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Idea: Grab it and Run With It!

Since my last post I have lightened up quite a bit. I seem to go through periods of resistance in my life and eventually I end up exhausted from my efforts. Then there is a period of calm and an openness to new things.

Yesterday I had an interview. It went well enough, but my feeling was unchanged from what I had perceived prior to accepting the interview: chances are that I will not get offered the job.

Rather than fixate on the possible negative results, I decided yesterday to focus on what positives I got out of the interview experience. 1. I got to take a half day off of work. It was very nice to get to be out and about, free of my kids and husband, and just enjoy a beautiful day. 2. I got a big hug from a little girl and listened to her father tell me about his struggles as a single father while I waited to be called in for my interview. I felt blessed to get the hug and feel I helped the father, who thanked me when he left. And 3. I got to practice presenting myself as a counselor which included a brand new portfolio that I created. The interviewers acted like they had never seen a portfolio, so it felt good to know that I was "different", at least in that way.

In my calm state it occurred to me that I should be focusing on something more positive in other areas of my life. I need to fill the void that once was filled with the worry and anxiety of "What if?" I decided I wanted to think of filling that void with purpose; spiritual purpose and life purpose. Positive purpose.

I went to bed asking for ideas to help me fill the void. I needed to focus my energy into something productive and positive. I knew I would write in my blog today. I will also likely begin to ask for channeled messages and give more readings. As I continued to think of things to fill the void, I thought about manifestation.


Manifestation is a tricky thing. It takes a certain mindset and a willingness to try new things, things that one would not normally consider. It takes the ability to accept ideas and try them without hesitation. Not everyone is good at manifestation while others seem to easily manifest all they want in life without much effort.

I have been told by my guides: "You are good at life" and that I am good at manifesting what I want. I am not completely convinced of this, but sometimes I have to wonder about myself, especially when I remember how things in my life happen.

I first learned about the art of manifestation when I was struggling in 2006-2007 to get my life together. I saw the movie "The Secret" and was very intrigued by the whole process of manifestation. It made me really consider what it was that I wanted in my life. Strangely, when considering the things I wanted, I realized I didn't really know what exactly I wanted for myself in this life. I thought about it a long time and then just let it be, waiting until a better time and moment to reconsider it.

In the summer of 2006 I began to look for a house. Apartment living was not for me and I had the income to be able to afford a moderately sized house. After much looking and not finding exactly what I wanted, I gave up, deciding living in the city was not what I wanted.

In December 2006 an idea hit me out of the blue. Apparently, ideas coming out of the blue are the cornerstone of true manifestation. The key is to listen and act on these ideas, even if they are strange. Well, this idea was quite powerful for me. I realized that I had been waiting for life to happen to me; that I had the idea that in order to have what I wanted, which was a home of my own and a family of my own, that it had to happen in a certain order. First you fall in love, then you get married, you buy a house and have children. Unfortunately, this had not happened to me. I really wanted a home of my own but was waiting, waiting for the man of my dreams to come along and get things rolling in my life.

I realized that it was not going to happen that way. Life doesn't go in a certain order. If I wanted a home of my own, I would have to make it happen on my own. And so, crazy as it may have seemed, I decided to build my own home. I got the ball rolling that very month.

Fast forward to April 2007. I was told a cryptic message from my guide. He said, "The foundations of your life will be poured with the foundation of your house". I ignored it. Too much going on in my life at that time. I was building a house!! The day the foundations were set to be poured I was at a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo. It was there that I met my current husband. And, well, the rest is history. I manifested what I wanted. I got it. I did it!


Right now in my life I feel like I have been waiting again. Waiting for a counseling job. Waiting to get the job so that I can make change in my life. Stagnating while I wait. Feeling frustrated and empty, purposeless and bored.

As I was thinking about something completely not related to my current employment crisis, I got an idea. It just popped into my head. It said, "Why not put your house up for sale now?" The thought was so out of line with my other thoughts that I grabbed onto it right away. Then I laughed. I knew what it meant and something blew in my universe. I remembered the whole manifestation story I just related above. I remembered how I got my life moving after four years of stagnation. Was this any different? Not really. I was putting conditions on my life. Saying, "If I don't get a job by the time this baby is born, then I will put my house on the market, resign my job and move". But wait. Ultimately, I will be putting my house on the market, because, really, the jobs I am looking far are so far a commute that I will not want to stay in my current home. And really, what difference would it make for us to sell our house now versus later? And, no matter what, I do not intend to keep this job next year. I am done, have been done with it, for some time now.

So the simple thought to just go ahead and put the house up for sale has left me with this huge feeling of satisfaction. I feel empowered, as if I am taking control of the situation. And, I am. If you put conditions on life, those conditions will stick. I have been seeing in my mind an ordered progression of events. If I get a job, then...and If I don't get a job, then....  This is part of manifestation and well, I screwed it up by putting conditions on it. Rather than putting so much emphasis on getting a job, maybe I should just focus on getting on with the move and getting my life into a better condition. Then it is more likely that a job will fall into place along the way. And if not, so what? The new house we will buy will be well within our new, single income budget. Freedom accomplished. The weight released from my shoulders is huge just with the thought of the possibilities that are now available to me.

All from a tiny, almost missed thought that popped into my head.

The key to manifestation is taking those little, seemingly inconsequential thoughts, grabbing them and running with them.

Now I am just waiting for my husband to get my email and respond. When he sees that I am okay with putting the house on the market now he will flip out (in a good way).


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