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Work and Overload

My job has been keeping me very busy during the work week. So much so that I barely have time to get things done during the day that I would like to get done such as cooking, cleaning, showering, taking care of my children and spending time with my husband. Not to mention just having time to myself. When I feel rushed like this it does not take long for it to affect my sleep and my health.

I am in week three of my new counseling job and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was warned by my own knowingness and my guides that I would have "two" jobs, but I did not think they would be in the same position! I found out yesterday that there may be two other job responsibilities added. This is not good being I am already being pushed to my max with the responsibilities I have. Because of all the information and things I have to do during the day I am not able to leave work and leave behind that which I am concerned with at work. This creates difficulties in my home li…

On Thin Ice

First Week

I completed my first week at my new counseling job and am very happy with my new career. I do have some concerns but those are second to the fact that I am now free of the suppressive environment where I use to work. When I left my old job I visited my mentor who told me that I was "glowingg" and looked "happy" and "as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders". She was the only one who told me this but after hearing it I understood why so many people had avoided me in the last couple of weeks I was there. I was likely too happy for them. Who wants to be reminded that they are in a bad situation by someone who has gotten free of it?

My old coworkers got me a card and gave me a gift card for my baby. They all wished me well via the card but few wished me well in person. Some I think were happy to see me go as it will make their position more bearable. However, that will be temporary because the foundation of the issues there is much deeper than one pers…

Astral Space Capsule

I have not been able to get a solid night's sleep in some time. So, of course, I have not had very many vivid dreams and no OBEs. I think this is because I keep waking up every 1 to 2 hours either from baby kicking and squirming or from needing to use the bathroom.

Baby Dream

Today is my first day of my new counseling job. I awoke at 4:30am from some weird dreams. Strangely I had slept harder than in previous nights and so it was a surprise to me that I remembered my dreams at all. I had a dream where I was in shop as a cashier and working with money. My husband's boss who passed away last year was my boss and he was discussing giving me money. A woman stopped by and mentioned that her daughter was having her baby but that it was due in November. I remember thinking that there was no way the baby would survive since November was so far away. The baby had to have just be conceived! It was a boy and I overheard that the father was my sister's ex-boyfriend. I didn't say any…

4th Dimensional Consciousness Revisted

As readers of this blog, you already know that recently I have been sensing a change in vibration, an energetic shift of some sort. I have recognized its significance and impact upon myself and my family and have also written that I believe this shift is occurring all over the world and not just in my own life/energy. The feeling is still with me this morning and as I awoke I was confronted with some of my own issues that need addressing. This, in turn, led me to feeling I should review some of my blog entries. I was not looking for any one entry in particular. In fact, I just opened up the page view history and there it was - the blog entry that I needed to read.

4th Dimensional Consciousness Revisited

The entry that explains the vibrational shift in energy that I have been feeling more and more of these last few weeks was written last summer. I wrote about it in a blog about 4th Dimensional Consciousness. The energetic shift that I, personally, am feeling is different than what I assu…

Personal Matters and Continued Energetic Shift

This post is just for me to mull over some things, specifically my husband's career changes, my own career changes, and some spiritual considerations.

Curve Ball

Yesterday my husband threw me a curve ball by giving me some very unexpected news. He wants to quit his job. In fact, he said he was going to quit his job and start his own business.

We had discussed his unhappiness with his job some months before I became pregnant. I have always been supportive of him when it comes to his career goals. He started at the bottom of the steel industry and worked his way up to lead project manager. This is a position that typically requires a degree in engineering, yet my husband has only a high school diploma. He has not had a substantial increase in pay since we have been married but he doesn't mind that. He doesn't work to make a lot of money, he works for the challenge and the love of what he does.

However, with the death of both his bosses things began to shift in my husband's o…

Abandoned Mosque

When I woke up this morning I was talking to one of my guides. I don't remember all of the conversation just the part where I heard 37 weeks. I replied, "37 weeks?" and heard "Yes". Then I heard him say "March 17th". With this information came a knowing that this baby could decide to come a bit early. I was not upset to hear this. In fact, I was very calm. I also knew that if I were to go to a calendar and check to see if March 17th fell in my 37th week of pregnancy that it would. When I did check the calendar that was confirmed. Not only that, March 17th is St. Patrick's day. I thought about the information for a bit, trying to completely wake up and make sure that I was not actually just dreaming it. Then I asked, "Why are you telling me this?" and heard back, "So you know". lol

Abandoned Mosque

I had a very vivid dream last night. The colors and the scenery were quite bright but what was so memorable about it was that I was ve…