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Construction Zone

I got good news recently - my soon-to-be boss let me know that my background check came back and that she is awaiting approval of my position. So, any day now I will be on my way to starting my new job as a counselor! 

Two dreams last night in between multiple wakings from having to use the bathroom and a very stopped up nose. I also was quite excited about the prospect of starting my new job soon and so it kept me from falling asleep.

Fishing in a Construction Zone

In the first dream I found myself at the end of the main country road to my house near a very familiar pond where I use to go fishing as a child. I drove up to the pond in a white Prius and got out. I saw another pond in the distance and a while pick-up truck was parked next to it. I felt nervous and then remembered I had permission to be there.

I walked toward the pond and then remembered I didn't have my fishing pole. Then suddenly there it was, in my hand. I looked at the first pond and decided to go seek out a better …

Perceptible Shift

I have been feeling another shift in energy. It is barely perceptible but it is there. This time it feels like there will be some confronting of issues as part of this energetic shift. It could be a widespread thing or it could be just for me. From the feel of it, I believe that this shift is perceptible to most who are "awake" spiritually and it feels as if this energetic shift will continue for the remainder of this year and into the next. Right now, not all of those who are spiritually awake will sense it but as the year progresses, they will definitely begin to feel it.

It is hard to put words to what I am feeling right now. Some words to describe the feeling are: serious, urgent, life altering, important, necessary, truth. To explain this description in more detail I will just say this: The feeling comes with an urgency that says that I need to pay attention. Pay attention to the feeling and to the events that follow it. Pay attention to the decisions I make and the rela…


I was awakened at 5:30am by my husband. I was not happy about it. Then I got a call not long after telling me to not come to work. This was good news because I was going to go in today. So I got a free day off! But so did my children. So today the entire family is home because of icy roads and cold weather and, well, I won't be getting anymore sleep.

Irritated about being woken up early I laid in bed for a while trying to get rid of the feeling, but I couldn't. I tried to relax. I tried to meditate but I kept feeling angry. Angry at my husband for waking me up. Angry that I had to wake up at all.

The anger was eventually replaced with sadness and apathy. Again the thought that I really didn't have much purpose for the rest of my life came into my mind. I really feel done with life. Why am I still here?

Of course, my guide had to make himself known at this time. "You still have time" was again repeated. Hearing this I did not feel grateful. Instead I wanted to know h…

Random Ramblings

This post is just a mixture of things going on in my life as well as some other things of a spiritual nature that I am mulling over.

Job Update and Concerns

I am still waiting for approval of my position before I officially submit my letter of resignation at my current job. As far as I know, everything is still a Go for my new job but I am starting to get concerned. I went and filled out paper work to get the ball rolling last week and was told that approval would come sometime this week. I called and emailed my new boss yesterday to get news. She emailed me back saying she is still waiting for my background check to come in. I am surprised it is taking so long. I filled it out last Friday!

The reason this delay worries me is because I have been burning my leave days at my current job in order to both avoid the job because it is so negative and to not lose those days when I officially resign. I don't get to keep the 4 weeks of leave I accrued at my current job when I change jobs …

Astral Chickens

There hasn't been much to write about these last few days - no OBEs, no vivid dreams which I could remember upon waking, not even an exciting fight with my husband or drama at work to write about. I am not complaining by any means but I find it difficult to write in my blog when I don't have something at least somewhat exciting to write about. At least this morning I did have a semi-exciting astral projection.

Dream Symbols

This morning, to my disappointment, I woke early and was wide awake. I had odd dreams where I was in a room with objects. I recall some of them: a wooden desk, a toupee (hair piece), and a broken desk. There were, more, however, at least seven objects. I knew when I awoke that I was being asked to confront the seven issues presented to me in an OBE I had last week. But these were symbols. What did they mean?

I lay in my bed pondering the symbols and knew what the three symbols I mentioned above meant but could not figure out the others (thus I don't rememb…


For the past two nights I have had trouble falling to sleep. I am not sure why. I feel wide awake and restless. Then, when I fall asleep, I have vivid dreams but they never end up lucid and I don't astral. The dreams I am having seem to be meant to teach/inform me of things I need to work on in life. Last night's dream was completely focused on my lack of desire to be a part of groups.

The Dream

In my dream last night I was married to an older man who was very large and not very attractive. He was very nice, though, and kind to me. The way he was dressed and the way he looked overall reminded me of someone from Medieval times. He was very hairy as well and the hair on his head was long and he had a beard.

We were in what appeared to be a circular home that had a river running through it. I recall that I had refused to have children with him because of the responsibilities that went along with it. I liked being able to do as I pleased and enjoyed my position in the family. At one …

Controlled Astral

Who is in control when you are in astral/OBE?

This question is my main one after this morning's experiences.

I had awakened at 5:00am suddenly. I had been having a dream where I was with one of my guides (Steven). I was attempting to get him interested in astral sex. Throughout the dream I was feeling a wonderful energy that is very familiar to me. In the physical it is an intense sexual attraction and longing but in astral it comes across as just a warm, wonderful and alive feeling. I was thoroughly enjoying feeling it in the dream. No astral sex occurred, my guide saw to that, of course. He seemed to be trying to teach me something about the feeling - how to control it and focus it. I am not sure now what all occurred in the dream as it is fast disappearing from my memory, but the overall feeling of the dream and brief images of my guide and our surroundings are still very tangible.

I laid in bed a while thinking about the dream. I found I was able to recreate the warm, desirous f…

There is Still Time

Sometimes its those little, seemingly insignificant moments in life that make the biggest impact upon us.

Today I went to a doctor's appointment and then to my soon-to-be new place of employment to fill out paperwork. I felt good as I left my house. I took the day off because I could. It felt nice!

Near Death Experience Account

At my doctor's appointment while I was waiting for them to draw my blood, an older woman, who was sitting across from me waiting to get her blood drawn, began talking to me as if I were an old friend.

"I am so tired! I wish I could sleep right now", she said. I noticed she had oxygen tubes coming out of her nose and that she did look exhausted.

I looked interested and she continued.

"I haven't slept for three weeks", she complained.

"Wow", I said, "Why?"

"I had that H1N1 virus and almost died. I didn't even know I was that sick. One day I woke up in the hospital. I had been there two days and didn't even…

Eye Anomaly

Yesterday's astral experiences overshadowed the other important event that occurred so I did not post anything about it. So, today I will fill you in.


I had a job interview on Tuesday. It was a very informal interview that left me assured that the job was already mine. It was probably already mine before I even walked in the door. The woman who interviewed me spoke to me as if the job were already mine saying, "Your job will be" and "You will need this training..." and so on and so forth. She also ended the interview by telling me she had another interview the next day. She stopped herself from saying anything else and gave me a look like, "But you already have it".

Yesterday afternoon I got the promised call. She did not start off the conversation with a job offer. Instead she answered some questions I had asked her and then asked me, "If we are able to get you what you asked for, will you consider taking the job?" I laughed and told her y…

Eventful Evening of Astral

I had an unexpected night of astral last night!

Astral with Guides

I was awakened at 3am by my son yelling, "I want a drink!" I groggily went downstairs and he repeated his demand. I asked him if he wanted milk. He said, "Milk" and, seeing his sippy cup on the floor still had milk in it, I handed it to him. He drank it happily and I left him to fall back to sleep and returned to my bed.

House, Baby and Reunion with Trooper

It took me a while to fall back to sleep. Walking up and down the stairs had brought me to full wakefulness and so I had to wind down. I saw that it was 3am and tossed and turned a while, still thinking about what career choice I needed to make.

The next thing I knew I was flying through a brightly lit house. I am not sure but I think the walls were painted yellow, either that or the whole scene was yellowish. I remember seeing very tall walls and an open floor plan. I did not recognize the house but I felt as if I were in my Mom's house, though i…

Grave of Grass

When this week started I had a good feeling about it. So far the feeling has remained and the week is turning out well. I have noticed a shift in energy for myself and those around me since the new year began. It feels like an opening occurred. Like a funnel, the energy that was blocked is now moving freely, being sucked into the previously energy-devoid spaces that were so painfully obvious to me in the past six months to a year.


Yesterday. The feeling I had all day was one of hope and anticipation. It was not an overly excited feeling just a feeling of being open to new things. I filled out an application online that I had not been able to access from home the night before. When I finished filling it out I thought to myself, "I will get a call tomorrow". I felt sure of this and smiled and thought not more about it.

Later that afternoon when I was preparing to go home I checked my voicemail. There was a message from the director of the very place I had just filled out t…