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Construction Zone

I got good news recently - my soon-to-be boss let me know that my background check came back and that she is awaiting approval of my position. So, any day now I will be on my way to starting my new job as a counselor! 

Two dreams last night in between multiple wakings from having to use the bathroom and a very stopped up nose. I also was quite excited about the prospect of starting my new job soon and so it kept me from falling asleep.

Fishing in a Construction Zone

In the first dream I found myself at the end of the main country road to my house near a very familiar pond where I use to go fishing as a child. I drove up to the pond in a white Prius and got out. I saw another pond in the distance and a while pick-up truck was parked next to it. I felt nervous and then remembered I had permission to be there.

I walked toward the pond and then remembered I didn't have my fishing pole. Then suddenly there it was, in my hand. I looked at the first pond and decided to go seek out a better pond to fish in. I walked past the pond with the white truck parked by it. I turned to my right and began walking up a dirt road. It was reddish orange in color and very obviously newly laid. I looked to my right and saw large ponds of water and construction vehicles. They were the typical orange CAT bulldozers and dump trucks. I looked to my left and there were tall pine trees and areas that were marked off to be cleared to allow for roads to be built. I saw writing on them and read a road name but cannot remember the name now. I remember thinking a highway was being built and that this small road was to be a feeder road.

I continued to walk along the dirt path that would one day be a major highway. I was still looking for a place to fish. I looked to my left and there was a small stream that went under the road where I was walking. I recall being with a man at that time and he and I studied the small fish in the crystal clear stream. I remember thinking I could catch them and looked down the stream at the fish. I said that the fish were small but still fun to catch.

I decided to go ahead and fish there. I worried I had no lure on my line but then saw a large, blue jig attached. I remembered my Grandfather at that time and how he always used blue jigs (strange but just now when typing "jig" I typed "job" by mistake both times). I cast out my line and it went much further than I intended. It ended up going up very high and over the top of a bridge that was above us. It then wrapped around the bridge twice. I remember thinking there was no way I would get it free but just as I thought that the jig came lose and flipped right back off from around the bridge and back to me. Relieved, I reeled in my line.

Then the man with me pointed out a tree and a small nest up in the branches. He told me it was a snake nest
and then took the nest apart to show me what was inside. Instead of baby snakes there were two small brown birds huddled close together. I wondered how they would live being their mother was gone and the snake had taken their nest and would surely eat them. I thought about taking care of them at this time but my attention was soon drawn away from them by the man. He pointed out two large birds of prey. They were smaller, like falcons and had orange feathers. They were both dead. I remember feeling sorry for them.

Much of the dream is then lost to me but I recall seeing a brown snake coiled around the nest of birds and also seeing it in the water slithering away.


This dream is very promising to me. Fish represent ideas and fishing represents looking for new ideas and ways of looking at life. In this case the fishing is connected to the construction of a new road. The road is going to be a major highway and is surrounded by ponds. The water is clear and the stream is crystal clear with more fish. Water is emotion and when it is clear it is a good sign. The construction symbolizes the construction of new roads/paths in my life. Specifically I believe this road is my career. When I go to fish I actually end up casting much higher and farther than I intended. I don't feel this is a bad thing either as it says to me that I will surprise myself and possibly push myself more in this new path than other times in my life.

The two small birds and snake puzzle me somewhat. My guide pointed them out and I feel the birds represent freedom, aspirations, goals and since their are two, balance. I want to nurture the baby birds and that shows that I intend to nurture the very things they represent in my life. The snake could be a fear I have of these things being taken from me. Seeing the two adult dead birds mirrors this fear and the orange color indicates caution. I feel my guide was helping me to consider future issues that may present themselves.


In the next dream I had I was on a road with several other people driving to a location where we were going to be getting a physical. I recall being in my own car following behind two others. They drove on the wrong side of the road and I had to avoid hitting on coming traffic. Then we arrived at a remote location with a large barn-like building and got out to go inside.

The next thing I remember is standing in line for my physical. When I got to the building, which was a
multistory building with office furniture and white walls, I waited my turn to get my weight taken. As I waited I looked for shoes. I selected a nice, tan pair of dress shoes and put them on to see if they matched my gray slacks. I showed them to the woman who was with me and asked if they matched. She said they didn't and when looking I realized they didn't match perfectly but were nice. I took them off and noticed that the other shoes on the shelf were broken, specifically their heels had broken off.

I watched as the woman in front of me got her weight taken. I then sat down in a seat next to the man and waited for him to weigh me. Instead he gave me one of those breath machines that you blow into to make sure you have enough lung capability. I remember he spoke to me peculiarly and I immediately told him he sounded like a man who I knew who just died. I even called him by that name but this man was young, slim and did not resemble the man except by the way he was speaking. I blew into the machine but it seemed not to work right. So the man showed me how to use it and he did very well, obviously having great lung volume. Then I was weighed and I spoke to the man for a while. He was friendly and helpful. When leaving I was concerned with house much I weighed but and asked him. He could not remember what the scale said. I peeked at the woman next to me and saw she weighed 142, but the 42 was very vivid. I remember thinking I should not gain much more weight in my pregnancy but both the man and woman seemed unconcerned. I recall that at the time we were all waiting to get on the elevator and leave.


When I awoke I wondered if the man in this dream was in fact my husband's boss who passed away last year. He sounded like him and had the same mannerisms. In life his lungs were failing and he often used one of those lung capacity contraptions. If it was him it is nice to know he is better now and that he came to help me via my dreams.

Usually when I am selecting shoes in a dream I am thinking about my role in life. In this case it had to do with my new job and I was happy with the shoes even though they did not completely match. I ended up taking them off and noticed other shoes that had broken representing other paths that I had tried and then rejected.

The rest of the dream seems to be mulling over my current life - pregnancy, my new job and my concerns about gaining weight.


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