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Dragon Portal to 2033

I don't know why, but for the past week or more I have been waking up around 5:00am and can't go back to sleep. It is very frustrating. On top of that, my dreams are hard to remember because I sleep so hard and so deep that when I wake up briefly, which I do at least twice a night to use the bathroom, I cannot remember my dreams even if I try to go over them in my mind before bed.

Funny, as I typed the paragraph above I heard a voice say, "Perhaps you need the rest?" I guess I do, but I don't feel tired and I don't feel like I need to heal anymore. Guess I am wrong. Then I hear, "Enjoy this time. Heal and rest. Take time for yourself". But typically what I do when I "take time for myself" is meditate and/or try to astral. These things are not happening like I would like. I did a root chakra meditation the other day and felt nothing. Usually I can feel a pulling or tingling sensation in the chakra or tingling up and down my spine. Nothing. When I meditate before bed my eyes get so heavy that I always end up falling asleep. It is good, though, to fall asleep so easily and quickly that when I wake up I don't remember how I fell asleep. I hope it lasts - the sleep part that is.

The Unnecessary Death of a Baby

One good thing is that my dreams are increasing and I do remember them when I initially wake from them. I may have to put a notepad by the bed to help me remember them because they are very vivid and interesting, well what I recall of the feeling I have from them (since I can't remember them).

I have successfully remembered two dreams in the past two days. They have a similarity: both had babies in them. The reason I remember them? They occurred in the early morning hours after I had awakened and then could not go back to sleep. Yesterday I woke at 5am and today I woke at 4am.

The dream from yesterday morning is almost lost to me now except that I recall the very end of it. In the dream a woman I know via Facebook was pregnant (which she is in real life actually). I could see her face very clearly. It was so vivid! Something unexpected happened to her. She became ill and lost consciousness. I recall that the doctors tried to save her but failed. I remember hearing the news and being devastated. I was in an unfamiliar place. A home that seemed to be from the future. Her husband told me the news and I was very sad to hear it. But then I wondered: Why did they not save the baby? I remember talking to others about it and hearing the woman who passed say that she was near the end of her pregnancy - third trimester. I said, "But at 24 weeks the baby can survive on its own!" I was horrified that they had let it die. I was so upset by it that it ultimately is what woke me up. How could they let the baby die!?

 Dragon Portal to 2033

The dream I had this morning was also quite unexpected. I had given up on falling back to sleep but somehow I fell asleep and ended up having a very odd dream. The dream began in a school. I was in a classroom and we were all preparing for a meeting. I had made a gluten free cake (I actually did make one yesterday) and was bringing it to the meeting so the others could eat it.

I had to go back and get my things and when I did the room was dark and a man was sitting at the desk. I found it peculiar that he was sitting there in the dark. Also, it seemed as if he and I could both see in the dark. Anyway, I got my things and left the room.

I entered a large room where everyone was gathered and sat at a table with a coworker. There was no chair so I grabbed one from another table as the others came in. The presenters were up front and there was a side table for the food. I had set my cake there and noticed my boss was caring for my baby who was in his car seat sitting at the food table.

I talked to the ladies sitting near me and ate tons of sweets as we talked. I felt so full I could burst. I saw that my baby was not eating so I went to check on him. When I got there, a man was tending to him and I saw that my baby was drooling profusely. He also looked to be 6 months older than he is now. I gave him his bottle and he happily accepted it. I then went back to the table.

The presenters began to select people's names at random, asking them questions. Worried they would choose my name I decided I would go to the bathroom. Well, so did everyone else and so they ended up giving us a 15 minute break.

During the break I went to tend to my baby. As I did, the dream shifted and I became an observer of this man who was also at the presentation. He decided he would leave via a capsule (escape the meeting). He crawled into this silver cylinder that was filled with a chalky white/gray mud. It reminded me a thick ash. The cylinder was a method of travel. When he went into it, the mud covered him entirely. I remember thinking I would never have the guts to do that for fear of suffocating. The capsule door closed, encasing the man inside.

Then the man was in space floating, as was I. In front of him were dragons. They looked like Chinese dragons with very large heads and eyes and serpentine bodies with brightly colored scales. There were more than I could count and were of all colors and seemed menacing with sharp teeth and tongues hanging out. I was worried. Would they hurt him?

An orange and red dragon came toward the man who was still floating in space. It's mouth opened like it was going to eat him. I remember thinking the man should get away, fast. As I thought that, there was also a feeling that it was okay and that if the man went towards the dragon, confronting it, that it would be okay. There was nothing to fear. Then the man went directly into the dragon's mouth. I cringed, thinking he would die. Instead the man and I were transported to the other side: the future.

When I got there the man was gone and it was just me. I was still floating in space. I could see the stars twinkling around me. The space around me was vast and I felt as if I were floating in a timeless place. It was surreal.

I then became aware of a man in front of me. I could see him very clearly. He was also floating and I vaguely recall a rope or cord coming off of him and floating behind him. His face was young, perhaps that of a 20-something year-old. His hair was short but messy and a dark blonde color. His face was familiar. I could see his blue eyes and his nose and mouth very clearly and he was very handsome, though not stand-out good-looking. He was smiling and wearing clothing that I struggle to remember now, but it was modern clothing.

When I saw him I knew he was the baby from before. The baby that was mine and who I had just fed a bottle to. How could this be? The change in the scene confused me. It felt like two parts of me were present and at odds. Logic versus knowing.

I had a ton of thoughts as I saw him floating before me and smiling. This is my child! This is what he will look like in the future. In 2033. He is very handsome. I can see the resemblance. Chase. His name is Chase. 

I think the name Chase brought out the most confusion and thus brought me more awareness. I could not accept it. The name didn't fit but I didn't know how. What is my baby's name? 

That is when I woke up, the image of this young, handsome man in my mind still. Was it a guide I met or was it really my baby all grown up? Or was it someone else? And what is with the year 2033? Isn't that the year I got in another message around 18 years from now? And what was the cord that was coming off of the young man? Is this the silver cord that can been seen in astral and is suppose to connect the Spirit to the body? I have never seen my own cord or anyone's cord, could it be?


I am unsure what the first dream means. It bothered me most of the day yesterday. I believe the baby is what is significant. The baby was allowed to die unnecessarily. Babies represent new beginnings, vulnerability and growth. To allow the baby to die most likely indicates abandonment of an aspect of my Self because of life's circumstances.

The second dream also has a baby but this time I am feeding it. This indicates that nurture and care is needed in my waking life. I am also eating in my dream, stuffing myself with sweets. Overeating indicates a lack of spiritual fulfillment in one's life. Eating with others indicates a need to find harmony and joy and hope for prosperity.

To see a dragon represents a fiery personality and strong will. It is a sign to exercise self-control and not get carried away. Being I was afraid of the dragon and was told not to fear it suggests that I worry I will lose control and be overcome by my own strong will. Dragons also symbolize good luck and fortune.

As for the last part of the dream where I meet up with my future son, I believe this part of the dream could have been a memory of astral and very likely was a message I was meant to remember.

I still wonder, was the man in fact my son coming to visit me in astral? Or was it my guide sending me yet another message?


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