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Eye Anomaly

Yesterday's astral experiences overshadowed the other important event that occurred so I did not post anything about it. So, today I will fill you in.


I had a job interview on Tuesday. It was a very informal interview that left me assured that the job was already mine. It was probably already mine before I even walked in the door. The woman who interviewed me spoke to me as if the job were already mine saying, "Your job will be" and "You will need this training..." and so on and so forth. She also ended the interview by telling me she had another interview the next day. She stopped herself from saying anything else and gave me a look like, "But you already have it".

Yesterday afternoon I got the promised call. She did not start off the conversation with a job offer. Instead she answered some questions I had asked her and then asked me, "If we are able to get you what you asked for, will you consider taking the job?" I laughed and told her yes and told her she just made my day.

So, I got the job offer, just as I'd predicted. Seems every job I end up accepting comes to me in a similar way. I should not be surprised that this one did as well.

Eye Anomaly

The message from my astral experience is still with me, especially the part of the message about an "eye anomaly" being one of my lessons this life. I have many people ask me what it means and I tell them I am not sure. However, upon further consideration of it, I think I know what it means.

The eye is symbolic of the third eye and, thus, intuition and psychic/spiritual abilities. For me, my psychic perception has been with me my entire life, though I did not always recognize it. My spiritual abilities include but are not limited to psychic perception, mediumship, and medical intuition.  When I became aware of them they appeared to me as if they had been there always - easy to access and use, though a bit overwhelming and scary at times.

The shock of this most recent job offer came with a realization about the message from my guides about this "eye anomaly". Anomaly can mean abnormal or rare. In any case it means that there is deviation from the "norm", or whatever that is. I considered my spiritual gifts and how they might be considered different from others who have spiritual gifts. At first I saw no difference, but the news of the job offer, which I knew/felt was coming, brought an "ah-ha" moment. The uniqueness of my spiritual gifts is that I not only can see other people's futures, but I can see and accurately predict my own.

Anomaly Examples

I am just going to list, in order, some life predictions I have made for myself and their results.

When I was 13 I knew my mom's second marriage would not last and that the man she married was a "con artist" and that he and I would not get along. It all turned out to be true unfortunately.

When I was 17 I predicted that I would not meet "the one" and get married until I was in my 30s - I met "the one" at 30 and we were marred at 31. I also knew that I would have a daughter. I chose her first name at the age of 19. I had her middle name at the age of 26. When I was in my 20s I realized I would have a second child, a son.

When I met my first husband, at 19yrs, I knew he was not "the one". I chose to marry him anyway, knowing we would not have children and the marriage would not last. I recall thinking to myself (I didn't know I was talking to my guides) that I could not wait until my 30s for "the one" and so I chose to not be alone during the waiting period. I understood it was an option/choice that I did not have to take and recognized that it would make my life easier in some ways and more difficult in others.

When I left my job at 26 to pursue spiritual things I was told "You will regret it". I recognized it as true but didn't care. I discovered this to be true not long after. 

When I was 26 I again knew/was told that I would have to still wait 4 years until I met "the one". I met him when I was 30. 

At 27 I asked to meet someone who would be sexually addictive to me. I was told by my guides his name and the date I would meet him. I did meet him. His name and the date and the description matched exactly.

The job I applied and interviewed for when I was 28 turned out exactly as I predicted. I knew the moment I got the call for the interview that I would be offered it. I also knew that if I took it I would be very unhappy there, but I took it anyway.

At 30, when I met my current husband, I was told when and where I would meet him. It happened exactly as I was told. I was told when I met him that "the foundations of [my] life would be poured". I met him the day the foundation of my (and later) our house was poured. I was married and pregnant with my daughter by the end of that year. 
In the summer of 2011 I asked when my dog Trooper would die because I felt it was soon. I was told one year. He died the summer of 2012. 
Recently I knew I would have a third child and that it would be a boy. I did not plan to have a third and thought I could avoid it but was surprised when I did get pregnant. It is a boy. 

These are just the main ones. There are many, many other less significant ones.  Before the age of 26 I got information without knowledge of my guides as "thoughts" or "fantasies". After meeting my guides I got messages, dreams, feelings and precognitions. I left out some other jobs and similar instances when I predicted the outcome because they are redundant. Every job I have been offered I knew was coming and I have known which ones I would not be offered as well. I also know too much about my own family - more than I want to know.

From my conversations with others who have spiritual gifts, specifically precognition, it is very rare for one to be able to see so accurately so much of their own life. I have learned not to ask for information about my own future because it comes true and I may not like what I hear. Unfortunately, I already know quite a bit of it since when I was a teenager I thought a lot about my future. I recall seeing in my mind a road that represented my life and the different detours and side roads available to me. If I look now, I will still see them.

I don't see everything. That which I don't see I feel when it gets close. For example, at the beginning of this week I felt a job was coming. It was a light, happy, hopeful feeling. When I questioned it I instantly knew what it meant. I also get feelings of foreboding. When I question those feelings I will get more information as well. For example, when my grandmother got sick I had a bad feeling the day before. When I asked who/what it was about I heard/felt her name.

I don't always get things right. I find that I get it wrong especially when the information is not what I want to hear. I will try to force it into being what I want and that creates confusion and inaccuracy (ego gets in the way). I have learned to trust my initial gut feeling/knowingness. When I do this, the information isn't wrong.


It is not easy knowing your own fate. Even when I don't want to know I end up being told things, which can be quite infuriating. I will have a dream and be told by my guides or just know out of the blue. It sucks. I don't want to know when people are going to die in my family. I don't want to know that I will have a bad day that day or that I will have a car accident. I have asked to not be told. It doesn't work. There is quite a lesson in it and I can see how helpful it would be for me not only in this life but in future lives. Trusting one's self and controlling one's ego is a big lesson and that is what my spiritual gifts are helping me with. Hopefully I will be adept after this life but I highly doubt it! lol