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First Week

I completed my first week at my new counseling job and am very happy with my new career. I do have some concerns but those are second to the fact that I am now free of the suppressive environment where I use to work. When I left my old job I visited my mentor who told me that I was "glowingg" and looked "happy" and "as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders". She was the only one who told me this but after hearing it I understood why so many people had avoided me in the last couple of weeks I was there. I was likely too happy for them. Who wants to be reminded that they are in a bad situation by someone who has gotten free of it?

My old coworkers got me a card and gave me a gift card for my baby. They all wished me well via the card but few wished me well in person. Some I think were happy to see me go as it will make their position more bearable. However, that will be temporary because the foundation of the issues there is much deeper than one person. I have not really even thought about them since I left. They choose to be in that suppressive environment. It is their problem now.

New Job

The Positive

I am considered "Administration" at my new job which means that I am now one of the bosses. I have never been in a leadership position so this is new and exciting for me. No one questions me. No one is looking over my shoulders. This also means I am the one the others come to with issues, but so far that has not been a problem either. I do well in such situations.

I get to counsel! I got my first opportunity to act as a counselor on Friday. I spent over an hour with a client and mediated between him and a coworker. I was patient. I listened. I did everything the way I was taught and I did it right. It didn't backfire. It went smooth and I felt very confident throughout. It helped me recognize that I am in fact ready for this. It is exciting!

My boss and coworkers are positive and hopeful. My boss is really personable and we get along well. She is not a micro-manager. My coworkers are not gossipy. They don't tell me negative things about our employer. They are nice, friendly and so far not a concern as a coming issue for me. This is so welcomed after my last job!

I found out that I am probably more qualified to do my boss' job than she is. This is not a concern for me - it is an advantage. She sees me as her equal and I am find excepting her as mine. She will have her Master's degree in June and I have learned to not judge people based upon their "qualifications" or "education". A person can be qualified and capable for so many other reasons!

Finally, I am feeling challenged but not so much that I am overwhelmed. This is good for me. I do not do well in a slow paced environment where I don't have any positive challenges. I was challenged at my other job but they were negative and unresolvable by me which made them suppressive. At this job the problems are resolvable and I have more control. So much more fun!

The Negatives

In my first week at my new job I found out some things I was not told. Firstly, my new boss revealed that her last day of work will be in June. I did not expect to hear that and was a bit upset by it since I really like her. She told me she didn't tell me because she thought it meant I wouldn't take the job. She was wrong, but then I understand her reasoning.

The next thing I discovered is that my job description was not correct. I am actually doing two jobs and only getting paid for the one as a counselor.  I spent the majority of this week learning the other job, which is the job of registrar. It is not a hard job but it is time consuming and has me sitting at the computer for long hours. However, I am an efficient person and can do quite a lot in a short period of time. But I really would like to get paid to do the extra work.

Another thing I learned was that when I am out on maternity leave I will receive no pay at all and when I return my pay will be reduced based on the days I work. This means less pay through the summer, which I also found out I have to work the majority of. That means paying for childcare when I usually don't. I also will not be getting paid for most of March because the job I left is holding pay until the end of that month and the job I just started the pay is delayed. Bummer.

The hours are also a change that has been a bit hard for me. I have no time when I get home to work out so I have had to wake up early to do my workout. That makes for at least a 12 hour day from wake to return home. So far it has not been a bad thing, though, as I found I enjoy working out in the mornings. However, the time lost during the day makes it hard to get errands done and so I have to do them on the weekend.


I had some concerns about my job once I heard the negatives and it woke me up one night. Strangely, every time I had a worry thought I got a return thought that it would be okay followed by a feeling that said, "Everything will be okay" and was very convincing. I ended up falling back to sleep without any concerns. This is unheard of!

I decided that I will try to stay at this job at least a year and gain the much needed experience it will give me. Once I am done with that year jobs that I would never have been able to apply for will be available to me. These jobs pay a good $1,000 a month more than I am getting right now. So in the end, it will all be worth it. I have gotten much confirmation that this plan is worthwhile from my guides and so I will stick to it unless circumstances come about that require I change it.


I recently relaunched my website and am working on editing it and transferring it to WordPress. For now, though, my website is the old one with some edits. It is located at

The changes I will be making include the following:

  • Readings/Spiritual Consultations will no longer be free of charge.
  • Readings/Spiritual Consultations will be available via email, phone, Skype and in-person.
  • Fees for Readings/Spiritual Consultations will be posted on the new site with links to make payment.
I am offering limited Readings/Spiritual Consultations now but am only offering them via email or phone. I have yet to set up my Skype account and have to figure out hours so that I will be able to give Readings/Spiritual Consultations without interruption.


I have also recently become a DoTERRA consultant. The link will be available on my edited website. If you are interested in purchasing essential oils from DoTERRA you can do so by visiting my consultant page.


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