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There is Still Time

Sometimes its those little, seemingly insignificant moments in life that make the biggest impact upon us.

Today I went to a doctor's appointment and then to my soon-to-be new place of employment to fill out paperwork. I felt good as I left my house. I took the day off because I could. It felt nice!

Near Death Experience Account

At my doctor's appointment while I was waiting for them to draw my blood, an older woman, who was sitting across from me waiting to get her blood drawn, began talking to me as if I were an old friend.

"I am so tired! I wish I could sleep right now", she said. I noticed she had oxygen tubes coming out of her nose and that she did look exhausted.

I looked interested and she continued.

"I haven't slept for three weeks", she complained.

"Wow", I said, "Why?"

"I had that H1N1 virus and almost died. I didn't even know I was that sick. One day I woke up in the hospital. I had been there two days and didn't even know it".

"Really? I should get the flu vaccine. I keep forgetting to get it".

"Yep but that vaccine won't help you. I got the flu vaccine and still got the H1N1," she replied.

"Oh, then it was probably a different strain. So glad you are better now!"

She nodded. "It wasn't my time, though. I died and came back. I saw the mountain and the light. Oh the light! It was so beautiful! I wanted to stay there forever! But someone told me I couldn't stay. It wasn't my time. He told me to hold out my hand. So I did." She motioned with her hand to show how she held it out. "My grandson grabbed it and then I was back".

I didn't know what to say. Should I tell her I knew of that light? I looked and saw that the nurse was listening and had moved up next to the woman to take her blood.

"Ouch!" the old woman said.

The nurse apologized. "Sorry".

I decided that I wouldn't reveal that I knew what she was talking about directly but would show great interest in what she had to say.

"I would have told him, 'Too bad. I'm going to stay!'" I laughed.

"Oh no," she said. "I am here to take care of others. I had to come back to take care of my grandchildren".

This answer impressed me and I really wanted to keep talking to her. She was very obviously more aware than most. I wanted to tell her that I was a helper, too, that I understood. But her time there was over and she was leaving. So instead I told her something else.

"Thank goodness you are okay", I said.

She got up and smiled at me.

"I am in congestive heart failure now. That's what the virus did to me."

And she left. I watched her leave and sat in silence with a strange feeling contemplating the encounter.

 I should remember this. There is a reason she spoke to me and told me her near death experience. There is a reason I was here at this exact time and this exact place. 

I am not alone.

Bumping Into Memories

After my appointment I went the place of my soon-to-be new employment. I felt kind of out of it. I had eaten and everything but a strange feeling had washed over me, almost like I was in a weird trance-like state but there was no Spirit to channel. I was completely zoned out.

Inside the building I filled out the paperwork I needed to fill out and chatted with the secretary. I liked her energy and she was very open and unimposing. While we talked, a young man came in requesting something. When I heard his name I recognized it and greeted him warmly. He turned and looked at me and recognized me but then cast his eyes downward. He asked me about my coworkers and if they were still around and told me that he was going to be a daddy soon and so was back because of that. I told him he was doing the right thing but I could feel the humiliation he felt and watched his eyes. He rarely looked directly at me and if he caught me looking at him he would immediately look down. I knew he was ashamed. I wanted to hug him.

I remembered him well. I always liked him and felt he was a good person. He had a light about him that few have. I wanted to nurture it but in my old position it was hard. He disappeared and I didn't know what happened to him. Now I know. I am glad he is back. Now maybe I can help him.

I got emotional when I realized who he was and how now I could help him when before I couldn't. It felt right and somewhat surreal. Wow.

Later, as I was grocery shopping and still in my daze, I heard my name called. I looked up and there was this shining face smiling at me. It felt like time stood still and for a moment I felt as I do when I look into the face of one of my guides, specifically it felt similar to how I felt when I first saw Steven in astral. The amazing light that came out of this young man's eyes was just beautiful. I remembered him, too.

I didn't remember his name but he didn't care. He told me about his accomplishments, his energy high and his light beaming from his smile. I was still in shock but I will never forget him. I remember his light. It was there before and I helped him before and he had succeeded. He did not let himself be dragged down by life's negative circumstances. He took control of his life and now, here he was, standing in front of me with that same light, magnetized by 1,000, the perfect example of how one person can influence the life of another.

To say the least I was blown away. I heard the song by Pink, Try, playing on the speakers of the store. I realized it was the same song that was playing after I ran into the other young man at my soon-to-be place of employment. It was no coincidence.

It felt like time slowed down. Their faces, the song, the messages they brought me.

You still have time.

That was what my guide, John, had told me. I understood now.

I couldn't help the one young man a few years ago. I was getting a second chance now. I still had time to help him; to make a difference.

And just in case I didn't think I was or could make a difference, there was the other young man to show me in person that was a lie. I had helped and made an impact on someone. He was proof.

And the light they both had in their eyes, in their faces, told me something as well. They were suppose to show me. Part of their purpose was to remind me of my purpose.


Don't give up. 

There is still time.

Message received loud and clear. I may be blind and deaf and zoned out but I got that message.