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Ozone Depletion and Food Shortages

I meant to write yesterday but with the holidays I have found that time is scarce around here. I really wanted to write, too, since I had such vivid dreams.

Ozone Depletion and Food Shortages

The first thing I remember of my dream sequence the night before last was a very vivid image of a map of the world. The globe/map was spinning in front of me as a man spoke to me. I saw a yellow cloud of color covering parts of the Earth. Not all parts were covered. It seemed the middle latitudes were covered the most, though the yellow color extended to the poles in some regions and there were holes throughout. My understanding was that the yellow regions indicated areas of concern.

I don't remember the words the man spoke to me but the essence of what he said came through to me in knowingness. This map of the Earth was showing me something very important: the ozone layer amongst other things. It was a future warning of things to come and the man speaking to me was not alone. There were others with him. I felt like a student, listening to my teachers. I wish, wish, wish I could remember all their words, but unfortunately that was not meant for me to remember. Instead I saw very vividly the globe of the world, spinning at times and at other times seeming like a 2-D map. The yellow cloud of color moved as the world spun and I could see the continents below.

The message was very obvious: the ozone layer would not recover anytime soon. The effects of the ultraviolet radiation that get through would be disastrous to the food supply. What I was told of the most was a loss of Earth's animal species. The loss would be gradual at first but speed up as time passed. The major implication was that the animal species would struggle to reproduce, and ultimately the species would become extinct. Perhaps the radiation destroys their reproductive capabilities?

As I was listening, it was as if I were in two places: one listening to my mentors and the other an observer/participant in a dream. In the particular dream that I found myself in there was a major decrease in the supply of milk caused by a decrease in the number of dairy cattle in the world. I was sneaking into a dairy production factory. I am not sure if I was going to steal milk or investigate. I believe it was the latter since I never absconded with any milk.

The scene was very vivid.The diary was unlike any I had ever seen (I have been at a dairy before in life). Rather than a barn, the dairy seemed to be located in a sterile environment, similar to a lab.The cows were standing, immobilized on a platform. To the left of each cow was a machine that was attached to the cows. It consisted of tubes and a large bluish/chrome computer that stood as tall as me. I remember hearing a man telling me about the age of the cows and how dire the situation was. The cows in this dairy were very old, some reaching the age of 12 years or more. Typically the cows are replaced before they get to this old age but since there was a shortage of new, younger cows (the cows were not reproducing), they kept the older ones until they died. The machines took the milk as it was produced rather than waiting for the tits to be full. It also pumped other things into the milk before it went to the storage tank. What it was, I do not know, but it was likely GMOs or vitamin fortification - who knows. To think of it make me shudder.

I stood close to one of the machines as it extracted the milk from a very still cow. As I watched, tiny, black flies poured out of the machine and flew into my face. I reacted with disgust and tried to swat them away. The man told me to ignore them, that they would go away. Sure enough, they returned into the machine.

Political Frivolity

At this point the dream shifted and an entire sequence of dreams took place that I am not going to go into at this point. They were more specific to me asking questions I believe than actually predicting future events. The main theme again was that my "group" had members who were still "learning" and we were waiting on one member to complete his coursework. He would complete it in the Spring of next year. The part that I will recount does seem to have a bit of forewarning, so I thought I would share it.

In this dream I was part of the singing duet Donny and Marie. I was both an observer and sometimes a participant, taking on the role of Marie at times.The singing duet was visiting the White House. As they awaited the president, Marie went through wardrobe and this is where I found myself sometimes in her body and sometimes out of it. She was pleased to be able to fit into the clothes they gave her, exclaiming that she had lost weight (she is often seen on T.V. commercials for just that accomplishment). I remember standing in her body admiring a floral print dress I was wearing (as her) that was form fitting.

At one point we were brought out onto a stage like area. The president (Obama - yes) came out with his entire family. They looked just as I have seen them on television. The president wanted to make us comfortable. At this point I was more an observer, though, and watched as they took photographs. The president's eldest daughter looked much older than she does on television, perhaps college aged. The whole scene reminded me of a photo op. The president was very friendly and seemed like he was at his best.

As I watched the scene I became more and more conscious that I was dreaming. I did not like the feeling that was with the dream. It was very "off". The focus of the people involved was wrong. Why were they so caught up in appearances when the world was in such danger?? I was outraged!

As I thought these questions I became even more aware and found myself in my own body laying in my bed. My guide, John, was very close and I felt a strong urgency from him. I shared this urgency. I knew the message was this: the political issues of today are nothing compared to those of tomorrow. The time wasted on appearances and political power will put our country at a disadvantage in the long-run.


With all this information flooding my mind I was in shock. Why? Why am I getting all of this? I didn't ask to know this?

My guide only said, "To help you".

I wondered silently to myself if I would be alive to endure the food shortages caused by the loss of species on Earth. I heard him reply, "Yes, it will occur in your lifetime".

I didn't know what to think. I was in shock. I just laid there thinking that I should share the information.

I did not get a chance to do that until today. Yet throughout the day yesterday, whenever I had frivolous worries about this or that (money issues, where to shop, what to eat, etc) I was reminded of my dreams and thought to myself, "This is nothing compared to what is to come". When I thought this, I instantly stopped worrying or arguing. Why waste the energy? Now is a time of abundance. I should enjoy it and be happy while I can. Who knows when it might all disappear. Who knows.


You may wonder why I would think these dreams predict something in the near future. The reason I believe this is because of the very vivid map I saw that preceded the dreams. This is the fourth such dream with a map in it that I have had since 2005.

In July 2005 I had two such vivid dreams, both contained maps. They were weather maps of the Gulf of Mexico. These dreams occurred before Hurricane Katrina hit. I saw vividly three hurricanes hit the area of Louisiana and East Texas. A man was speaking to me as I saw the animated maps of the hurricanes. I also had a vivid dream of floating on a rescue boat over the city of New Orleans. I thought the dreams odd, but did not consider them precognitive. Why should I? I had never had a dream predict the future before.

Three weeks later the hurricanes hit. I was completely shocked. I had dreamed exactly what happened.

The third dream I had not long ago. It was a map of the world and the oil reserves that existed in it. It contained information about future changes, specifically related to the depletion of oil reserves and the resulting economic and transportation changes that would follow.  A man was with me, speaking to me, during this dream and I noted it in this blog the morning after I had it.

And now there is this dream. It started with a vivid map and I was being spoken to by a man who was accompanied by others. Like the other dreams, the information I received felt very important. I would never have laughed or tried to make the dream into a fun astral or lucid adventure. It was very obvious there was a purpose to it.


The one aspect of the dream that stands out to me are the flies that flew out into my face at the dairy lab. They were tiny, black and gross. They reminded me of the flies in the movie The Green Mile - you know those that come out of the black man's mouth and represented evil, illness and decay. That is how these flies felt to me. I shudder to think of them. In retrospect I believe they indicate death and disease. It saddens me.

Last night I had a dream where there were flies as well. These were not black but instead looked like the flies you see on dead animals - they have greenish looking eyes and a red dot on them with a striped back. These flies were all dead; laying in a pile on my bed. I tried to sweep them up but then resorted to vacuuming them up in order to clean my bed. I snuggled with an Asian boy/adolescent (guide?) in the bed afterward, feeling safe and loved.

To kill a fly or see a dead one indicates that I am feeling a sense of redemption or of overcoming some major obstacle in life. I did feel redeemed in a way and very safe.

Though my dream last night was not prophetic it was a full night of dreams where I seemed to be relieving myself of pent up, negative emotion. I woke up crying more than once and my guide was very close to me as he has been for some time now.

I don't know why I am having these dreams but I am. Hopefully they will not bring about upset for anyone reading my blogs. I feel they are a warning to me at least, but maybe also to the world.