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4th Dimensional Consciousness Revisted

As readers of this blog, you already know that recently I have been sensing a change in vibration, an energetic shift of some sort. I have recognized its significance and impact upon myself and my family and have also written that I believe this shift is occurring all over the world and not just in my own life/energy. The feeling is still with me this morning and as I awoke I was confronted with some of my own issues that need addressing. This, in turn, led me to feeling I should review some of my blog entries. I was not looking for any one entry in particular. In fact, I just opened up the page view history and there it was - the blog entry that I needed to read.

4th Dimensional Consciousness Revisited

The entry that explains the vibrational shift in energy that I have been feeling more and more of these last few weeks was written last summer. I wrote about it in a blog about 4th Dimensional Consciousness. The energetic shift that I, personally, am feeling is different than what I assumed it was when I wrote that post back in July 2013. I assumed that I had not made the transition to 4th dimensional consciousness yet; that I was still somewhere between the stage called "waking sleep" and "Enlightenment". I believe this still to be true because I honestly cannot say that I am able to maintain that state of awareness permanently, but that I am, like many others, being pushed into full realization of a new state of being, one that puts me in present time at all times. How long this transition will last, I don't know, but according to the illustration there are three states within 4th Dimensional Consciousness - Zensory Experience, Sanctuary and Penetration. I am beginning the first stage of being in the Here-Now, the Zensory Experience.

This is how 4th Dimensional Consciousness is described according to

In this state, the person is awake and aware of the Self, of "I," as a distinct entity separate from mind and all human identities. In this state, the person maintains consciousness of Self at every moment, as well as objective, non-identified, unattached, awareness of hir Experience, both psycanic (identities, thoughts, emotions) and physical. This is the state of the development of a Permanent Center of Self, of "I, which is always present, awake, and aware of Self, no matter the turbulence of the psycanic or the physical universes.
This is a state of no-mind, of out-of-mind, of silent mind. The person is in control of hir attention at all times and consciously directs and holds it where s/he will. The mind is turned off (unless needed for creation or directing action), and the person lives in the direct, pre-mind experience of Life, which is always the Here and Now. The 4th State BEing has "blown hir mind" and now lives "out of hir mind."

The 4th State transcends the fears and resistances to life that are characteristic of the 3rd State. Resistance is the only cause of pain and suffering. The 4th State person does not resist any event in Life, not even hir own death. Thus s/he does not generate the negative emotion = resistances that are the only pain and suffering that exist. S/He flows with life and is attached to no particular outcome, so that whatever happens is an interesting experience: it is the next scene in the movie of hir visit to earth. Thus, a 4th State person transcends suffering and lives in SPace, serenity, harmony, love, and joy.
 Alignment with One's Purpose

Another aspect of the energetic shift that I mentioned in other blogs is that the increase in one's vibration leads to a thorough inspection and reflection upon one's current path in life. As one becomes more aware, he/she recognizes either through intuitive feeling/knowingness or pure knowingness their true purpose/path in their current life as well as their overall path/purpose for their incarnations on Earth. As they recall more and more about themselves they will be forced to confront those things in their life which do not resonate with their path/purpose. Those that are in the beginning stages of this vibrational shift may find themselves experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul. This period is necessary and will help them sort through what IS and what ISN'T part of their life purpose. Those who have already begun the transition into 4th Dimensional Consciousness will be more at ease with the changes that need to be made. Though they may also still struggle somewhat with it, ultimately they will stop fighting their path and embrace it.

I have been witness to this transition in both my life and that of my husband's. We are both tired of accepting that which does not feel right in our lives. We are recognizing and rejecting those aspects of our lives which do not fit our overall purpose. Slowly, we have made and will make adjustments in our lives accordingly.

Letting Go of Fear

An important part of this transition is not being the effect of our fears. My husband has been very conscious of this. I, on the other hand, am still struggling with fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not having enough. Fear of loss. Fear of failure. My husband is here to help me overcome those fears for it is much easier to confront them and overcome them with the help of another. From my personal experience, the best way to overcome fear is to confront it. "Why not?" has been how my guides are attempting to help me confront my fears. It does help to question myself when not making the necessary changes in my life. What is life if one is trapped in a corner and not progressing because of their fears?

Think About Your Life

"Think about your life".

This has been a message given to my by my guides for a very long time - ever since my spiritual awakening in 2003. I now understand even more its significance in my life. Unfortunately, life had to push me into making changes but in the process it has helped me learn how to recognize what IS me versus what ISN'T.

I have finally escaped the negative work situation that I have been a part of for 6 years. I stayed out of fear more than anything but also indecision. The indecision, however, was a direct result of the fear. Once I had clarity and focus I was able to move from indecision into decision and I obtained my new job, one that is more in alignment with my life's purpose.

Yet still I am being confronted by another aspect of my life and now must sift through the emotions that blur my clarity - the use of my spiritual gifts to help others. I shut down my website. Why did I do that? Out of fear of its impact upon my career goals. I am being urged to reconsider now. My dreams last night revealed my fear to me in full and helped me recognize that if I push away the fear, there is left only my purpose: to help others. So now I am considering relaunching my website.

When my guides ask me "What do you want?" I have always thought about what I want but it is mixed with fear/doubt/uncertainty. They want me to think about what I want without those things. It is simple yet it is difficult. I wish that I were already transitioned into 4th Dimension Consciousness. To be able to be in present time all the time, without fear or worry, without Ego conflict - what a glorious place that would be! Yet I know to gain this ability I must relearn through experience that which I have forgotten/lost.


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