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And It Happened

We celebrate the third birthday of my son today. I can't believe it has already been 3 years!

Happy Birthday!

My son is a Capricorn. Capricorns are hard workers. They have strong emotions, like most Earth signs, and tend to be goal-oriented leaders. My son fits these traits to a T. I knew this would be his personality prior to his birth. So far he has turned out to be exactly as I imagined - loving, generous, stubborn, and tenacious. I got a forecast from a psychic prior to his birth predicting his gender (which I already knew) and his personality/future. She also predicted him to be quite competitive and to love animals. One aspect of his personality that I predicted and that is very apparent already is his tendency to be a mediator. He wants to maintain the peace and will give up his toys or something he wants for another child if that child seems upset or disturbed by his possession of it. He even does this when his sister throws a tantrum over something he has and she doesn't have. It is as if he feels their upset. This empathic tendency is a wonderful spiritual gift and I sense a strong healer in him. I also sense that he perceives Spirit. He is unusually fearful of the dark and of strange noises at night. He has said to me, "Mommy what is that sound? I think it's a ghost". lol My daughter use to point out Spirit to me when she was his age. She was unafraid when she saw them. He, on the other hand, is fearful and anxious. I hope to help him better understand what he sees as he learns to communicate better.

In Other News....


We recently found out that my daughter has contracted head lice. :( I think she has had them for at least a week. I am upset with myself for having ignored the idea to check her hair for the past few weeks. Earlier this week I had felt I should look closer when I was brushing her hair one morning before school. I noticed she had been scratching her head and there were scabs on her scalp and asked her about it. She seemed unconcerned. The idea came to me that she might have lice but I was in a hurry to get her to the bus and me to work so I shrugged it off. Well, when I noticed her head was not getting better I took a better look and it didn't take long to see the little critter. I stupidly said something about "bugs in her hair" and my daughter went into hysterics. My husband had to calm her down and then we both looked closer. Sure enough it was lice.

My poor daughter had to endure a treatment and she did so pretty well for a five-year-old. Most of her upset came from not knowing what "lice" were and thinking something was horribly wrong with her. My husband and I had to remain calm so that she would be calm. We successfully treated her and are now preparing to inform her school. Hopefully they will not make her stay home since she has already been treated but I am sure they will make every student in her grade level go through lice checks. We suspect she got them from a classmate, so it is likely they will find others who are infected. Not a fun prospect for anyone but at least it will be handled.

I am spending all day cleaning clothing, bedding and brushes/combs to make sure there is no residuals buggers hanging around. It is unlikely any family members have it. We checked each other and so far no evidence that anyone else, even little brother, is infected. Just hoping that the kid or kids at my daughter's school who are infected get spotted quickly and treated before we end up with them again.

It was Predicted and It Happened

This head lice incident was predicted. I knew it was coming. In fact, I could not get out of my mind the fact that I had predicted it would happen and so I looked it up in my blog because I knew I had written about it. This is the entry where I predicted the head lice: Archangel Ariel 

Part of me is worried about the fact that this prediction came to pass because it was not the only one so far. I also predicted the flu and boy did we ever get the flu. Not only did my husband get sick a couple of days after the original post on June 19 but my whole family got sick in October and then I got the stomach flu in November.  The aspect about the predictions that worries me the most is the prediction of a brain tumor. Though I feel it is nothing to worry about - likely a scare of some sort - it still is at the back of my mind.

The positive about all this is that I predicted that I would find another job - two in fact. When that will be is hard to tell, but I am hoping it is soon.

Work Issues and Intuition

On the work front, the dis-ease has returned. There is a woman I work with who seems to very much dislike me. I am okay with that really but I am finding that her role in the workplace is shifting which could very well bring problems my way. Actually, it IS bringing problems my way already.

I try not to push any blame her way, really. She has her own agenda and life issues that are causing her to act  the way she is. She is fixated on "doing her job" and she has questioned my ability to do my job a couple of times already. She also tells me what to do, as if she is my boss. She is NOT my boss but my coworker; my equal.

In my experience, when another person is fixated on making someone wrong they are feeling inadequate themselves in that same area. I know this woman does not feel she is able to do her job correctly in the situation she finds herself in. So, it is not unusual that she would accuse me of not doing my job. Really, none of us can do our jobs the way they are intended in the environment we find ourselves in. It is unfortunately, but it is the way it is. I am use to it, this is my second year of it. She is not. She will fight against it like I did. I am in apathy of it now. There is really not much I can do to correct it. The problem is with the system itself.

I find myself once again in a situation I need to confront. I have decided that I will not allow myself to be run over by others, nor will I be the effect of my job. I will put myself at cause however I can. Right now I have been again placed into a situation where I will likely find myself vulnerable to physical and emotional assault. I am certain it is just a matter of time and it will be a real problem. If I don't face it soon it will result in a similar upset to what I had last year. I do not want to be feeling mentally unstable, especially near the end of my pregnancy.

My thoughts are to request help from my boss. I intend to request that I not be left alone and unable to defend myself. This means they will have to either hire someone to be with me or they will have to alter the schedule. Either way it will impose on someone I work with and cause them to dislike me more. I am fine with that. I have already been granted this type of help once and believe I will be granted it again. However, I need to consider that it may not be granted to me. If it is not, am I willing to accept the alternatives? One would be to request a transfer. Another would be to ask to be allowed to resign. And then there is the one where I stay it out. If I choose the latter I will most likely end up on bed rest because of high blood pressure. Not good.

I am not sure I want to push the resignation part but then again I do not know if I can handle another highly stressful and negative situation like I there was last year. This time it is not just me that is in danger of harm. My baby could come early if I have high anxiety and blood pressure. My coworkers do not seem to understand nor care about my pregnancy or baby. They do not think it is "that bad". They don't know, though. Half of them are new to the job. The other half do not defend me and keep to themselves. They are in apathy, too.


I am going to find out if I will be offered the job I just interviewed for sometime this week. So, I am waiting until I know before I take any action. If I do not get the job then I will seek a meeting with my boss and request assistance. I will do this after my next dr appointment. At my dr appointment I will ask my doctor for any help she can give me - a note saying how I need to be accommodated or even better, a note describing that I am "at -risk" and listing specific accommodations for the workplace. I will try and get her to suggest a change of assignment or similar in order to help my stress levels. I believe she will be accommodating. If I am denied by my boss any help/accommodations, then I will request a transfer. If there is none to be offered then I will request to be let out of my contract. It is all I can do at this time. I intend to consult a lawyer if I receive a letter from my doctor advising my employer to accommodate me and he does not. This, hopefully, will not be a step I will need to take.

I hate confrontation and it seems that this job is requiring that I become more comfortable with it. I will be relieved when I am done with this job and can focus on doing something that I find enjoyable. I need to work on keeping my emotions under control. Pregnancy does not help this. I tend to cry when I am upset, mad or frustrated as well as when my feelings are hurt or I feel out of control. Basically, I cry over everything. lol

Suggestions from Spirit

I have been having dreams about work. Last night I dreamed that I waiting for an assignment at work. There was much anxiety with it but the new assignment was not bad, just different. The night before I dreamed of giving mediumship readings while at a spiritual retreat. Both times when I awoke I was urged to consider focusing my energy on what my heart desired. This morning when confronted with this again I realized my heart did not desire much right now except rest and healing. I need to feel again about what I am doing. I need to feel I am helping others and making a difference. That has been lacking in my life for the past couple of years for sure but started four years before that. What a waste of time, really.

Spirit can be very ingenious about how they get their messages across. There are dreams, there is direct messages from guides via telepathy (rare for most), there is synchronicity, there are totems, and then there are messages that come through Earth angels as I call them. My husband is one of those for sure. I recognized him as that when we first met. I thought, "He is an angel", and he is in so many ways.

My husband said to me the other day when I was upset that he might be quitting his job - "You can't let fear rule your life". He is right. He has also said, "Sometimes you just have to take a risk". Again, he is right. My guides have also been reminding me of those things. I often get the response "Why not?" to my thoughts of alternative routes in life, specifically thoughts of quitting my job and letting the universe show me the way.

I wish I could push the fear away. I worry I will not be able to take care of my children. Even now, though, as I think that I hear from my guide, "You will always have enough". So far he has been very right about that.