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Holding Pattern

I am fast approaching 38 weeks pregnant and am sick again. :( I don't know why I keep getting sick this pregnancy but I am so done with it! I may not actually have a virus or anything, though, as it could be allergies. It has been a rough allergy season and the sicknesses I have been getting lately seem to come on after a weather change. We have been having really cold temperatures followed by really warm ones. It wreaks havoc on one's allergies.

I also contracted pink eye. My daughter got it first and had it treated and it has been gone for a over a week when I got it. I woke up one morning from a dream where I was struggling with uncomfortable contacts that made my eye sting and burn. When I woke up it felt like I had clawed my eyes in my sleep and my left eye was swollen and completely bloodshot with gunk coming out of it. I knew immediately that I had gotten pink. Good thing I already had antibiotic drops from my daughter's case of it.

Baby Update

My baby is still happy in his breech position. My doctor did an ultrasound to make sure he was indeed breech and he was all curled up in the Frank breech position. She said he had a lot of room below and so is hopeful he will flip on his own in time for birth. I, however, am not so hopeful. I feel doomed to have a c-section and have since I found out he was breech.

My doctor suggested she try to manually flip him and I am open to the idea. She won't do it until I am 39 weeks because she said it can be very stressful on the baby. She also said that if she sent me home there was a chance he would just flip back into the breech position. So, next week we will evaluate where I am and how I feel and if baby is still breech we will schedule to have my dr flip him the first week in April. If it is successful then I will be induced. If not, then I will have a c-section.

Spiritual Slow Down

I have not had much in the way of dreams or astral travel in the last couple of weeks. I feel completely disconnected from Spirit right now. In fact, I have really had no contact with my guides in two weeks. This morning I did wake to one close by - a male I am not familiar with. I had been dreaming of doing tarot readings and building tables, so I suspect that I am being prepared for future events that involve "building", which of course suggests the birth of my baby.

I have had inklings about future dates, however. They just pop into my head without warning and the only thing I know is that they are significant dates. For example, March 17th. Turns out that date was significant in that I got an email from a long-lost cousin who my family had all but given up finding. I was really ecstatic to hear from him for some reason. It felt like it was needed or important for some reason. My excitement has waned now, likely because I am sick, but I am still hopeful about this reconnection.

Then next date I heard is March 26th. Since it has yet to come, I will just wait and see, but that is the day of my next doctor appointment. I have no clue if it is significant or not. My guide told me this morning that I do not have much longer before I meet my son and told me that my son enjoys listening to me - my heart, my voice. Perhaps that is why he is in the breech position? It places his head near my heart.

Holding Pattern

So I guess right now I am just in a holding pattern, waiting for baby to arrive so that I can move on with my life. I am lucky that this pregnancy is so easy (despite the illness). I do not ache. I do not have any of the typical side effects of late term pregnancy. I feel normal and even forget I am pregnant until baby karate kicks me. I can still bend over and touch my toes. I can still run and exercise, though at a slower pace. Yeah, I am more tired and lose my cool more frequently, but overall I am not feeling "done" yet with this pregnancy. Usually by now I am begging baby to come out because I am so tired of being pregnant. 

I have had some pretty uncomfortable contractions already, which suggests that baby is preparing to arrive. In fact, two nights in a row I had them for several hours and timed them at about 10 minutes apart. I actually thought at one point that I was going into labor but thankfully they stopped and I was able to to sleep. So who knows, maybe this baby will come on his own before I have a chance to schedule the manual flipping at 39 weeks?

Oh and I am so excited to finally be having a Fire sign baby!! As of Friday, this baby became an Aries. Woo-hoo! I will no longer be the lone fire sign of the family.


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