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Personal Matters and Continued Energetic Shift

This post is just for me to mull over some things, specifically my husband's career changes, my own career changes, and some spiritual considerations.

Curve Ball

Yesterday my husband threw me a curve ball by giving me some very unexpected news. He wants to quit his job. In fact, he said he was going to quit his job and start his own business.

We had discussed his unhappiness with his job some months before I became pregnant. I have always been supportive of him when it comes to his career goals. He started at the bottom of the steel industry and worked his way up to lead project manager. This is a position that typically requires a degree in engineering, yet my husband has only a high school diploma. He has not had a substantial increase in pay since we have been married but he doesn't mind that. He doesn't work to make a lot of money, he works for the challenge and the love of what he does.

However, with the death of both his bosses things began to shift in my husband's office. The new boss is very different and does not like my husband. She promoted other people over him and wants him to do more work for the same pay. This is not exactly his main complaint, though. He just does not see himself going anywhere in the position he is in and believes it is time for him to leave and begin a new career as a business owner.

I support this decision. I have actually encouraged him in the past to quit and begin his business, but he lingered. Now, almost a year later, I am pregnant with our third child and am beginning a new career myself. The loss of my husband's income at this time would not be ideal and I told him my considerations. I would like him to wait a while, at least until I am settled and baby is a bit older and we have paid down some debt. We can live off only my paycheck but beginning a new business requires a lot of hard work, long hours and little pay. I am not sure of how it will affect all of us and it worries me.

By my husband is very smart. He asked me how it felt to me and what my guide said. Of course, I don't ask my guide to give me advice on such things. Bad idea. My intuition is much better at giving me a good idea of whether this career change is good or bad. I have no bad feelings and I told him that. In fact, I feel he will be successful. However, I think the timing is very important and I told him this. He listened and I believe he is going to hold off for a while. I am grateful for that. I really don't want to be worrying about finances with my own new career starting and a third child on the way.

Continuing Energetic Shift

The feeling of a shift in vibrational energy of the world and within myself is still palpable. I am getting use to it but I feel it will only intensify as the year progresses. I believe my husband feels it, too. He has been very thoughtful and introspective lately and his ideas about his work have been the result. I am wondering if perhaps this energy is causing us to re-evaluate our lives and correct those things within us and our lives that are out of alignment with our purpose? That is how it seems to be. Rather than taking the idle route and waiting for life to change for us, we are taking the initiative and changing our lives into what we want them to be.

My husband keeps stating that he is not willing to live his life in fear. He also continues to remind me that we are not our bodies; that we are spiritual beings and therefore only the affect of this world to the extent in which we choose to be. I got irritated with him for saying it last night for the umpteenth time but now as I think about his words I wonder if maybe I need to listen more closely. His words reflect much of what I have been saying to myself for many months now. The phrases I hear from myself/my guide such as "Why not?" and the recognition that this life is merely one in a string of millions of lives is brought to the forefront of my mind. I have lived much harder lives than this before. This one is a piece of cake in many ways. In fact, I feel this life may be one of my "breaks" from more challenging lives, at least in the sense that I am not struggling to survive nor am I going through physical pain or torment.

I am also reminded of how my guides seem to be encouraging me to examine a deeper part of my self. These last two night my dreams indicate that I am being led to examine parts of me that have been buried deep within. Last night I dreamed of being near a beautiful blue sea. I stood on a tree looking out over the ocean and felt the urge to jump in but resisted and knew I was there for another reason. I climbed the tree which turned into a ladder that led to a room filled with old, dusty books with faded covers. There were shelves that were also dusty and neglected and birds had made their nests in the crevices. I was told this place was where many older women stayed but no one was there except me and a woman, one of my guides. We inspected the bird's nests and I looked up at the books lining the walls all the way to the ceiling. It felt ancient but, like I said, neglected. I also had a very strong sense of being in Japan and being Japanese.

Last night's dream along with the night before where I visited an abandoned mosque leads me to believe that my guides are helping me to take the next step, one that is important in my spiritual progress. At this point I have no idea what they are wanting me to explore about myself but I have a feeling I will find out in the very near future.


If you have not noticed the shifting energies perhaps you also are going through quite a bit of change in your life at this time? Some of you may feel forced into this change while others may be more settled with the change. The main difference is the latter is more comfortable and accepting than the former. If you are one of the former ones, try to trust that what is happening is for the best. Life has a way of pushing us in the right directions whether we like it or not. Perhaps you lost your job or are feeling forced to relocate for one reason or the other. These kinds of changes are important and so resistance will only create more upset within you. Look at me and how I resisted for the last six months, stressing over not having a counseling job and letting my mind's worries get the better of me. If only I had listened to my guide who said to go with the flow and trust that it was all happening in the right time! The emotional turmoil I could have avoided!

But hindsight is 20-20. It is human nature to resist and to worry over that which we cannot control. So be kind to yourself and try to go within and find that part of you who already knows and TRUST that part of you. We all already know. We planned this life, some of us in great detail some of us in less detail.

How do you find that calm within the storm? Meditation, introspection and reflection. Also, pay attention to your dreams and how you feel upon waking. That magical hour when one is transitioning between sleep and wakefulness can tell you so much about yourself and your future.

Change is coming whether we like it or not.