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On Thin Ice

I have been so busy since with my new counseling job that I have not had time to post much in my blog. I have also not been sleeping as much. For some reason I keep waking up earlier than my alarm – about an hour earlier. Very frustrating! 

Last night I had some dreams that had me waking up very emotional. It is strange that I even had time for dreams being I was up using the bathroom at least three or four times during the night. I recall dreaming about doing my job for the first half of the night. I hate those kinds of dreams. I asked for them to stop and that is when the emotional dreams occurred. 

On Thin Ice

This dream is not complete in my mind. I lost some of it after waking up to use the restroom. I am going to try and recall it the best I can, however, because it has some interesting symbolism.

In the dream I recall being in a gray or dark colored SUV. It was very nice and roomy and I was in it with my family. Oddly enough my children were much older than they are in real life and my baby (yet to be born) was a young boy of about 8 years with brown hair. We were driving along a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I recall the red color of the dirt and the vastness of the plains of grass on either side of the road. Then we suddenly ended up in the city.

In the dream we were in a parking lot that was empty except for us. I recall seeing shops lining the parking lot and us waiting there. There was some movement into and out of a building but I don’t recall much about that now. I do remember there was some kind of devastating event, though, that had us concerned. 

At some point we got out of the SUV and began walking about. I remember seeing sidewalks and the parking lot looking odd, like it was a large, dark lake. My son with the brown hair was showing me how to get back to the SUV. He walked across the lake on what appeared to be stepping stones. I began to follow him but soon realized the lake was frozen over and the ice was thin. I fell through almost immediately. When I went under water I was expecting it to be frigid but it was not near as cold as I thought and I popped up to the surface and was helped out by my son. He then showed me the path and I followed him back to the SUV. 

What is so interesting about this dream is that I didn’t recall the young boy until much later on after the next dream. I can see his face clearly and he seemed eager and happy with such a bright smile and so much love in his eyes. His hair was very obviously brown, kind of mousy brown, not like the rest of our family really but somewhat like his father’s dark blonde hair. I have been asking my guides to let me see my son in my dreams for some time and seems I got my request granted.

Apocalyptic Aftermath

Similar to my other dream, the next one also occurred after a devastating event. In this dream, however, the event was one that caused wide spread loss of resources, specifically water. We were instructed to stay in our homes and wait it out. 

I was in an unfamiliar house in the kitchen with my family most of the dream. The kitchen had a large bay window in the dining area and was brightly colored. I want to say it was yellow in color. I recall being in the kitchen with my family and my husband leaving with my daughter. He left and I felt alone and abandoned. I had two other children with me, my two boys (again my baby was a young boy). I also remember going to the sink and only a trickle of water coming out.

I recall feeling like I was stuck in this house forever. The time moved forward in the dream quickly, though, and the next thing I remember is sitting at the kitchen table for breakfast with my two sons. My youngest was a teenager with brown hair. I want to say he was about 16 years old.

At this point water came out of the sink much more rapidly and I took this as an indication that my entrapment was almost done. I went outside and noticed that our garden was mostly soil and there were some sprigs of green coming up. I saw this as a positive sign. 

I went to the front of the house and saw two women in a car. It was a bright sunny day and they were family, though I didn’t recognize them. I told them I wished I could drive, too, that I was sick of being stuck at home. I told them I had been waiting since I was 14 and soon would be 16. When I said this I began to cry and it woke me up. 

Dream Interpretation

I usually look up my dream symbols but don’t have the time to do so. So, I will just give the impressions that I get from the dreams since they still create an emotional response in me, especially the latter dream.

The first dream is about my family and our path together. I feel separated from them and wander off. My son attempts to lead me back to my family. He shows me the way but I fall into the water, not realizing the ice is thin. The dark parking lot turned lake suggests there is fear of the unknown. The thin ice is just that – thin ice. I am walking on thin ice suggesting a situation in which I could end up plunging into icy waters or safely making it to the other side. I think my son in the dream symbolizes his role in this aspect of my life. He will help me find my way back to my family. Make us whole.

The second dream also has a lot of symbolism. I am worried about something bad happening (apocalyptic event) and feel trapped by the circumstances. My husband leaves and takes my daughter and I feel betrayed. This reveals that I have some concerns about me and my husband’s different takes on life and child rearing. We have often spoken of a brief separation and perhaps I fear this and the loss of my daughter. The dream also suggests I am tired of feeling like I am waiting to live my life. I feel burdened by responsibilities towards my family/children and do not feel I can tread my own path. Seeing the car and talking of getting my license accompanied by the passage of time suggests that I feel my chance to live for me is a long time coming. This understandably is upsetting to me.

I do feel that my life is on hold until my children can live for themselves. I suppose in a way it is and that is okay, but a part of me is angry about this. I feel I am confronting that aspect of myself in my dreams and also looking at the potential problems in my life.


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