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My interview went exceptionally well yesterday. It was very interesting considering I was going to cancel it and just not try for the job. I had a good answer to all the questions and had a good rapport with the three people who interviewed me. The lady who was the main interviewer and who will be my boss if I am hired, walked me out and was very friendly and talkative with me. When we parted ways I had to resist the urge to hug her. I rarely want to hug anyone who has just interviewed me. In fact, I am not sure if I have ever felt that way unless I was told I had gotten the job. So, the feeling surprised me and left me with a very positive feeling.

Dinner with a Friend

After my interview I met up with a dear friend who I haven't seen in quite a while. My spirits were high from my interview so when we met up my energy seemed to double. It was so nice to see my friend and feel her familiar vibe/energy! She seemed tired but was in good spirits and was patient with me as I talked a million miles a minute.

My friend is very spiritual and shares many of my own beliefs. She is open to what I have to say and is a good listener, which is something I desperately need right now! As we spoke she saw a man in my energy and mentioned him. It surprised me because I had just had a dream about him. I wondered aloud if maybe he had crossed over. She didn't know but the fact that she saw him confirmed to me that he was in fact the man I recently met in my dreams and who took me on a trip to the mountains.

As we spoke, I saw butterflies around my friend's head and her aura was fluctuating between a yellow color and a light, light pinkish white. I told her about the butterflies and she laughed. They were quite beautiful to me as was her aura. Again it was so nice to be able to spend time with a good friend and share stories and incidents of ours lives with one another. I am excited to get to see her this Saturday at my son's 3rd birthday party!

Shifting Energy

Since the week has started I feel a tangible shift in my own energy. I am more upbeat and positive and have fewer thoughts in my mind. I have been drawn to listen to different music, music that is more instrumental and medieval in nature with beautiful chords and strange melodies/harmonies. As I listen to the music I feel floaty and free and my mind is free of clutter. Even at work I feel more calm and am relaxed more than tense.

Strangely the energy between myself and my husband has also changed. This morning as I watched him shave and tried to get my children ready for school I saw him in a different light. He just looked beautiful to me. I had an urge to go up and wrap my arms around his waist. After I got my son out of the bathroom I did just that. He smiled behind his shaving cream beard and I just wanted to stay there in that moment. The disconnect that I have been feeling for my husband seemed completely gone in that moment and I was able to recall the feeling I had when we first met. I was filled with such love and admiration for him. It was nice to know that it is still there and that something has changed within me to allow me to feel it again.


This morning, while sitting in my car listening to a medieval sounding song, I thought about my baby. I did not know what to call him and wondered about a name. I got the idea to just ask him. So I did. I thought to him, "What would you like to be called?" I heard back, "Peace". I smiled at the thought and felt that I did in fact feel peaceful at that moment and perhaps he also felt that way, snug in my tummy. He was squirming a bit and I just sat there listening to the music and feeling him.

Peace. I thought about it. When I did, I immediately thought of the Latin word for peace - Pax. I actually heard the phrase "Pax Romana". Interesting, I thought. Considering the type of music I was listening to and that the book I am reading took place during Medieval times, I wondered to myself if this baby were telling me a bit about himself. Who knows?

Pax. I liked it. I sent my husband an email with the name and he thought it was cool. Whether that will be his name, I don't know, but it was nice to think about it and feel the peace that came with it. We will be getting an elective 3D ultrasound in a few weeks. Perhaps seeing our baby's face will help us decide on a name.

Any names you would like to suggest? :)


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