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Putting Out Fires

I have asked to meet or communicate with my future son via my dreams or OBEs but have yet to get what I have asked for. Last night I did see a small baby running in my dream. It was a little, six month old girl and she was completely naked and bald. It made me wonder if that was the extent of the information I was going to get on this baby. I would like to get a better feeling of who he is and what to name him. With both my daughter and my son I knew their personalities before I met them and have been spot on so far with my predictions. I could just feel who they were and were going to be in this life. With this little guy I just don't feel much of anything yet.

I have also been doing self healing before going to sleep. This is in part due to the fact that I am having trouble going to sleep and that I am feeling drawn to do it. The night before last I was led to focus on my head and heart and when I stopped healing I felt a buzzing in my temple. Last night I focused on my legs since I had a horrible leg cramp prior to going to bed.

My dreams seem to be continuing the healing process for as I sleep I have dreams that are representative of me getting cleansed and healed. Last night I had two such dreams that focused on healing.

Putting Out Fires

My dreams were mixed last night and seemed to be very active with me moving about quite a bit, sometimes up and down stairs.

One dream I remember vividly was set at a house. I did not recognize the house but it was out in the country, similar to where I live. I was outside looking at the garden. It was divided in rows and slanted downhill. I recall watering the garden with a big, green water hose. The water flowed into the rows and downward toward the end of the row, watering all of the seedlings. At first I put too much water and it flooded out some of the seedlings but then I was more careful and it no longer hurt the new growth. I could see the tiny seedlings growing a few inches above the soil and some of the rows had small weeds as well.

After watering the garden the scene changed a bit and I noticed that the trees and forest around the house had fire in their branches. It was far enough from the house to not cause any damage to the house but I did not like seeing fire so close. I used the water hose to spray the tops of the trees and watched as the fires went out leaving behind blackened, leafless branches. I also recall looking closely at a large oak. It had a giant Y in its branches and I thought of how I use to hide in it as a child.


The garden and the fact that I am tending the garden, watering it and helping the plants to grow, is representative of my career path in life and how I view it presently. Since there are some weeds but they are few, I see some negatives but they are not overwhelming and can be overcome. The fact that there are small seedlings growing indicates hope and new growth. The water is my emotional outlook. Since the water seems to flood out some areas of the garden it indicates that I need to better control my emotions.

The fire in this dream represents the ability to overcome life's obstacles. It represents one's own internal fire and transformation, changing thoughts and views and the passing of the old into the new.  

Restaurant with a Shower

Another dream I had that was very interesting and memorable was of me going to a restaurant with my family and eating dinner. For some reason I got up to go to the bathroom and was guided to the restroom by two waitresses in white. I walked in and noticed that the door had a lock on it. I went inside and was guided down stairs. The area was very small and the walls were painted a bright, teal blue. I commented that it seemed small and one waitress said that would disappoint her boss because he had spent a lot of money and time on the bathroom. I said it was probably the way it was painted that made it seem small. She agreed.

The counters that lined the bathroom had white containers on it that belonged to each waitress. They had pink bows on the tops of them. At the end of the bathroom were shower stalls. I went into one of the stalls and got inside. There was a multicolored towel nearby that I grabbed to use to dry off. I took a short shower and borrowed some body soap to wash with. It was pink. After my shower I got out and dried off and let an older woman come in. I then asked a waitress where to put the dirty towel. She instructed me to go downstairs. I descended the stairs and found another large room lined with teak wood. There was railing and I put my towel on the rail. When I looked at the room, though, I noticed it was another dining area and was told that if I would wait they would get me a table. I did not feel right in there and so left and went back the way I came.


Being in a restaurants indicates that I am feeling overwhelmed by the choices and decisions I need to make in life. It also can indicate a need for emotional nourishment.

Taking a shower symbolizes an emotional and/or spiritual cleansing. The color pink is love and the color white is purity. The fact that I descend stairs indicates I was going deeper into my subconscious. Unfortunately I encountered another restaurant and did not want to go back to dealing with the choices and decisions I need to make in my life.


This final dream is short. I only remember it because of the tiny kitten that was in it. I have had a lot of dreams with cats and kittens lately so it stood out to me from the others.

In the dream I was at my Mom's house. It was a bright, sunny day. I was looking around the side of the house where there was a large beam leaning up against the house. I thought I should check behind it for critters in case a raccoon or something was there. When I moved the white beam a tiny, gray kitten ran out. It seemed scared and soon hid back behind a concrete block. When I approached it, I expected it to hiss but instead it pushed into my hand to be petted.

Kittens represent a transition phase in one's life and indicate a willingness to explore new opportunities and avenues in life. The color gray represents individualism but can also indicate that there is some fear or depression present.

Present Problems

I actually do not feel overly focused on problems since doing auditing over my Christmas break. They are less prominent and I have more hope and willingness to confront the future. My husband has been contemplating a career change and this has me a bit concerned for if he does quit his job it leaves me worrying about leaving mine. Since my plan B is to do exactly that, I have been considering the possibility of staying at my job. Strangely, rather than freak about it, I just figure I will transfer to another location which will allow me to leave my current position while maintaining my pay and financial security.

So I guess my "problems" are not really problems at all. They are choices. A problem only occurs when one cannot or is not willing to make a choice. Right now I am thinking of names for my baby and trying to plan ahead for my future. I realized that the future is not always that easy to plan for. I can make plans but I need to be flexible with them and willing to change if I need to. My heart and mind feel at ease and I am generally stable and calm right now. I kissed my husband with such passion yesterday that it threw him completely. I just giggled. It is nice to feel again and I was pleased to have caught him off guard. This is how I am generally feeling about life right now. Why not try something new? It could be fun, you know?