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Astral Chickens

There hasn't been much to write about these last few days - no OBEs, no vivid dreams which I could remember upon waking, not even an exciting fight with my husband or drama at work to write about. I am not complaining by any means but I find it difficult to write in my blog when I don't have something at least somewhat exciting to write about. At least this morning I did have a semi-exciting astral projection.

Dream Symbols

This morning, to my disappointment, I woke early and was wide awake. I had odd dreams where I was in a room with objects. I recall some of them: a wooden desk, a toupee (hair piece), and a broken desk. There were, more, however, at least seven objects. I knew when I awoke that I was being asked to confront the seven issues presented to me in an OBE I had last week. But these were symbols. What did they mean?

I lay in my bed pondering the symbols and knew what the three symbols I mentioned above meant but could not figure out the others (thus I don't remember them now). The desk is my new job, the broken desk is the job I am leaving, the toupee is me and my personal growth. Funny enough in the dream I rejected the broken desk telling someone they could have it and I tore the toupee out of my hair, threw it on the floor and stomped on it. I believe the hair piece is the me who is pretending to be someone else; the facade I put on while I am amongst people who wouldn't understand the real me if I let them know who I was. I am tired of being two people all the time and I really just want to be myself again, if I can find her.

When I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to settle back down to sleep, I got a flash of the scene I had just left in my dreams. I was in a large room. In the center was a long, wooden object. I think it was a desk but it may have been a platform or raised bed. Around the corners of the vividly white, brightly lit, clean room were more objects lined along the walls. The brightness of the scene made me open my eyes and I wondered about it briefly. The feeling I had with it was that I was there to "work" on myself. I was not happy about it for some reason. The idea of it overwhelmed me and I got upset at my guide and told him I didn't want to.

Astral Attempt

After considering the dream and the weird experience afterward, I told my guide I wanted to astral. He said, "Okay, if  you want to". I knew it would not be that easy, though. I would have to work for this one. Okay, I was up for that. I didn't have anything else to do!

I propped some pillows up and lay on my back. As I tried to clear my mind, I could feel my third eye activating. This is promising, I thought. I then began to fight falling asleep. I would successfully clear my mind for a time only to suddenly realize I was getting dream images and had drifted into sleep. This happened a few times before I finally gave up and turned onto my left side hoping I could do better in a different position.

It wasn't long after I laid on my side that I realized I was hearing music. Pearl Jam, actually. I can't remember the song right now but it was one of their more popular songs from the 90s. I instantly recognized that this music was part of the beginning stages of deep relaxation that occurs prior to entering astral. I did not get excited though, which use to happen to me the days when I was trying to consciously exit my body. Usually I hear an alarm clock going off, people talking in the background, vacuum cleaners, someone calling my name, dogs barking or other strange noises. I completely forgot that I should not focus in on the sounds I hear. The Pearl Jam song was one I knew and so I focused in on it and was pleased to know I remembered the words.

Because I knew I was close to astral I played with the state I was in for a bit. After I got bored of the music, which seemed to fade in and out depending on whether I focused upon it, I began to focus on my body. Did I feel any vibrations? I tried to find the familiar vibrations but they were extremely muted. I could sense them somewhat but they were nothing like I use to get when I first started attempting astral. They use to be so intense that my whole body would shake violently to the point that my jaws would chatter and clamp shut. I hated them. These vibrations were subtle and comforting. In fact, I could manipulate them and move them around my body. Cool but nothing new.

Bored with playing with this pre-astral state I thought to myself, I'm almost there. Something distracted me, though. I don't know what. The next thing I knew I could feel the energy shift and I settled back into my body The only way I can explain this is that there are two different vibrations going on and the higher one (me) slowly settles into  the lower one (my body). With this, the music stopped. I opened my eyes briefly but knew it would not be good to get too awake and closed them quickly. I had to try again while I was so close!

Astral Chickens

Within moments of closing my eyes I again heard the Pearl Jam song. I was pleased but not excited. I decided I would play again. This time, though, I attempted to manipulate the music to see if I could make it louder or softer. As soon as I had the idea to try, I noticed the music get louder. I thought, Louder, and it got extremely loud, surrounding me completely, blending with the subtle vibrations that were again taking over my body. Happy with my success I thought, Softer, and the music got quieter but I could still hear it.

Rather than focusing on my body this time I just allowed myself to lay there in that state, waiting. I was waiting for the right time to exit. I was vaguely aware of images going on in the background. A dream that, if I wanted to, I could choose to partake in but it would not allow me to astral. I don't remember the dream images I saw now. I completely rejected the idea of more dream filled sleep. I wanted to astral.

Then I heard myself say to myself, "Now!" Instantly I rocked backward and out of my body. I didn't hear any noises when I separated, I just rolled backward and I was out. There was a part of me that was unsure if I was really out of my body and in astral. I recall thinking, Is this really astral? Did I really leave my body?

Not willing to wait around my physical body to find out, I quickly flew as fast as I could away from my body. I guess there is still a part of me that is very wary of staying too close to my body for fear of being sucked back in by it. Even thinking about my body will do that sometimes so I wasn't taking any chances. lol

As soon as I began to move away I knew that not only was I in astral but I had successfully exited my body. The speed at which I traveled was instant. I found myself at my old bedroom door in my old room at my Mom's house. I remember thinking, Where is my room? for a moment as I adjusted to my new surroundings. As soon as I recognized I was in my old bedroom a part of me acknowledged that I was in one of my old, more comfortable astral playgrounds.

It was dark in the room and I moved through an open door and into the living room. I had not gone far enough from my body yet and knew that going out the front door would likely take me into a different place, acting like a portal.

Before I got to the door I was distracted by chickens. Yep, chickens. There were a bunch of brown hens pecking around my Mom's kitchen floor. I remember exclaiming out loud, "Chickens!!" I reached down to touch one and it ruffled up its feathers and moved out of the way.

I turned towards the door, still set on getting out of the house. To my right were more chickens and a large rooster was in front. I reached out and tapped him on the beak for fun. When I did so he ruffled up his feathers and got a familiar look. He is going to attack me! I thought. I moved away from him a little bit and suddenly felt my energy pull back. The next thing I knew I was back in my body.

After Thoughts

I opened my eyes this time and allowed myself to wake up. The sun was up and I was not tired and I did not feel like going back to astral. I was pleased to have successfully gone into astral. I said thank you to my guide and he said, "I didn't do it. You did". True. Why do I always thank him?

In considering the experience I am pleased that I am still able to go into astral without being in the dream state first. The latter is my preferred method. Long ago I decided that trying to consciously exit was too much work and too distracting. I had so many failed attempts because the odd sounds and strong vibrations would distract me. I would get super excited and fail. I especially hated the vibrations, so much so that at one point I asked for them to go away. That is when I began to enter into astral via my dreams. No vibrations. No crazy noises. No over excitement. Problem solved!

So it is nice to know that I can do a conscious exit still. That the vibrations are no longer strong and the noises do not bring about excitement that wakes me up too much. In fact, I seemed really at ease with the entire process as if I had been doing it for years like that. Nice.

I should be super happy, and I am pleased but I am not jumping up and down with excitement nor do I feel the rush I usually get after successfully exiting my body. I suppose I am disappointed that I allowed myself to be distracted by stupid chickens. Chickens? Really? I wish I had made it to the door. I know that if I had I would have opened it to find a brightly lit front yard and from there I could take off and go where ever I pleased. But I know my energy was low and I really had no purpose set. It is likely that even if I had made it out the door I would have had difficulty transitioning to wherever I wanted to go/be.

I really need to set goals but I don't know what goals to set. I need a challenge, though, or else my OBEs will be more of the same as the one I had this morning.


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