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Controlled Astral

Who is in control when you are in astral/OBE?

This question is my main one after this morning's experiences.

I had awakened at 5:00am suddenly. I had been having a dream where I was with one of my guides (Steven). I was attempting to get him interested in astral sex. Throughout the dream I was feeling a wonderful energy that is very familiar to me. In the physical it is an intense sexual attraction and longing but in astral it comes across as just a warm, wonderful and alive feeling. I was thoroughly enjoying feeling it in the dream. No astral sex occurred, my guide saw to that, of course. He seemed to be trying to teach me something about the feeling - how to control it and focus it. I am not sure now what all occurred in the dream as it is fast disappearing from my memory, but the overall feeling of the dream and brief images of my guide and our surroundings are still very tangible.

I laid in bed a while thinking about the dream. I found I was able to recreate the warm, desirous feeling as I laid there. This, of course, made me very interested in sex (this is rare) so I attempted to get my husband interested. He smiled when I kissed his cheek and propositioned him. He said, "I'm sorry. I'm just too sick". Major fail. lol I laugh only because I am usually the one to say "no". Guess we all get our turn. hehe

I went back to bed not really disappointed that he said no. It was not something I had to have, it would just have been nice. I decided I would go back to sleep, but not before I said, "I want to astral". I had a feeling this time that I would.

Car Ride

I "woke" to find myself in the passenger seat of a car driving down the highway. I was semi-lucid at this point. In fact, I recall feeling drowsy and remember thinking to myself, "I must have fallen asleep". I wasn't completely sure that I was dreaming at that point so allowed the dream to continue without trying to alter it. Besides, it was interesting.

I turned and looked to see who was driving. It was my husband, his eyes were focused on the road ahead. The inside of the car was unfamiliar. It felt as if we were driving an older station wagon, like those from the 80's. I recall the color white around me. In the back I saw both my children, specifically focusing on my daughter.

I remember looking behind the car and seeing a car that was driving erratically. I was worried about it and told my husband. He seemed unconcerned as he looked briefly behind him at the car. I saw other vehicles swerving to avoid the car. Then I looked ahead and saw a car parked in the middle lane of the highway facing us and another car sped past us driving in the wrong direction. In shock, I pointed them out to my husband.

Then I heard sirens and saw flashing lights. The police were after them. I looked behind us as the police tried to get the crazy driver to stop. There were two or three patrol cars. They forced an older, yellowish, Suburban-like vehicle up close behind our car. My husband didn't go faster and I worried the car would crash into us. Instead the car slowed and the police cars boxed us all in. I saw my husband wave to one of the officers from his window. The officer in the patrol car next to us smiled and gave him a thumbs up. I realized that my husband had been working with them to help them catch the crazy driver.

The police officer had us pull over slowly to the side of the road. I watched as the people in the erratic vehicle were taken out. It was a family I saw - two adult males, a younger male and two small children. My husband got out and was assisting. The older male in the car had been raping the eldest, male child in the back seat. It was a horrible situation. I was in shock thinking, "This isn't real".

My husband got into the car and pulled away. I was still looking behind. The young man who had been raped yelled out, "No, no!" as we pulled away and was hysterical. Surprised and upset by the young man's pleading I yelled at my husband to stop. He kept going. As I watched the scene behind me grow smaller I saw a police officer consoling the young man, putting a white sheet/blanket over him. I realized the young man wanted to come with us; that he thought of my husband as his father.

Victorian House

At this point in the dream I felt drowsy again. I struggled against "sleep", which in this case was less lucidity. I left the car and found myself in blackness for a while. I realized fully that I was dreaming and continued to fight against waking up.

I felt my body briefly but immediately came back into the car. I looked out the window and at my husband who was driving. I decided I was bored with the scene. The minute I did, the scene blacked out and I again fought against the drowsy feeling.

The next thing I remember is standing in a white bedroom. There was a large, bay window with white blinds to my left. The room reminded me a of a little girl's room. There was a four poster white bed with lace covers and the colors pink and white made a girly theme. I knew I was dreaming and so began to focus more on myself. I looked down and saw my hands and could feel my body. It felt heavy to me and I didn't want it. I could see I was wearing red and black plaid. Yuck. I said aloud, "I don't have a body" to try and remedy the situation. I did feel lighter but my body remained.

I lifted myself up into flight and flew up the the large window. I looked out it and opened it up. Then I forced myself through the screen and outside. At this point I again fought against that drowsy feeling and my vision blacked out. I felt my body briefly before I again came back to the scene.

I was again in the bedroom and decided rather than go out the window I would investigate the rest of the house. I went into what appeared to be a living area. The color was white and bright again and the room was nicely decorated. It reminded me a Victorian home.

Sitting in the living room were my husband and two children. They were with an older woman who was reading them a book. I flew up and around their heads. I noticed they didn't seem to see me. I touched my husband on the nose and messed with my daughter's ears. My husband said, "Did you feel that?" and my daughter laughed. I kept flying around them trying to get their attention with no luck.

Eventually I realized I was too big and decided to shrink my body into a ball of light. I rushed in between them, surrounding them with my energy. My husband noticed but still did not see me. My daughter didn't see me either. The older woman looked at me and said, "You're doing well". Shocked that she could see/sense me, I stayed and spoke to her. She reminded me of the little old woman characters in movies. She had her blonde hair pinned up on top of her head and was around 60 years old. Her cheeks were rosy and she was wearing a dress that had a high lace collar. I believe it was yellow in color. She smiled at me and was very calm. She could have been my grandma! But I didn't recognize her at all.

I said to her, "They feel me, but they don't see me". She smiled and chuckled. "Yes, of course," she said.

"I thought at least my daughter would see me", I told her.

"She will. Give her time. She is still young, as you were once", the old lady said.

I stilled myself for a minute thinking about what she said. It reminded me of something. Did I use to be like my daughter? Was my daughter gifted? Was this woman someone I knew?

I began to feel pulled towards my body again. I fought against it, still thinking of the old woman and my family. I briefly found myself back in my body but knew I would go back.

Trees, Snakes and Farm Animals

I found myself back in the living area. I saw the woman and my family still sitting and reading. I left them there and flew to a large window. Again I had to open it before I could go through it and again I flew right through the screen.

Outside I was met by a brilliantly lit Spring day. There were large pecan trees towering above me. They were all around and I was thrilled to be outside. I felt free!

I took off, flying out into the trees and their branches. I remember going to the left and seeing a peculiar looking green snake was coiled up in one of the branches. The snake was vividly green with brown patches and reminded me of a viper. I felt he was a threat and avoided him but he never uncurled or moved from his position.

I kept flying and decided that I was going to try and fly as high up as I could. I wondered if I would lose my vision when I got too high, which is what usually happens. I looked up at the sky which was overcast and dark. Unafraid, I began to fly higher and higher. As I reached a very high altitude I felt blocked and suddenly stayed horizontal when I wanted to go into outer space.

Recognizing the stop I questioned my guide. "Why can't I go there?" I got no response, just a feeling that I was where I was for a reason.

The feeling/answer I got was that I was there to learn. So I sat down in the middle of the field and said, "I can make my vision be 360 degrees all around". Intent to prove this I closed my eyes and concentrated on seeing a 360 degree view of the farm. I guess this wasn't allowed either because I felt pulled back into my body. Another fail.


Regaining control and undeterred by my previous failure to fly into space and gain 360 degree vision, I decided to fly off over the trees and towards a field I could see in the distance. I could see farm animals milling about. There were several horses and chickens. I could also see fences. It was a beautiful farm.

I decided I would see if the animals could see me. I flew down low and sure enough they saw me and began running. I flew above them, trying to get close to one. A brown horse stopped and allowed me to fly up to him. I got really close to his mouth and let him chew on my hand for some time. I did this to see if I would be afraid. In the physical I am always worried that a horse will bite me if I put my hand near its mouth. Instead he just tickled my hand and I could feel the softness of his muzzle. I spoke to him, saying I wanted to ride him. If I remember correctly, he replied, but I cannot remember what he said now.

The horse allowed me to fly closely over him as he ran. I guess this was "riding" him. I felt very happy and free at the time. I saw several chickens running about. As I flew, I looked into the distance ahead of me and saw there was a tower and other buildings. I decided I wanted to go there. Again I saw dark, overcast skies but I didn't care. I quickly flew in the direction of the tower.

The closer I got the the tower, the more difficult it seemed to be to fly. Suddenly I felt the familiar sensation of being blocked. It is like my energy was sucked from me and as if the scene had a definite border that I was not allowed to pass through. I felt I had been denied what I wanted. It wasn't fair!


Slowly, I woke up. I could sense my guides nearby. I had the same drowsy feeling I had been having in my dream. I was pleased to have gotten to experience what I just did. I asked my guide why I was getting so many chances to leave my body. I heard back, "You're sick a spell. Melony and Chris will be with you soon". And I felt this message came from a female and that she was leaving as she said it.

So, since I am sick I am getting more OBEs? Or was what I experienced even an OBE? It seems that these experiences were highly controlled by someone other than myself. I was able to control things to an extent but ultimately the scenes in which I found myself seemed controlled by other forces than myself. After receiving the message about being sick for a while, maybe my experiences were part of my healing? I do feel much better this morning.


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