual reminded me of how I felt as a child when one of my parents disapproved of my behavior. I often get this feeling from my guides.

The visual made me uncomfortable and I sent him a questioning thought without words. He responded back, "You need to listen. You need to think about your life". Tired of hearing this statement I ended our conversation. I have heard my guides say these words so many times and I feel that I do both, yet I still get these messages. It is frustrating, yet I did not lose my peaceful feeling and afterward, because I had thought about my life and how precious those whom I love are to me, I found my husband and spent some quality time with him before bed. It was a nice change to my normally solitary bedtime routine.

Green Aventurine and Healing

I have not had many dreams since my c-section over 2 weeks ago, but last night I had a couple that were very memorable. What is strange about this dream is that I was speaking to someone I know in real life who has the same name as me. So, I am unsure if the dream's message is for me, her or both of us.

The dream setting was at my current job office. I was walking about the halls which were unfamiliar to me and received a phone call from my friend. I was very busy, though, and had to speak with her while I was doing various things around the office. I recall telling her this and her being insistent that I help her, so I agreed.

From the little I remember of our conversation, she was telling me about various ailments of her body that were bothering her. It is difficult to remember everything I told her, but to summarize I was telling her to take time to heal and instructing her on how to do this. During our talk my friend met me at my office and we walked together through the halls, which had a wooden or brown color, nothing like my office in reality. As we ascended and descended stairs and went into rooms, we ended up in my office. There was a group of people watching a video in my office, which was odd to me.

While we were talking, I specifically recall seeing the crystal, aventurine. It was light green and shiny, its crystal nature making it almost see through. I told her to use it to assist in her healing process. It was during this time that we rearrange my office furniture and my desk shrank from an office desk into a student desk.

When I awoke from this dream I knew that my friend was representative of me. I recalled the stone aventurine the most clearly and became curious about what its uses are. I figured by its color that it was associated with the heart chakra and healing, and fell back to sleep right after.

In my research of aventurine, I found this website. I was correct in assuming aventurine is connected to the heart chakra and healing. It is also considered a "good luck" stone and helps one find clarity on life situations. Specifically it is used to assist in making decisions, connecting with the opposite sex, and career success. Aventurine also assists with creating calm and balance in the individual. All of these uses would be helpful to me in my current state, so it is evident to me that this was the intended message. Now, I wonder if I have this stone in my possession? I don't think so but I do have a piece of fluorite

Fluorite also helps in decision making and finding clarity. It also aids in concentration, neutralizes negative vibrations and enhances the vibrations of other stones. Perhaps I can use the fluorite I have as a replacement? Or maybe I don't actually need to stone at all and it was all meant to relay a message to me. I suspect the latter is most likely.


The movement in my dream suggests that I was moving from one level of consciousness to another. Movement down symbolizes movement into the subconscious aspects of one's self. Movement up symbolizes increased consciousness. 

Phones represent communication. In this situation, I am using a cell phone and walking around speaking with my friend. This is symbolic of my openness to receiving information. It also represents one's mobility and can indicate that one is having difficulty getting through to another person. In this case, since I am talking to myself, it may indicate that a part of my consciousness (my guides) is having trouble communicating a message to me.

The desk shifting from an office desk to a student desk could symbolize the two parts of myself - the one in charge or being the teacher and the one who is the student. I actually sit in the student desk, which indicates that I am open to learning and being the student.

Another Discussion with Peter

When I woke up this morning, my guide was close and I knew the dreams I had were significant. I knew I needed help; that I needed healing. Peter spoke up and said, "You are sick". I asked him what he meant by that, "Sick how?" He said, "Your Spirit is sick". I recognized this to mean that, spiritually, I was in need to healing and repair. I recognized this to be true and did not reject his message. It went along with my dream and felt right to me. I thought about my dream and how I was working and distracted as I tried to help my friend; me. Too many distractions from life are making it difficult for me to heal and to really look at what is inside me.

But what does this mean for me? Should I stay at home for the entire length of my maternity leave? That is three more weeks, including this week. I just went into work to retrieve my flash drive and told them I would try to come back next week or the following week. Should I just wait and stay home?

Then I recall the song that has been on my mind since last year: It's Time by Imagine Dragons. Specifically the line, "giving the commodities a rain check". When I first heard this song in my head for no apparent reason, I felt it was a message to leave my horrible job and find a new one - start over. And it may have been, but I still feel drawn to it, as if there is more message in it. Perhaps there is more to this healing phase of my life. I know I am in a transition period - the frog totem and messages from my guides confirm this. Transition to what, though? I am not sure but I was told to "trust"; trust that all will work out and that my decisions will not be mistakes. That is hard to do, but I do feel that is ever there was a time to change, now is it.