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Astral Singing

This post is a day late but I had too much to do yesterday and couldn't find time to post.

So, yesterday morning I awoke at 5am and could not go back to sleep. I was thinking of my sister, as so often happens when I have time to myself, and it got me irritated and upset (as usual). I remembering thinking to myself, "I have got to stop thinking about this all the time!" and had the intent to stop it, but was not sure how. The thoughts creep in and overpower me and I get wrapped up in my emotions. My guide, John I assume though I didn't ask, suggested, "Think about a happy place" and I tried but could not think of one. He then said simple, "Sing". I thought about it and then rejected the idea, not feeling an urge to sing or any spirit within to do so.

Astral Singing

I must have fallen asleep within moments of the suggestion to sing because I do not remember any further discussion. Then next thing I was aware of was singing. And this was not your normal singing, this was like I was singing up on stage as part of a Broadway musical or something. The feeling with it was one of pure joy that exploded out of me with every word and note. I was singing an entire song and was accompanied by a full orchestra. I recall singing the lines of the song and then coming upon the chorus. The words of the chorus were hard to focus upon, yet I was interested in the song and tried with all my might to remember the words. The more I tried, the more aware I became and the sound of my voice was so pure and angelic to me that I was in awe. This brought me close to total wakefulness but something kept me on the edge and within the realm of dreams.

While in the lucid state I noted that a dream was taking place beneath the singing, as if I were indeed acting out a play on a stage. It was as if I were in two places - in one I was the singer and in the other the actress. I began singing another song and I was very aware that it was a gospel song, though not one that I have ever heard in this life. It was very familiar to me from somewhere else, though, as I knew all the words to it. Like the other song, when I stopped singing the music would also stop. However, the dream that went with it continued. Though I cannot remember the song now, it was very obviously gospel and I do recall the name of God in it as well as the word "fly".

The dream that was occurring simultaneously with my song seemed to go on like a movie below me. I was not an actress in it but I recall flying along above it as if it were a movie reel. I watched a girl running along a dark path and felt strangely connected to her. It seemed to take place in another time and I felt very aware of this, as if it were a memory of mine that, like the song, was known but also unknown to me at the same time.

I struggled at this point to regain awareness and take control of the dream. However, it seems that this was not meant to be as when I did become more aware, the music stopped as did the movie/dream below me. I instead ended up juxtaposed with my body, fighting against waking up fully.

I became fully aware and told my guide, "I want to sing" and immediately returned to a less aware, blissful state. A moment of blackness/unawareness occurred followed by the slow recognition that I was again singing and it was the same song I had been singing in the beginning. This time I was sitting in the back seat of a car that was being driven along a dark neighborhood street. I do not know who the driver was nor did I seem to care. I could see the vague outlines of the houses as we drove past as the light of the street lamps vaguely illuminated the scene. It was a nice neighborhood but it felt oddly foreign to me, yet also familiar.

I again noticed that my voice was pure and strong and so very beautiful. It was my voice but it seemed as if it were heightened into a perfection that could never occur on the physical planes. I also noticed the orchestra that accompanied me as I sang. It boomed all around me as if I were standing in an auditorium, the violins prominent amongst the instruments that played. I sang full lines of the song and entered into the chorus again. At this point I played with the song, stopping it to hear the silence as the orchestra also stopped playing. I did this for a while, as if turning on and off the sound on a stereo. It was fun to be in control.

As before, an entire scene was playing simultaneously to my singing. This time I watched more intently. I was laying in bed, a part of the scene yet still an observer. There were many others in the bed with me and a man with a lamp raised over his head came in and walked along the side of the bed. He touched men on the heads as they slept and said something that indicated that those he touched were losing their jobs. The last man laying in the bed squirmed as the man with the light approached. I knew he was to lose his job and watched him intently (still singing). There was a message said, though by who I do not know, that mentioned that the man had a choice - fight or accept his fate. The man chose to fight and in that instant I saw him raise up his hand. The scene blacked out and a new scene appeared. The man was laying in his own bed being nursed by his wife. His face was badly wounded, the left side of his face an angry, red and swollen knot that swelled his eye shut. She placed a cloth on his forehead and said, "Rest" and I heard, again a message from somewhere not connected to the scene, "At least now he can rest". I knew this scene related to my own life in the present and immediately connected the message and interpreted it for my own use. I thought, "I have been fighting hard and now it is time to rest". I felt confirmation. There was also a thought that fighting was the right choice but I got resistance to that. Instead it seemed that it was pointless to fight and that the job was not meant to be mine.

In that instant I knew that the scene I was watching had occurred may years ago, around the turn of the century and that the men and the man who resisted had worked in the mines. They had worked very hard for very little and ended their days in complete exhaustion. Rest was sought by them all, even the man who fought. No one wanted the life of a miner, not even the man in question. Yet when he was released from his job, a fate he longed for, he resisted vehemently to the point of near death. When he finally admitted defeat, he got his long awaited and requested rest. 

All this happened while I was singing the lines of a very uplifting and happy song. When I received the message the scene faded and it was just me, in a void, singing and surrounded by music. All there was was the music, the words and my own, pure, angelic voice. I sought to remember the words and hung on to them as I sang. I was able to pick out the chorus and hung onto the melody and the words. The words were, "Sing a song, a song of love". As I awoke I recalled them and the melody perfectly. I smiled and was pleased for the success and wished I could remember the other song I sang. 

As I slowly came back to full, waking awareness, I heard a message. It was an odd one and I did not understand it. Most of it is lost to me except the part I repeated back. The part I remember was that something would not occur until "Montreal" did something. It was odd to me. Montreal? Canada? Was that where I was when I was driving along those dark residential streets? Was that where the miners were struggling? What an odd message indeed!


This experience was very unique for me. I have sung many times in dreams and astral but never has it been like this. The unique sound of my own voice, the music and the simultaneous dream sequence that occurred as I sang was a first for me. Though I wrote the occurrence of each as if separate, everything happened at the same time. It was as if I were split into three parts - the part of me that was singing, the part watching/observing and sometimes being a part of the dream sequence/movie and the part that seemed to act as a student being instructed by her guides. The first two were the most distinct for me with the third only coming about at the conclusion of the miner dream sequence.

As I reflect on the experience I feel that my guides helped me to listen to their message by encouraging me to sing. With my focus on singing, an activity that I take much pleasure in in life, they were able to give me a message that could not get through in the past few weeks. The image of the miner and his swollen, beaten and bruised face is very vivid in my mind. I identified with him very strongly. It was as if he were fighting just to fight. A part of him reacted before thinking, spurred on by the fear of change that came with the very thing he longed to have: freedom from the drudgery and pain of his current situation. With his hopes and dreams handed to him he rejected them, believing it to be another means to control him, blinded by his fury at having to wait so long and fearing no good would come to him. His fight lost, he finally got his reprieve, though badly wounded and in need of healing.

Perhaps the miner represents me and how I must appear to those helping me in Spirit. Badly bruised and beaten from my fight against an invisible oppressor, I am now being allowed a much needed reprieve. Healing and rest will be my path for the next couple of week. I look forward to it. I need it.