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Eventful Evening of Astral

I had an unexpected night of astral last night!

Astral with Guides

I was awakened at 3am by my son yelling, "I want a drink!" I groggily went downstairs and he repeated his demand. I asked him if he wanted milk. He said, "Milk" and, seeing his sippy cup on the floor still had milk in it, I handed it to him. He drank it happily and I left him to fall back to sleep and returned to my bed.

House, Baby and Reunion with Trooper

It took me a while to fall back to sleep. Walking up and down the stairs had brought me to full wakefulness and so I had to wind down. I saw that it was 3am and tossed and turned a while, still thinking about what career choice I needed to make.

The next thing I knew I was flying through a brightly lit house. I am not sure but I think the walls were painted yellow, either that or the whole scene was yellowish. I remember seeing very tall walls and an open floor plan. I did not recognize the house but I felt as if I were in my Mom's house, though it did not look a thing like it.

I flew through the rooms. I felt as if I had too much energy and seemed unable to stay in one place. I was semi-lucid and not yet aware that I was dreaming. A part of me knew I was dreaming but was not yet fully aware.

I went into a back room and saw a baby in a play pen. I vaguely recall I was with a man with dark hair and he was talking to me. He was familiar. The same man who I have seen multiple times in astral. One of my guides. I do not remember what he said but I knew him to be a friend. I recall saying "He is three months old", referring to the baby. I can still see the baby. He was chubby with brown hair and at that stage where he was trying to hold up his head and sit up. It felt like he was my sister's baby but I am not sure. I recall seeing my sister at one point, though, back lit by bright, yellowish white light and holding the baby.

I flew out of the house to the back yard. The dark haired man was with me, trailing behind. I did not look at him, I just felt him. A blonde woman was walking up along a wire fence with several dogs. She was the same blonde woman who is usually with the dark haired man. Also one of my guides. One of the dogs was my Trooper. I watched as a shaggy, white dog ran up to the gate. My dog growled at this dog. The woman scolded him and I remember thinking that he was acting that way because he didn't know the dog. I encouraged him to be nice and he and the other dog got to know each other.

The woman let the dogs out into a fenced yard with bright green grass. I stood and watched as they took off running to the far end. I watched Trooper, looking at his hind legs and recognizing the stiffness of them. In his old age he had arthritis which made his legs and hips stiff. I watched him sniffing after the shaggy dog and decided to call him. At this point my vision became clearer and the entire scene brightened. More of me was recognizing I was dreaming.

After a couple of calls he came running to me. I saw him and opened my arms. He jumped into them and greeted me with doggy kisses. I hugged him and petted him as he excitedly greeted me. I could feel his fur and smell his familiar doggy smell. I remember thinking that I didn't have much time and that I should relish this chance to be with him. I told him "I love you" and hugged him close. 

Naked in a Field

Suddenly my awareness increased and I looked out at the green field in which I was standing, completely aware that I was dreaming. I was aware of the dark haired man who was with me. He was talking to me, but I do not recall hearing him audibly and his words are lost to me now. I was more interested in looking around.

There were people all around wearing what appeared to be costumes. The costumes were square and multicolored. They looked like Tansformers costumes! I spotted a blonde guy who was very tall and broad shouldered, though I think his largeness was due to the costume he was wearing. I was still aware of the dark haired man at my side but was more interested in the blonde. I ran up to him, got up on my tip toes and gave him a kiss. I also realized I was completely naked and this thrilled me. I could see that my body was female and very petite. I was definitely not pregnant and my breasts were small and perky. Knowing about my nakedness and the differences in my appearance thrilled me. When I kissed the blonde man I attempted to get him interested in astral sex but he seemed completely disinterested to the point that he acted like I had not done anything.

New England Town

Realizing I was dreaming and no longer interested in astral sex, I took conscious control of my dream. I told the dark haired man that I was going to fly. Not only was I going to fly, but I was going to fly naked! With this decision I again looked at the body I had taken on, still thrilled that it was so perfect, and then took off.

The scene was no longer that of a green field but that of an old New England town. There were tall deciduous trees and old, tan and brown multiple story buildings. I believe there was a clock tower in the distance. I could see lamp posts along white sidewalks as well as a street below me. I watched as cars drove past. It felt very much like an old college. I decided to fly low, right above the cars. I secretly hoped that my nakedness would shock the passengers. I watched a couple of people gawking and got a big kick out of that. 

Suddenly the street was no longer below me and I was confronted with a brick wall. This confused me a bit and I lost a bit of my vision. The scene rippled for a second and then stabilized as I gained back control of my awareness. I turned around and the cars were gone. My vision was bright and clear and I saw a lone woman walking along the sidewalk away from me.

Instantly I recognized her. She was wearing a long, black/brown robe, similar to what Muslims wear. Her head was covered and she was all alone. I yelled out to her, "Leela!" She did not respond. I yelled again, "It's Dayna!" She turned and looked over her shoulder but seemed to not recognize me. Strangely at this time I felt both male and female. I feel this often in astral, as if I am both genders simultaneously.

Leela's face was tan but there was a large scar running across the length of it. I recognized that she was not herself, that scar was not suppose to be there. So I flew down to get a closer look. She stopped and stared blankly at me. Her face looked old and worn and there was definitely a scar. I asked, "Don't you remember me?" She did not respond. She seemed to be sleep walking. The fact that she did not look right bothered me and I remember thinking that I could fix it. So I put my hands on either side of her face and "healed" her. When I removed my hands her face was young and unblemished. I told her, "There. That's better". She still did not respond, just stared blankly at me. So I left her standing there and flew towards one of the buildings.

Apartment and Message

I flew up into an apartment window. Inside stood my two guides - the dark haired man and the blonde. Both were sitting at what appeared to be a bar. I flew around the room like a trapped bird. The energy I had within me was very strong and I seemed not to be able to stay still. This is a familiar feeling for me in astral and I call this part of me "the child". I knew I was being spoken to by the two men, but again cannot remember what they told me. I was trying to get control of the child so that I could better control my dream.

For some reason I was drawn to the blonde man. He was radiant. His hair was long and feathered back like a style from the 80s. His face was bright and he was smiling. I looked closely at him and asked, "Why am I here?" The closer I looked at him, the more my awareness intensified. I knew this man, but from where? The more conscious I became the more his face appeared familiar and the brighter the scene became. I found myself not knowing where I was, like a kind of temporary amnesia.

The scene wavered and I felt myself drawn back towards my physical body.

I woke up briefly but must have fallen back to sleep quickly because I was suddenly standing in front of the two men, the blonde one right in front of me, smiling. I instantly came back to awareness, recognizing the scene I had just been in.

"I'm back!" I said to the blonde me. I was astonished to have come back so quickly.

The blonde man smiled and I looked again at him very closely. He was beautiful and so familiar! Rather than ask him who he was (I guess I knew he was my guide, John) I asked, "Why am I here??"

The blonde man drifted across the brightly lit room followed by the dark haired man. I could sense the other man but my attention was transfixed on the blonde man as if he were the main attraction. I recall the curtains in the brightly lit room and windows, one behind the men and one to my left. The blonde man motioned to the window. He said, "Look".

I looked out it. I could see a cloudy sky and see bits of blue behind the clouds. I also could see trees and distant hills.

As I looked out the window, he continued.

"What you see is a result of you as well as a result of your ego".

I stood there transfixed by his words and a realization hit me. What I was experiencing right now was being effected by my ego. But how? I looked closely at what I was seeing outside the window. I looked at the sky. I looked at the branches of the tress. What part was my ego and what part was me?

My thoughts were interrupted by the blonde man. I felt that he had something in his hand. I looked down and saw a book opened up in front of me. It was vividly clear. I could see a list of seven items printed on the pages of the book. I tried to read them all but was interrupted. He told me that these things were my lessons. As he spoke I focused in upon two main ones. He said, "These are the two main issues". I read out loud as he said, "Socially lazy". I recognized this as true with some humility. Then he showed me a picture of an eye that was bloodshot and said, "Eye anomaly".

I consciously began to repeat these things as if they were very important to remember. I recognized that my guide had given me a message and so I automatically began to repeat the message over and over in order to remember it. This repetition woke me up and I slowly returned to my body.

Once I was awake I was shocked to realize that I had been out of my body. In awe of what I had experienced, I glanced at the clock and saw it was 4:20am. I began to recount everything as much as I could. I was tired, though, and much of the experience was beginning to disappear. I heard my guide tell me that I would remember. I could not go back to sleep.


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