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Work and Overload

 My job has been keeping me very busy during the work week. So much so that I barely have time to get things done during the day that I would like to get done such as cooking, cleaning, showering, taking care of my children and spending time with my husband. Not to mention just having time to myself. When I feel rushed like this it does not take long for it to affect my sleep and my health.

I am in week three of my new counseling job and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was warned by my own knowingness and my guides that I would have "two" jobs, but I did not think they would be in the same position! I found out yesterday that there may be two other job responsibilities added. This is not good being I am already being pushed to my max with the responsibilities I have. Because of all the information and things I have to do during the day I am not able to leave work and leave behind that which I am concerned with at work. This creates difficulties in my home life and, well, with my sleep. I have not been sleeping well already because of my pregnancy. Now I have work considerations keeping me awake, too!


I had a small OBE last night. It wasn't intentional. I had awoken for the third time in the night to use the bathroom but I had not been sleeping well to begin with. I was having dreams about working and could not get them to stop. Each time I awoke irritated and not feeling rested and the dreams were the culprit. I said in my mind, "I don't want to dream about work anymore". But that didn't quite work.

The last time I awoke I ended up in coughing fits and my eyes kept watering. Realizing my allergies must be the culprit, I tried to sleep through the coughing but I kept feeling like I needed to cough and my eyes were watering so much it was like I was crying. Finally, I propped up my pillows in an attempt to help the coughing. I guess it worked because the next thing I knew I was in the middle of a dream.


In the dream I was in an apartment. It was brightly lit and again there was a yellow tinge to the color. The yellow is always the same - it is very bright and Spring-like. I was in the living area with children of various ages. I recall seeing an infant and some toddlers and also a teenage boy.

I was apparently babysitting them and telling them a story about something I recalled in my life (but nothing I ever actually did in real life). As I told them the story I saw/relived it. I was dressed up in a sparkly, green fairy costume and had on bright green makeup that was glittery. There was bright green, glittery pieces in my hair and around my eyes and there was a Sphinx that was behind me. I was shooting a video and looked very attractive in my fairy costume. Strangely I seemed to be in the "me" of my story as well as outside of her as I told the story. The images I recall of myself were all very vivid, especially the forest green and sparkles of the costume and the large Sphinx.

When I was done telling the children my story I began to try to motivate them. I began talking to the teenager who seemed to morph between teenager and tween about going for a walk and how that always helped get me in a better mood. I was very upbeat and happy as I spoke to them, believing wholeheartedly in what I was saying. The feeling I had was of joy.

Since the boy was not doing anything I was suggesting I decided to show him what I meant. This is when I became lucid in the dream. I recall feeling the floaty feeling of flying and lifting myself up and flying towards the window. As I looked out the window I saw the young boy walking along what appeared to be a circular track like you would see at a high school track meet. He waved at me and I attempted to go out to him. However, I remember thinking I would not be able to go through the window and so, because of that thought I was held back for a moment and my vision blacked out momentarily. The next thing I remember I was on the other side of the window but my conscious part was recalling how I use to be able to "go into" objects and become them, feeling every atom and molecule. I wanted that again but I knew somehow that that was not going to happen. I didn't question why.


It was at this point that I felt my physical body again and became somewhat aware of both my astral body and my physical body. The energy split was very noticeable and I did not want to reawakened just yet. With that thought I again shifted awareness to my astral body but found myself in total blackout yet very obviously outside of my body and floating.

I could see with my mind and fumbled around in my room (the apartment was gone). The room was my old bedroom at my mother's house but the one I was in during high school, not the one I use to practice astral in in my twenties. Still having the fond memory of going into physical objects I attempted to do this again. I moved toward the wall and the corner of the room but encountered resistance. I remember thinking that it was not going to happen and letting of that intention. The minute I did that, my vision came on with complete clarity and crispness.

I flew up and towards the window and then attempted to push it open. It did not open but just vanished and I was outside of the window. It was at this moment that I remembered that I was low on energy, tired and sick and I again just knew that my time in astral was over. The instant this realization hit me I was back in my body.

When I awoke I felt like I had gotten a good, solid sleep, but I knew I had not been asleep long. Sure enough, the clock read 4:58am. I had only been asleep about an hour. I wanted to go back to sleep but couldn't so I got up to start my day.