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Birth Story

Just a quick update to keep you all in the loop. :)

I never made it to my April 4th c-section. Baby Elek decided he wanted to come earlier than that. I actually had a premonition of exactly when this would happen but I put it at the back of my mind as I often do just in case it was off. This one was not off, however. It was exactly spot on. Actually, premonition is probably not the right words. I didn't have a flash of the future or a vision or even a mental knowingness. I was told by one of my guides when he would come. I also had knowingness that corresponded to receiving the message. Typically when I get told something will happen, such as in this case, it does.

I was told the week before that the 26th would be a significant day. It turned out to be so. When I was at the appointment I felt he would come earlier than the April 4th date. When I felt this I heard, "Monday" very clearly in my mind. Later, over the weekend, I kept feeling like I needed to get ready because if I didn't I would be poorly prepared for baby's arrival. I finished packing my bags and got my husband to put the car seat in the car. I got the baby's room cleaned (my son had ransacked it) and cleaned the house as best I could. My husband thought it was strange that I was preparing so soon but he went along with it.

Monday morning when I woke up I did my normal workout. As I was working out I heard, "2pm". I felt a pang in my stomach. I don't feel the stomach sensation very often and when I do it means something big is about to happen and it is close to home (either to me or my family). I have rarely gotten this physical sensation in this lifetime so when I get it, I listen.

Elek's Birth Story

On March 31st I went to work as usual. When I arrived I noticed that I was having contractions pretty consistently, so I timed them. They were coming about every 6 minutes. I got busy at work so stopped timing them. Sometime around lunch I began to notice that my lower back was hurting. Since I was still getting contractions I timed them again. This time they were coming around every 3-4 minutes. Within the hour, though, they started coming every 2-3 minutes. My back was hurting constantly it seemed and I was beginning to worry that I was in labor.

At around 1:45pm my boss came in to talk to me and asked me if I was okay. I told her about my contractions and she sent me home. I called my husband and he said he would meet me there. He was concerned since my contractions were so close together. I left work at exactly 2pm. I noted the time and knew I would not be back to work.

When I met my husband at home I laid down to see if the contractions would go away. They didn’t. We decided to go to L&D at that point because I had a planned c-section for the end of the week and knew that my doctor would not be happy with me if I waited too long to go in.

When we arrived at L&D my husband was in good spirits but I was worried and a bit scared. I had a feeling that my doctor would have me stay and that I would get a c-section that night. I tried to push the feeling away but it would not budge. The prospect of a c-section scared me and I kept avoiding talking about it.  Sitting there in the L&D was a bit surreal and everything seemed to be happening so fast.

They put me on the monitors and we watched the contractions come and go. My blood pressure was a bit high, but not really bad at 135/86. I could see the contractions register every 2 to 3 minutes so I knew I had not been wrong when I was timing them. I also knew this meant I was likely in labor. Sure enough, the nurse came in and said she had spoken to my doctor who said, “It looks like we are going to have a baby tonight”.

Within the hour they had me scheduled for a c-section. They rolled me into a room to prep me for surgery. It was there that my doctor came to see me. She told me what to expect and explained the procedure in more detail. I got overly emotional, then, and broke down in tears. I told her I was scared and she assured me I would do well and that she did not anticipate any problems with the surgery itself or with my recovery.

When they took me to the O.R. I was a bit overwhelmed. The first thing they did was give me the spinal. My doctor stood in front of me holding my hands as I bent forward and they administered the spinal. It hurt less than the epidurals I have had and was pretty easy. I could feel it take affect immediately and they had me lay down.

Once I was laid down the whole team went to work swiftly. The anesthesiologists stayed with me, talking to me and keeping me focused. They were the only two men in the room and good looking at that. I remember thinking, “I am laying here butt naked in front of two good looking men. Not only that but they are shaving my crotch”. I thought briefly, “I should be embarrassed” but decided it was not worth my time, besides I was more concerned that something may go wrong with the surgery.

I laid there for what seemed like forever as they prepped me. I had read the room would be chilly but the minute the spinal kicked in I felt warm all over. I actually felt so wonderful from the spinal that I worried I would drift off to sleep and miss the whole surgery! When I closed my eyes I felt like I was floating on a cloud. One would think the feeling would make it easier to lay there for surgery but I panicked a little but finally calmed down.

Finally, they put up the drape and began the surgery. My husband was brought in as my doctor was making the incision. I didn't feel anything so I was surprised when my husband began standing up and peering over the drape. I did feel some movement but nothing major, so I did not know they had gotten my baby out. That was when I heard the loudest scream ever and the scream didn’t stop the entire time my baby was being checked out. Then I looked to my right and there was the nurse holding Elek. He was crying and I reached out and touched him and said, “Shhh. It’s okay”. When I said that he got quiet and looked right at me.

The next time I saw Elek he was swaddled and happy. They laid him in my arms and I got to snuggle with him. I was in awe of the whole thing – my baby, the surgery and the lack of pain. I was especially surprised at how lucid I was. I worried I would be too doped up but I was just as present at this birth as with my others, maybe more so. And my husband was right there with me holding my hand the whole time.


It is day five since my surgery and the birth. I must say that the experience has not been as bad as I anticipated. I was afraid for nothing. Yes a c-section is painful but it is not as bad as the reports I have heard or read. In fact, I was up walking around 6hrs after surgery (as soon as the spinal wore off). I could not sleep that night so the next day I was up and walking around most of the day. I just could not stand being in bed with nothing to do. The nurses in the unit were all shocked at how much I was up and moving. They were also commenting on how good I looked and several did not know I had a c-section and when they found out they were flabbergasted. The next morning I had missed my pain meds because I was sleeping so well and when I woke up I had a shooting pain in my right shoulder. It was the worst pain I have felt besides birth and it felt like I was being electrocuted. The nurse had me move and the pain was so bad I immediately started crying. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions that I could not think clearly. Thankfully, the pain medicine kicked in and by lunch I was up and walking around again.

I have not stayed in bed since and do not plan to. The pain continues to diminish and every day I feel more and more myself. Baby Elek had some issues with mucus the first day, which really upset me because I could tell he didn't feel well and there was nothing I could do about it. He was struggling that first day just like I was and it was so unfair. He went through so many tests and a circumcision in the three days we were there. I was so happy to bring him home!

I spent my first day home with Elek, getting to know him and just resting. If you know me, this is very unusual for me. I am up and about all the time; a busy body. The little guy is more advanced than either of my other two were at this age. He is alert and has good control of his body. He also responds to me as if he understands what I am saying. He is also a natural breast feeder and a hungry one at that. I can tell he has recall of his past life because in his first day he kept looking at me like, "Who are you? Where am I? What the hell is going on?" He then seemed to recognize he had a new body and took control of it like an old pro.

I will say of Elek what my guide often says of me, it is obvious that he is "good at life".