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It's Scheduled

The date has been set. My c-section is scheduled for April 4th.  My doctor informed me at my last appointment that a manual turning of my baby is looking unlikely. My blood pressure was up significantly from its normal low level and the doctor took this as a sign that my previous bouts with pre-eclampsia were likely to return. A manual turning of a baby cannot be performed with high blood pressure. My blood pressure is only borderline hypertensive right now, but in my past two pregnancies once my blood pressure started to go up, it kept going up. With my son it was 165/109 when I went to the hospital. These numbers put me at risk for stroke. Thankfully, I have never had one. I just think high blood pressure is my body's way of coping with pregnancy in the end. Having another being living and growing inside you is a lot of work!


I felt very "off" physically while waiting to go into the doctor's office. I had had a very busy, stressful day at work and then sat n…

Alligators and Maggots

I woke up crying this morning. My dreams were very vivid with a theme of change and decisions.

Dream Sequence

Pool and Maggot

The first dream in the disturbing dream sequence that I had started out at a swimming pool and then morphed into other scenes with water.. I was at the pool with others and there was this guy who I did not want there. He was either mentally challenged or physical disabled and I saw him as a threat. My husband and family was there and refused to get rid of him. I was adamant that he leave but they wouldn't budge in their decision. I recall seeing the water, it was clear with some debris. I also recall that I finally decided to get rid of him myself and was successful. For some reason he appeared similar to my ex-husband.

At one point I was standing at the side of the pool looking down when someone next to me, my mother I think, exclaimed, "Ewww! Maggots!" I said, "Where?" looking down at my feet. There seemed to be a small dead animal of some…

Holding Pattern

I am fast approaching 38 weeks pregnant and am sick again. :( I don't know why I keep getting sick this pregnancy but I am so done with it! I may not actually have a virus or anything, though, as it could be allergies. It has been a rough allergy season and the sicknesses I have been getting lately seem to come on after a weather change. We have been having really cold temperatures followed by really warm ones. It wreaks havoc on one's allergies.

I also contracted pink eye. My daughter got it first and had it treated and it has been gone for a over a week when I got it. I woke up one morning from a dream where I was struggling with uncomfortable contacts that made my eye sting and burn. When I woke up it felt like I had clawed my eyes in my sleep and my left eye was swollen and completely bloodshot with gunk coming out of it. I knew immediately that I had gotten pink. Good thing I already had antibiotic drops from my daughter's case of it.

Baby Update

My baby is still happy …

Two Bodies

Of all the mornings this week, this is the one I would expect would have me in a good mood. Unfortunately, I feel very grumpy and on edge.

Why would I expect to be in a good mood? Because I had an interesting double body experience - well really it was an OBE but it was peculiar.

Two Bodies

It began with me being awoken by my husband opening the garage to leave for work. One of the unfortunate aspects of having a master bedroom located over the garage is that when the door is opened it is pretty loud. I heard it right through my ear plugs and so woke up with a start. I could not go back to sleep after that because the dream I had been having was so vivid and I was mulling it over.

About an hour later I heard my children wake up and turn on the t.v. downstairs. I did not want to get out of bed, though. I was so comfortable and it was chilly in the room making getting up that much more unappealing. I was a bit stiff so positioned myself somewhat on my back (can't sleep on my back becaus…

36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant already. How time flies!

My baby is breech, though, and it seems that he is quite comfortable where he is. I have tried all kinds of methods to get him to flip but it is no use. Apparently it is not unusual for a third baby to be in a breech position because the uterus is so stretchy from the previous two babies. Also it is not uncommon for a breech baby to turn at the last minute. Unfortunately the odds are still against him flipping, especially once I hit 37 weeks.


My husband and I have discussed our options. We really don't want a c-section for obvious reasons. Major surgery is a big deal and the recovery time for me would be a hindrance. My doctor will do something called an external cephalic version (ECV), which is basically trying to turn the baby from the outside, but she won't do it until I am farther along. The reason for this is that is the ECV is successful then most doctors will want to immediately induce labor to avoid the chance that the …

Wasp Nests

Another week at my new job and I think I am finally getting use to my new schedule and the demands of the job. The balance has been hard to come by, though. Sleep has been little but the last couple of days I have played catch up and feel well rested this morning.


I slept very deeply last night until my third wakening to use the restroom. When I got back into bed I saw that it was 3:30am and knew instantly that I would have trouble going back to sleep. I had a nagging feeling and knew my guides were signaling me to communicate with them. I had felt this signal prior to going to bed and had considered doing self-healing but opted to use my downtime reading. At 3:30am it seemed my guides had had enough of me delaying listening to them and so I did in fact toss and turn rather than go back to sleep.

In my frustration I finally asked them what was up. I ran into a guide that I am not familiar with, at least not consciously. I did, however, know to call him "Michael", which …